12 July 2013

Microsoft Reorganizes As Windows 8 Kills PC Market and Destroys Microsoft Ecosystem

Reorg or Rearranging Chairs on the Deck of the Titanic?--

Microsoft Revamps Structure and Management - NYTimes.com: "A couple of years ago, a satirical set of diagrams depicting the organization of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and other technology companies made the rounds on the Internet. The chart for Microsoft showed several isolated pyramids representing its divisions, each with a cartoon pistol aimed at the other. Its divisions will war no more, Microsoft said on Thursday. . . ." See also: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/Press/2013/Jul13/07-11memo.aspx and http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/Press/2013/Jul13/07-11OneMicrosoft.aspx

Mobile PC market suffers worst Q2 performance in over a decade: IHS | ZDNet: "Groaning under the pressure from smartphones and tablets, the mobile PC market delivered the worst second-quarter performance in 11 years, according to data released by analytics firm IHS. According to the report, worldwide mobile PC shipments during the second quarter contracted by 6.9 percent compared to the first three months of the year."

The coming Microsoft reorg: What's in it for customers?
"This will take years to work out," said Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, with a just-as-long timeline before customers see a significant difference. "A company the size of Microsoft is perpetually reorganizing. They're ...

PC business still waning as Microsoft's Windows 8 fails to lift it
The Guardian
The collapse of the PC business is accelerating. Worldwide shipments fell by more than 10% year on year in the second quarter, recording an unprecedented fifth successive period of decline as the market undergoes a fundamental shift towards tablets, ...

Strange Blue World: Alien Planet's True Color Revealed, a First
Call it the deep blue dot. For the first time, scientists have seen the visible color of a distant alien world. The exoplanet — called HD 189733b — is 63 light-years from Earth and a "deep cobalt blue," with raging storms of glass rain and super-fast winds, ...

Instagram adds Web embeds
Photo-sharing service Instagram is making it easier for its users to share their photos and videos on the Web. On Wednesday, the service will add Web embeds, allowing users to grab a special block of text that they can paste into a blog, article or web site.

T-Mobile's Jump aims to get a rise out of wireless rivals
CNET (blog)
CEO John Legere says he wants to shake up a "stupid, broken, and arrogant industry." That kind of radical sentiment may win him some new fans. T-Mobile CEO John ...

Thresher Sharks Use Their Tails as Whips To Stun or 'Slap' Prey To Death ...
Headlines & Global News
Thresher sharks use their tails as whips while hunting to stun and kill their prey, which are mostly schools of sardines. All animals have distinctive hunting techniques. While a snake uses its venom and a cheetah its speed, researchers of a new study found ...

Internet petitioners want Xbox One's digital sharing features back
Ars Technica
Gamers are trying to get the attention of Yusuf Mehdi, vice president of marketing for Xbox. Kyle Orland. Last month, when Microsoft announced its now-famous reversal on the initial licensing policies and online requirements for the Xbox One, we argued that ...
Judge: Apple conspired to raise e-book prices
Cote's ruling followed a three-week trial that ended June 20. Witnesses included executives fromAmazon, the publishers and Apple, including Eddy Cue, a longtime digital-rights dealmaker and a lieutenant of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011.

Apple's App Store turns five and digital gaming has been changed forever
New York Daily News
But there was long a stigma attached to the idea of NOT owning something physical, of not having a pointless DVD you could show your friends to prove that you actually owned Microsoft Office. It's that stigma that Apple's App Store almost ...

Google Maps on Android gets improved search, navigation and design features
... design for Android tablets. The updated app is gradually rolling out globally in the Google Play Store, Google Maps director Daniel Graf said in a blog post, and will be available "soon" in Apple'sApp Store, which incidentally turned 5 years old ...

Apple dead money as rest of market takes off
While Apple struggles, tech investors are happy to shift to faster-growing tech firms such asAmazon and Priceline, which are becoming the new tech leaders, says Ken Winans of Winans Investments. The fact that so many individual investors piled into ...

Apple to Cisco Lead Record Dividends as Google Holds Out
Microsoft, Intel (INTC), International Business Machines Corp. and Oracle Corp (ORCL). are among the technology companies that have paid dividends since before 2010 and have steadily increased the payments. Google, owner of the world's largest Internet ...

Apple e-book trial loss and other woes
Washington Post
A federal judge's ruling that Apple conspired to raise e-book prices is the latest in the tech giant's string of woes. Eddy Cue, the ... Eddy Cue, the Apple executive who the government claims was the "chief ringleader" of a scheme to fix e-book prices ...

Apple I sells for $387750 in latest high-bid product auction
Los Angeles Times
The Apple I, for example, was the first computer sold by Jobs and Steve Wozniak and was originally priced at $666.66 when it came out in the '70s. Nowadays, it's common for these historic machines to sell for $210,000, as it did three years ago, to ...

Microsoft admits Internet Explorer flaw 'targeted' by hackers
An earlier version of this story incorrectly attributed the discovery of the flaw to Google engineer Tavis Ormandy, and misidentified the correct update. We apologize for making these errors.Microsoft admitted this week that hackers had launched ...

Google Will Shut Down Alfred, The Local Recommendations App ...
By Ingrid Lunden
Looks like Latitude wasn't the only Google product that got shut down yesterday in the wake of a new version of Google Maps. Alfred, the local recommenda..

Google Maps for Android navigation features now available in 19+ ...
By Josh Horwitz
Following a major update, Google Maps will expand its complete navigation functionality to 19 new territories. ... By Emil Protalinski — 10 Jul '13. Samsung Overtakes Apple for First Place in Mobile Web Traffic. Discussion. About Team Contact ...
The Next Web

Microsoft's Corporate Shakeup Further Merges Windows Products
By Ashley Feinberg
In a move that only further closes the gap between the quickly merging Windows worlds, Microsoft has shuffled itself around in what Steve Ballmer terms "a far-reaching realignment of the company."

Microsoft doubles support lifecycle for Windows Phone 8, outlines ...
By Timothy J. Seppala
Considering Microsoft's history of supporting desktop operating systems past their expiration date, learning that Windows Phone 8 would be cut off from.
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The Apple e-book trial: The view from the hard benches - Fortune Tech
By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
The Amazon factor. The context of the case, as I saw it, was Amazon's (AMZN) monopoly control of the e-book market and the predatory $9.99 pricing that made it impossible for Apple, Barnes & Noble (BKS) or anyone else to enter the market ...
Fortune Tech: Technology blogs,...

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