30 June 2013

Apple and Samsung: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Sometimes, it just doesn't "work out"--

Apple Finds It Difficult to Divorce Samsung - Jessica E. Lessin ...
By Jessica E. Lessin, Lorraine Luk and Juro Osawa
For evidence, look no further than Apple Inc.'s effort to find a company other than ferocious rival Samsung Electronics Co. to make the sophisticated chip brains used in Apple's iPads and iPhones. This month, after years of technical delays, ...

Apple Is Finally Going to Ditch Samsung's Chips - Gizmodo
By Casey Chan
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has finally signed a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to make its guts for future iPhones and iPads. Specifically, TSMC will start mass-producing 20 nanometer chips for Apple in ...

Google prepping video-game console, smartwatch on Android
San Jose Mercury News
Mountain View-based Google is increasingly involved in the hardware business as it seeks to better compete against iPhone-maker Apple. It acquired mobile phone company Motorola Mobility last year and Google is currently testing a wearable computing ...

Google reveals new London 'groundscraper' headquarters
San Jose Mercury News
Several thousand people will work at the site - a large scale operation Google would have found difficult to house in space-constrained central London where land is also more expensive. Googlehas spent about 650 million pounds to buy and develop the 2 ...

Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station (A1521)
PC Magazine
With the new AirPort design and the inclusion of 802.11ac, it's plain to see that Apple is taking steps forward with its networking devices. Cupertino's latest AirPort Extreme is not on the bleeding edge, as far as speeds and feeds go, but it is ...

Microsoft And Apple Actually Don't Loathe Each Other, And Here Are Examples ...
San Francisco Chronicle
Microsoft is still smarting from Apple's devilishly effective "Get A Mac" campaign with John Hodgman and Justin Long. But these days, there are signs that Microsoft and Apple are working closely to take on their mutual enemy, Google. Here's a look at ...

Apple TV ads touting corporate values flop with viewers
The Seattle Times
The company's latest ad, which began airing June 10, has earned the lowest score of 26 Apple TV ads in the past year, according to Ace Metrix, a consulting firm that analyzes the effectiveness of TV ads through surveys of at least 500 TV viewers. The ...

Amazon's Next Move: Fine Art
Wall Street Journal
Moving into more upscale markets, Amazon.com Inc. is quietly laying plans to sell high-end art. The online retail giant is planning to open a new section on its site as soon as July where it will offer one-of-a-kind paintings, prints and other fine art ...

Microsoft's Marketing Needs A Hard Reboot; It's Time To Ctrl-Alt-Del Steve Ballmer
Microsoft could promise to support the business at, say, no more than $400 per unit for the next 24-36 months. The move would be welcomed by carriers who are looking to have any leverage they can over Apple and Google. It would also benefit especially ...

Apple and Smartphones - Motley Fool Weekly Tech Review Part 1
In this segment, our analysts discuss Apple and Google battling for your car's ecosystem, whyApple's iOS may soon supplant Microsoft's Windows as the consumer leader, how Apple may be moving away from Samsung for its chips, and the key to Samsung's ...

What reviewers are saying about Apple's evolutionary OS X ...
By Erica Ogg
The early reviews have been dribbling out this week. Overall, they're positive. But if there's a theme, it's that these are small ticks forward for its desktop OS.

UK's BSkyB Wins Case Against Microsoft Over Use Of “SkyDrive ...
By Ingrid Lunden
Microsoft went big on pushing cloud services this week at its Build conference, but today it was dealt a blow for how it might get to market them in Europe. B..

Business Matters: What iTunes Radio Will Actually Pay
A close look at the iTunes licensing agreement for indie labels shows iTunes Radio royalties have limited downside and strong upside. The minimum royalty calculation ensures labels will be paid a decent royalty until iTunes Radio becomes effective at ...

Intel Downplays TV Rumors, Revs Up Mobile Chip Plans
PC Magazine
New Intel CEO Brian Krzanich reemphasized his commitment to bringing chipsets for mobile devices to market more quickly while appearing to downplay rumors that the chip giant is planning a major new pay-TV service. Krzanich and new Intel president ...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 hits the FCC with LTE you probably can't use
The FCC can be cruel sometimes, showing us devices we're unlikely to see in the US without significant changes; this is one of those moments, unfortunately. A Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 has once again surfaced at the FCC, this time as the SM-T315 with ...

Microsoft Wants to Disclose FISA Data, Too
Following Google's lead, Microsoft asks the court if it can come clean on FISA requests for user data. In the wake of the PRISM scandal, Microsoft is taking a page from Google's playbook and requesting permission from the U.S. government to release more ...

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