31 January 2013

Samsung aims to hit BlackBerry on Business users

Samsung aims to hit BlackBerry where it hurts: Business users | Mobile - CNET News: "Samsung Electronics has already landed a few blows against BlackBerry, and as far as the Korean electronics giant is concerned, it's only early rounds in this bout. Samsung, which became the world's largest smartphone vendor more than a year ago, is ramping up its push to attract corporate users for its technology. It's putting its full might behind these efforts, and its newfound focus on business users (including this commercial bashing BlackBerry) should have BlackBerry worried . . . "

Microsoft Office 2013 in a $100 annual subscription package--
"Microsoft is offering Office 2013 in a $100 annual subscription package, called 365 Home Premium, which includes online access on up to five Windows devices or Apple's Mac computers. The company believes Office 2013 is currently best suited for Windows devices, said Chris Schneider, Microsoft's senior public relations manager for Office. Microsoft is limiting Office's reach as it tries to grab a bigger piece of the mobile market with its own operating system for smartphones and tablets. Office will still be sold under a one-time licensing fee that allows the software to be installed on a single machine. Prices for that option start at $140 and range up to $400. People who don't need the entire Office bundle can buy individual programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook for $109 apiece. Microsoft outlines its pricing options in its online store, http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/buy/." Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/01/29/3206194/microsoft-retools-office-for-touch.html#emlnl=Business#storylink=cpy

IBM Expands Enterprise Cloud Services
IBM has established a global network of eight data centers to supply infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and is now offering SmartCloud Enterprise+ for running production workloads, including SAP applications. Unlike Amazon.com or Rackspace IaaS, IBM ...

Chromebooks Actually Selling, Acer Says
Google's Chromebook gamble is beginning to pay off. Acer, one of Google's Chrome OS hardware partners, has reported that Chromebooks accounted for 5% to 10% of the company's U.S. computer shipments since the company released its C7 Chromebook ...

Nintendo-Canon Benefit as Weaker Yen Masks Apple Competition
Japan's weakening currency is boosting the earnings outlook at Nintendo (NTO) Co. and Canon Inc. (7751), helping them counter slowing sales of video-game machines and compact cameras as consumers turn to smartphones and tablets. Nintendo, creator ...

How the Columbia shuttle disaster changed spacecraft safety forever
Fox News
Ten years after the devastating Columbia space shuttle accident that took the lives of seven astronauts, NASA is building a new spacecraft that will take humans farther into space than ever before, and will incorporate the safety lessons learned from the ...

Cisco is Buying Network Security Vendor Cognitive
The move is the latest by the networking giant as it looks to build its capabilities in such areas as networking, mobility, video and the cloud. Cisco Systems is buying Cognitive Security, a privately-held network security vendor in the Czech Republic and the ...


Pinterest Testing New Look, Bigger Pins
PC Magazine
Pinterest this week showed off a new look that it will be testing out with a few select users. The update will roll out on Pinterest.com to "a small group of people," Pinterest said in a blog post. Those who are interested in testing it out can request to be included in ...

Disney shuts down 'Epic Mickey' studio
Disney Interactive has confirmed it is shutting down Junction Point Studios, the developers behind the publisher's Epic Mickey franchise. In a statement released Tuesday, Disney says the move was part of their broader plan to reorganize their games division, ...

China's Filthy Air Prompts Mask Rush and Sale of Fresh Air in Cans
ABC News
For the fourth time this year, a murky haze has descended over north China, leaving residents of Beijing choking on toxic smog. China's air hasn't been this bad since 1954, according to the state-run People's Daily newspaper. In a remarkable record of dirty ...

ABC News

South Korea launches satellite into orbit
Los Angeles Times
SEOUL -- In danger of falling behind in the space race on the Korean peninsula, the South Korean government announced Wednesday that it had successfully launched a rocket into space. Pressure had been mounting ever since mid-December when ...

Google Maps North Korea With Help From Users
The Google Maps depiction of North Korea now includes details like the location of Labor Camp 22, thanks to the free labor provided by Google's Map Maker community. Google on Monday said it had expanded the amount of detail available on its map of ...

King's Landing from 'Game of Thrones,' Minecraft-style (pictures)
What happens when you combine a sandbox-style building video game and a hundred dedicated fans of the HBO television series "Game of Thrones"? Epic creations, to say the least. The Minecraft server WesterosCraft houses an enormous recreation of a ...

Apple's 128GB iPad aims to drive profits up a path competitors can't easily follow
Apple Insider
Apple's surprise unveiling of a new "fat" iPad 4 model equipped with 128 gigabytes of storage expands the company's tablet platform offerings into premium territory, a feat its competitors will have trouble duplicating. iPad. The introduction of a new ...

Apple Insider

If you saw something odd in the East Coast sky last night, it was just NASA
If you happen to be outside last night over on the United States East Coast looking at the sky, you may have been surprised at what you saw. Last night, NASA launched a rocket that put on a brief but spectacular light show over the US East Coast that would...


Injustice: Gods Among Us is not a reskinned Mortal Kombat (hands-on preview)
Deathstroke was kicking Batman's ass. The sheer amount of bullets that the supervillain fired into the air juggled Batman as if he were a bowling pin. The Dark Knight had seen better days. But this defeat isn't a true example of the difficulty that Injustice: Gods ...


Zynga loses chief designer
Zynga has lost a top developer. Chief game designer Brian Reynolds has left the social game company, he announced over Twitter last night. Reynolds had spent nearly four years with the San Francisco, California-based FarmVille developer. It is not clear ...

Twitch Gets Embedded In Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, Providing Instant ...
E-sports streaming provider Twitch is getting a huge validation of its platform from one of the biggest video game franchises out there. Today the company is announcing that gamers playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 will soon be able to instantly stream their ...

YouTube To Offer Paid Subscriptions This Year: Report
Huffington Post
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - YouTube, the video website owned by Google Inc, plans to offer paid subscriptions to some of the content on its site later this year, according to a media report. YouTube has reached out to several video producers, asking them to ...

Take A World Tour Of Apple's Newly Trademarked Stores
Fast Company
First it won ownership of a rountangle--that's a rectangle with rounded corners-- and now Apple's patented its store design. You know, lots of giant glass, pale wood, and nerds in royal blue tees. No smeary fingers on our clear glass storefront, children.

Enter The Cave At Mac Game Store
Inside Mac Games
The Cave, from Double Fine Productions and legendary adventure game designer Ron Gilbert, is now available for download and purchase from Mac Game Store. The title gives players the chance to assemble a team from seven unlikely adventurers, each ...

Bang Your Friends with Bang With Friends
Bang With Friends The allegedly anonymous app, Bang With Friends, claims a way for Facebook users to sexually connect with their opposite-sex friends. The app plans to expand following its sex-cessful launch last week. According to one report, an app for...


'Habitable zone' for alien planets redefined
Science Recorder
Scientists have changed the rules for what constitutes the habitable zone of alien planets. In order to be considered potentially habitable, a planet must lie within the habitable zone, which is a distance that cannot be too far or too close to the planet's parent ...

Science Recorder

Dell XPS 10 review
What exactly is the Dell XPS10? On the one hand, it's a standalone Windows RT tablet going up against Microsoft's Surface, Google's Nexus 10 and Apple's iPad 4 at £407 for the 32GB model. On the other hand, it's a convertible netbook, selling from £551 ...


Monkey welcomed back to Iran, but US not thrilled by space shot
Los Angeles Times
BEIRUT — U.S. officials are not exactly welcoming Iran's revelation this week that the Islamic Republic has sent a monkey into space and brought the creature back to Earth safely. The report by Iranian media recalled for many the early days of space flight, ...

Facebook Gains on Apple in Wall Street Rating Race
Wall Street Journal
If Wall Street had a tech-stock popularity contest, Facebook would be closing in on Apple. In a sign of the two companies' changing reputations, Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Facebook Inc. (FB) are seeing the difference in the percentage of analysts recommending ...

Pentax announces f2.0 WG-3 rugged camera
Look out, Olympus, Pentax is coming after the Tough TG-2, and it's bringing more than just a bright lens. Joshua Goldman. by Joshua Goldman. January 29, 2013 3:48 PM PST Follow @superboxmonkey. (Credit: Pentax). While there are plenty of rugged ...

Ford sets all-time record for hybrid market share
Ford has announced that it has achieved an all-time high hybrid market share with its Fusion Hybrid. Ford also dilutes that most of its gain came from Toyota sliding in the hybrid market. Ford says that its hybrid market share jumped nearly 9% between ...


Carjacking victim escapes because gang of thieves couldn¿t drive his Corvette
Daily Mail
A Corvette owner carjacked at gunpoint managed to keep hold of his car after bungling thieves failed to work the manual gearstick and fled. Randolph Bean repeatedly shouted at the car thieves to push in the clutch of his bright yellow, standard transmission ...

Daily Mail

Asteroid 2012 DA14 will come closer to Earth on Feb 15
Daily News & Analysis
Asteroid 2012 DA14 will come closer to Earth on the night of February 15, 2013, at around 12:55 am (technically on February 16), but will not collide with the planet. The asteroid, a piece of rock, about 148 ft in diameter, will have a close encounter with the ...

500px photo app back in iOS app store after porn allegations
The updated version of the app includes a new "report" button to flag inappropriate content, along with a restricted-search function. Donna Tam. by Donna Tam.  ...

Rescuers Tried To Save Whale, Dolphin Stranded in NYC Waters: Report
TopNews Arab Emirates
Whale-Dolphin There has been a lot said about death of a stranded dolphin in the waters around New York City recently, but officials have come out to clear that the dolphin was in a really bad condition. In addition, there was also buzz about the beached ...

TopNews Arab Emirates

Facebook settles, but check unlikely
San Francisco Chronicle
If you're one of millions who received an e-mail recently about a class-action lawsuit settlement involving Facebook, you might be wondering if it's real. The answer is yes, it's real. But the reality is you may never see the $10 check the settlement promises.

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster takes over runway at Miami airport
Los Angeles Times
Do not adjust your monitors; those are indeed six Lamborghini Aventador Roadsters cutting in front of a Boeing 777 on a runway at Miami International Airport. Don't worry, it was sanctioned. The event was organized to mark the world media debut of the ...

DARPA's high-res camera can bullseye womp rats from 20000 feet
The ARGUS-IS's 1.8-gigapixel imaging module is the world's highest resolution camera ever. Technically, the ARGUS-IS has 368 image sensors; each one taken from a smartphone and connected together to create a gigantic video mosaic of high resolution ...

The social network where no one knows your name
CNN International
(CNN) -- Online, you can project whatever identity you like. But for some people, it's easier to have no identity at all. A new social networking site, Social Number, caters to those who have a preference for anonymity. Instead of a name or a handle or a ...

Apple says nearly 300m iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 6
The Guardian
Apple says that nearly 300 million iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches are now running its iOS 6 software released in September - possibly helped by the release in mid-December by Google of its Maps app, after Apple replaced it with its own implementation.

The Guardian

5 Top Smartphone Apps Help You Keep Your Fitness Resolutions
Mobile bloom News
fitnessapps You know you did it, so go ahead and admit it. Approaching the end of 2012 your holiday enjoyment packed on a couple of extra pounds. So during the last few days of December and the first few days of January, you made the annual resolution to ...

Nokia Sends Invite to MWC Event, 41-Megapixel Lumia Inbound?
Gotta Be Mobile
Nokia had sent us a text-based save-the-date invitation to a Mobile World Congress press conference that the Finnish Lumia phone-maker will be hosting on the first day of the conference. While the language of the invitation did not reveal much, there have ...

Gotta Be Mobile

Cheap iPhone 5S Rumors vs. Reality / Nexus 4 Way Preferred?
Wireless and Mobile News
Cheap iPhone 5S Rumors vs. Reality / Nexus 4 Way Preferred? Everyone would love to have an iPhone and not have to pay the price for it. Let's face it iPhones are expensive. When you buy a two year contract from a carrier, the price of the iPhone is factored ...

Security experts warn of Universal Plug and Play security flaws
Computer Business Review
About 40 million to 50 million devices were found vulnerable over three separate issues with the UPnP standard. The US Department of Homeland Security's Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) along with IT security firm Rapid7, have advised ...

Justice Department: Put Sprint-SoftBank merger on hold
Kansas City Business Journal
Before Sprint Nextel Corp. can merge with SoftBank, the FCC wants to review any potential issues of national security, law enforcement and public safety issues ...

Norway climate study sparks debate over global warming urgency
Daily Caller
In this Monday, Dec. 17, 2012 photo, bird counters record the number of pelicans sitting on an oyster reef during an annual 24-hour Christmastime ritual to count birds along the Texas Gulf Coast in Mad Island, Texas. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip). Researchers ...

Daily Caller

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