01 July 2013

Yahoo pruning to thrive while BlackBerry is dying and in denial

Compare the aggressive turnaround underway at Yahoo with the BlackBerry strategy of deny, deny, deny . . .

Yahoo kills a dozen more products to sharpen its focus | PCWorld: "Yahoo is slimming itself down again by axing 12 of its products, part of an ongoing effort to sharpen its focus on services it thinks people need in their daily lives. The list includes AltaVista, the granddaddy of search engines, and Yahoo RSS Alerts. The other products, including Yahoo Axis, Citizen Sports and Yahoo Browser Plus, are less well known." (read more at link above)

Sorry, Microsoft, the Experts Have Spoken: Windows 8′s Interface Is Called Metro
I like writing about Windows 8. But every time I do–such as right now, as I've been working on a post on Windows 8.1–I'm bedeviled by the same conundrum. It's minor but aggravating, and it confronts anyone who writes about Microsoft's new operating ...

Google reveals London 'groundscraper'
Google submitted its plans for the low-rise one million square feet development to Camden Councilon Friday, and plan to relocate staff currently based in Victoria and Holborn to the King's Cross development once it's completed in late 2016. The ...

Apple, BlackBerry are Monday's stocks to watch
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Apple Inc. and BlackBerry are likely to be in focus Monday after the smartphone companies' stocks lost ground in June. Apple traded below $400 for the first time in two months dring the pasy week. It slid 4.1% for the ...

Apple Loop : Shares Drop Below $400 , iTunes Radio Sets Terms , Chip Switch ...
Gartner predicts that devices – PCs, tablets, smartphones – running Apple's iOS operating system will surpass gadgets running iterations of Microsoft's Windows OS by 2015. Google's Android, though, will remain the most popular OS. But not all OSes are ...

Apple v. Android: Is Samsung no longer in the driver's seat?
Fortune (blog)
These are the so-called white box manufacturers -- second tier, no-name phone makers that license Android from Google's (GOOG) because it's the cheapest way for them to get into the game. "Most of these companies, located in China, have entered the ...

Google to bring Hawaii tour on computer
Zee News
Google to bring Hawaii tour on computer Washington: Google Inc. is about to lend its backpack cameras to a Hawaii trail guide company for capturing panoramic views of the beautiful island forGoogle maps. The Street View project manager, Evan Rapoport, ...

Windows 8.1 vs. Apple: Twofer or tablet?
CNET (blog)
That's what Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer suggested this week. When speaking at the company's Build Conference on Wednesday, ... Enter the "2-in-1," as Microsoft likes to call hybrids. During his keynote presentation, Ballmer brandished the Lenovo ...

Apple trademarks new FaceTime logo, settles on green - Engadget
By Myriam Joire
There's certainly been a lot of brouhaha surrounding the new design language Apple introduced for iOS 7 at WWDC. ... There's certainly been a lot of brouhaha surrounding the new design languageApple introduced for iOS 7 at WWDC.
Engadget RSS Feed

You Can't Quit, Google Reader, Because I Already Fired You ...
By Darrell Etherington
But for me, and I'm sure for others like me who work in the online news space, at some point GoogleReader just stopped feeling current enough, fast enough, and comprehensive enough. If Reader was the Model T, tools like Twitter and more ...

Apple Testing Software Update to Address 2013 MacBook Air Wi-Fi ...
By Eric Slivka
Last week, it was reported that a growing number of owners of Apple's new MacBook Air were experiencing Wi-Fi issues, with users reporting... ... Microsoft Releases SkyDrive Pro App for Office 365 Subscribers. 2 days ago on iOS Blog.
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors...

Microsoft returning to Tokyo Game Show 2013 | Joystiq
By Jordan Mallory
After skipping last year's festivities, Microsoft will return to Japan's annual Tokyo Game Show as an exhibitor this September, according to Gematsu's translation of the official exhibitor's list. While not explicitly stated, we feel safe in assuming ...

What's Your Pick for a Google Reader Replacement? - Gizmodo
By Eric Limer
The day we RSS fans have been dreading for months is almost here. On Monday, Google Reader dies. Forever. There's no going back. Everybody's been hawking their replacements, and we've brought you a little sampling, but now it's ...

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