09 July 2013

"Microsoft keeps hitching its fortunes to lame horses"

And they shoot horses, don't they? Rx for Microsoft--quickly develop and deploy the next generation of Windows 7 OS for non-touchscreen desktop and notebook PCs; ditch Windows Phone--there's no money to be made in smartphones for Microsoft; take the tablet OS known as Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, and continue to explore if there is ANY substantial market for a Microsoft based tablet--if not, ditch that too and concentrate on successful products and services like IE10 et seq., Office, Skype, Skydrive, Outlook.com, and enterprise services and products. (Quote in title above from story at link below.)

Microsoft's Products Need More Horsepower
Wall Street Journal
That is because rival Google offers its dominant Android mobile operating system without charge. It can afford to do, ... It is difficult for Microsoft's Surface tablet to compete with Apple's iPad without having more significant retail distribution ...

Microsoft adds business intelligence to Office 365
Microsoft is adding a set of BI (business intelligence) tools to its hosted Office 365 service, including some capabilities not yet offered in stand-alone Microsoft software products. Power BI for Office 365 “brings together our entire BI stack and ...

Antarctic Lake Vostok 'might have fish'
BBC News
There could be some complex animals living in Lake Vostok, which lies close to 4km below Antarctica's ice sheet. The possibility is raised by scientists who have sifted genetic material in ice drilled from close to Vostok's surface. They found signatures for ...

Roswell UFO incident anniversary celebrated in interactive Google doodle
The Guardian
Google's latest doodle celebrates the 66th anniversary of the so-called Roswell incident - which generations of UFO enthusiasts and others believe involved an alien landing outside the New Mexico town. Conspiracy theorists have claimed that US military ...

Motorola's Moto X, Droid line pop up in leaked pictures
Leaked photos and chatter surfacing over the holiday weekend has helped to clear up the picture for the new flagship device as well as a number of Verizon-exclusive models. As it stands today we may have no less than five handsets to look forward to in the ...

Box for Salesforce Extends Collaboration in the Cloud With Box Embed
Wall Street Journal
LOS ALTOS, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 8, 2013) - Box today announced new product advancements that transform the way customers collaborate and access business critical content in the cloud. Box Embed, a robust HTML5 framework that makes it easy to ...

Apple Gives Away Popular Apps
Wall Street Journal
Apple gave itself a pat on the back today, wishing a happy 5th anniversary to its App Store and taking the opportunity to point out milestones like the 50 billionth download May 16. (The official App Store anniversary is July 10. While we're at it, happy 124th ...

Apple creeps up on Android in US smartphone sales
Although sales of Android-based smartphones remain essentially flat in the US, sales of Apple iPhone are on the rise, thanks in part to T-Mobile beginning to offer Apple's smartphone this April. "The highly anticipated release of the iPhone on T-Mobile has ...

15 MILLION dodgy login attempts spaffed all over Nintendo loyalists
Hackers broke into 24,000 Club Nintendo accounts after pummelling the loyalty-reward website in a month-long assault. The games console titan revealed that the sustained brute-force attack exposed the names, addresses, phone numbers and other ...

Billionaire Slim Puts $40 Million Into Shazam As It Expands Into TV
The world's richest man is putting his money where your smartphone's mic is, with a $40 million investment in music-recognition app Shazam. The small British company with big ambitions has inked a partnership with Carlos Slim Helu and his company ...

Smartphone becomes in-car head-up display
BBC News
Sat-nav firm Garmin has made a portable head-up display (HUD) for cars that projects turn-by-turn directions on to a vehicle's windscreen. The portable HUD works with a smartphone and Garmin app to generate navigation information. The gadget can project ...

EMC Buys Identification Services Firm Aveksa
ABC News
EMC Corp., a maker of data storage equipment, said Monday that it has acquired identity verification services company Aveksa, boosting the offerings of its own security division. EMC, which is based in Hopkinton, Mass., did not say how much it paid for the ...

Intel shares fall on worries about PC demand
NEW YORK (AP) — Shares of chip maker Intel Corp. fell Monday on worries about weaker-than-expected personal computer demand. THE SPARK: Citi analyst Glen Yeung said sales of the personal computers that Intel supplies remain weak. He backed his ...

Facebook rolls out social 'graph' search feature
SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook on Monday began rolling out a tool for US English language users to mine the social network's trove of experiences for anything from restaurant choices to photos of far-off places. Facebook said that a "graph search" feature ...

MIT's Gmail Visualization Tool: How It Works
Ever wonder how the endless emails in your inbox are all interconnected? Or your most frequent email contact? Or how your inbox has been affected over the years by the new people in your life? Last week, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) ...

Europe Fuel Cell Technology Market: By Applications (Portable, Stationary ...
Wall Street Journal
Fuel cells convert chemical energy into electrical energy through electromechanical reaction, like a battery; the only difference is that the fuel is supplied from outside; thereby making the fuel cell feel like an engine converting fuel into electricity without burning ...

ZombiU Proves Unprofitable, Sequel Seems Unlikely
The Escapist
Despite being one of the best launch titles available for the Wii U, ZombiU will go down in history as a financial flop. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot recently spoke to GamesIndustry for a piece examining the dire straits Nintendo's Wii U console appears mired in.

Google Glass gets a Battleship-style gaming app
The augmented reality potential of Google Glass in the realms of navigation and gaming are fairly obvious at this point. But before developers dive deep into complex gaming scenarios involving the device, it might be best to start out with a few simple gaming ...

Big Disconnect: Telcos Abandon Copper Phone Lines
ABC News
Robert Post misses his phone line. Post, 85, has a pacemaker that needs to be checked once a month by phone. But the copper wiring that once connected his home to the rest of the world is gone, and the phone company refuses to restore it. In October 2012 ...

SpaceX's reusable Grasshopper rocket launches 1000 feet, then lands vertically
There's something eerily mysterious about a rocket that lands itself just the same way it takes off. In video just released over the weekend, SpaceX's Grasshopper reusable rocket flew to new heights — over 1,000 feet — with a brand-new sensor suite that gave ...

The UK launches research network in search for ET
Up until recently, Americans have monopolized the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI). The U.K. is now looking to get in on the action by launching an academic network to aid in research related to finding, reaching out and communicating with ...

23-Million-Year-Old Lizard Fossil Found
Fox News Latino
San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico – Mexican scientists are studying a complete fossil of a lizard that lived some 23 million years ago and whose soft tissue remains have been preserved in amber. The small piece of fossil resin, which is in the shape of a ...

Curiosity Mars rover hits the road
BBC News
Road ahead The lower slopes of Mount Sharp can be seen at top-left. The northern rim of Gale Crater is at top-right. Continue reading the main story. Related Stories. Old Mars rover makes rock discovery · Mars rover reaching turning point · Mars spacecraft ...

MetroPCS Now Selling Samsung Galaxy S 4
PC Magazine
Attention, MetroPCS customers. If you're in the market for a new Android smartphone, we have good news. The no-contract wireless carrier on Monday added the Samsung Galaxy S 4 to its 4G smartphone lineup. The popular phone is available through ...

X-Ray Video Reveals How Bats' Power Flight
Nature World News
Novel X-ray video of fruit bats mid-flight reveals a remarkably detailed look at the muscular and skeletal structure required for the mammals to take flight. (Photo : flickr / Marie Hale ). Novel X-ray video of fruit bats mid-flight reveals a remarkably detailed look at ...

Spider Webs Capture Electrically Charged Prey
Discovery News
Similar to electrostatic dust cloths, spider webs attract electrically charged prey. The electricity, in this case, is derived from flapping. The discovery, outlined in the latest issue of Scientific Reports, could help to explain how spider webs evolved. Light, flexible ...

McAfee: Malware hunts for South Korean military secrets
BBC News
Hackers who wiped tens of thousands of PC hard drives in South Korea earlier this year also appear to be targeting the country's military secrets, according to a report. A study by McAfee Labs said the group has created malware which scanned systems for ...

HTC One Google Edition hands-on: A One without Sense isn't a One
ZDNet (blog)
Summary: HTC and Samsung both rolled out Google Edition devices, but after spending a few days with the HTC One I am even more convinced that the best HTC One has Sense 5 as designed and optimized by HTC. Matthew Miller. By Matthew Miller for ...

PC Makers Will Get Their Hands on Windows 8.1 in August
Microsoft will send the finished version of Windows 8.1 to PC manufacturers before fall, the company announced Monday. Tami Reller, Microsoft's chief marketing officer for Windows, announced at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference that Windows ...

Horseless Carriages to Driverless Cars
Wall Street Journal
Digital innovation usually happens in the virtual world, from apps for tablets and mobile phones to the latest in social media. Over the next few years, one of the biggest technological changes will be in the real world of driving a car. Or being driven by one.

Honda's Asimo robot fails to differentiate human arm movements
HONDA'S Asimo robot had a difficult first day at work as it had problems understanding human gestures. Honda has spent years researching robots to showcase the firm's technological prowess, and it put its Asimo robot to work as a museum guide in Tokyo.

Microsoft's Mattrick Tried To Buy Zynga Before Jumping Ship
The Escapist
When Don Mattrick leapt like a gazelle made entirely of money from Microsoft to Zynga, it wasn't fully appreciated at the time just how close Mattrick was to Zynga's top brass. Mattrick and Zynga boss Mark Pincus used to be - and still are - road biking buddies, ...

Costa Living: Close encounters with an MRI machine
Little Falls Evening Times
But, seriously, having to lie motionless for 40 minutes inside a metallic tunnel is guaranteed to ignite a conflagration of claustrophobia. (Think of Leo Bloom's panic attack in the film, "The Producers:" “No way out, no way out.”) I have been hearing about new ...

Solar Flares Help Solve Matter-Antimatter Puzzle; Scientists Use The Sun As A ...
Headlines & Global News
Researchers were able to sort out a long-puzzled-over matter mystery with some help from the sun. The scientists have detected antimatter in solar flares using magnetic-field and microwave data, according to a New Jersey Institute of Technology press ...

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