11 January 2013

Tablets to surpass notebook PC shipments this year

Tablets predicted to surpass notebook PC shipments this year
Apple Insider
Shipments of tablets, led by Apple's iPad, have grown at such an unprecedented pace that they are now projected to outpace traditional notebook PCs worldwide this year. NPD. The latest data from NPD DisplaySearch calls for the tablet market to surpass ...

'Zombie' planet Fomalhaut b shocks scientists
Fox News
The unbalanced orbit of a so-called "zombie planet" in a dusty star system has astronomers struggling to explain the exoplanet's behavior. New observations of the planet Fomalhaut b by the Hubble Space Telescope revealed the oddball orbit, which has wild ...

Giant squid swarm waters off California coast
For the first time since 2009, massive numbers of jumbo squid are showing up in southern California waters, as fishermen troll the coastline hoping to get in on the catch. NBC's Tom Costello heads out on a night-fishing expedition. Share This: facebook ...


CES 2013: T-Mobile promotes their 'Uncarrier' status with no-contract unlimited ...
Summary: There's a lot to be excited about in T-Mobile's announcements -- including an LTE rollout and Major League Baseball deal. My patience with their data network over the past decade is going to pay off soon. Matthew Miller. By Matthew Miller for ...


Stylus lets you 'touch' normal screens, except when it won't
Is the pen as mighty as the touch? The Touch8 Smart Pen being shown here at CES 2013 is a stylus that works on non-touch screens, but it's not a pen without problems. Seth Rosenblatt. by Seth Rosenblatt January 8, 2013 ...

Experiencing virtual reality at CES
LAS VEGAS, US-- This geek tried the popular Kickstarter-funded virtual-reality headset Oculus Rift at CES and walked away mighty impressed. This working prototype was rocking but this is not the final design. (Credit: Nicholas Aaron Khoo/CNET Asia) ...


New Lego EV3 Minstorms Hands On
I saw the Lego EV3 in person last night, and let me tell you how much I wish I had one right now. At a CES-related trade show on Monday, Lego was on hand with multiple demonstration units to show off the new features. There were motion-sensing cobra ...


The new Sling Box: The ultimate TV companion
Digital Trends
Yesterday we got a look at the latest evolution of DISH Network's Hopper DVR with the incorporation of “Sling” technology. The Sling Broadcom 7425 chipset, now onboard all DISH Network DVRs, allows the company to provide its customers with mobile ...

CES Day 3: Curved TVs, Handheld Microscopes and Tablets Big and Small
At the annual WIRED Business Conference: Disruptive by Design, we celebrate the creative power of bold new ideas and the people that make them happen. See the event > · Security · Danger Room · What Did Google Earth Spot in the Chinese Desert?

Jeep Boosts Global Sales 19% to Record on Grand Cherokee Demand
Chrysler Group LLC's Jeep, the automaker's top-selling brand, set a record for global deliveries in 2012 as demand for models such as the Grand Cherokee strengthened in the U.S. and almost doubled in Asia. Jeep's worldwide sales last year climbed 19 ...

Dropbox to be included on all Samsung flagship phones and camera
Computerworld - LAS VEGAS -- Dropbox on Wednesday announced tighter integration of its cloud storage and file-sharing service with Samsung products, from smartphones to televisions. Dropbox said the deeper integration includes several new Samsung ...

Bank Hacks Were Work of Iranians, Officials Say
New York Times
SAN FRANCISCO — The attackers hit one American bank after the next. As in so many previous attacks, dozens of online banking sites slowed, hiccupped or ground to a halt before recovering several minutes later. Enlarge This Image ...

Microsoft to kill the Messenger and migrate users to Skype in March
This week Microsoft sent out a mass e-mail to all 100,000,000+ users of its Messenger instant messaging application. The mass e-mail was sent out to let users know that as of March 15, 2013 Messenger would no longer be available. Microsoft will be ...

EU hopes to impose data restrictions on Internet firms
Summary: The European Union hopes to impose new restrictions on Internet firms, limiting the ways they can use and sell data. Charlie Osborne. By Charlie Osborne for Between the Lines | January 9, 2013 -- 11:54 GMT (03:54 PST). Follow @ZDNetCharlie...


Well That Was Fast! 3D TVs Are Already Dead
Business Insider
3D TV was the it-product at CES in 2010, but now TV manufacturers are no longer hyping the technology the way they have in the past. This year at CES, very few television makers even mentioned 3D, Troy Wolverton of the Mercury News reports,. Panasonic ...

Business Insider

Diminishing Returns: The Cold, Hard Truth for CES Smartphones
Sony has a new flagship phone at CES called the Xperia Z, and it is pretty decent. The company has another one, called the Xperia ZL, that's also fairly nice. They're both roughly as okay as the flagship Ascend D2 phone that Huawei was showing off in ...


Turtle Lovers Fight to Save Loggerheads
Courthouse News Service
SAN FRANCISCO (CN) - Thirty-four years after listing the loggerhead sea turtle as threatened, the federal government is breaking the law by refusing to establish critical habitat for the species, environmental groups claim in court. The Center for Biological ...

Cox doubles down on live streaming with new TV app
Cox Communications continued to build on its investment in live TV streaming, unveiling its latest mobile app at a CES presser. Developed in partnership with Cisco, the yet unnamed app will feature 90 live channels, On Demand content and personalized ...

Overnight Recap: Low-Cost iPhone, Firefox 18, AT&T's 10 Million Smartphones
iPhone 5 Does anyone really think that Apple won't make a cheaper iPhone eventually? As Cupertino gradually reaches the loftiest heights of their profit margins, it would seem inevitable they will start to explore less-expensive options to soak up any ...

Sony PlayStation Vita Sales Lower Than Expected, Still No Price Cut Coming
Sony PlayStation Vita is not selling as well as the electronics company had expected, but Sony Corporation CEO Kaz Hirai is not concerned just yet. "I would say [PS Vita sales figures are] on the low end of what we expected," Hirai said after Sony's 2013 ...


DOT: Hybrid Cars Too Quiet for Pedestrian Safety
Electric and hybrid cars are better for the environment. But transportation officials are worried that they are too quiet for the road. Now car companies are working to fix this silent and deadly problem. They're green, fuel efficient. But too quiet and a potential ...

Samsung Windows Phone 8, HTC Windows Phone 8 to be Sold by Sprint
Capital Technologies
In this year, by the coming summer we will be able to lay our hands two new Windows Phone 8 devices. One will be from Samsung and the other one will be from HTC. Both the handsets will be offering 4G LTE connectivity to its users. The announcement was ...

5 Big CES Products That Tanked
PORTLAND, Ore. (TheStreet) -- The hype surrounding the most talked-about gadgets at the International Consumer Electronics Show is much like anything else that happens in Las Vegas: It tends to stay there.

Apple 'plans cheaper iPhone'
A cheaper iPhone has been rumoured for years but, according to reports, Apple could launch the device later this year. The cheaper handset could be similar to the current model but with a cheaper, less expensive body, the Wall Street Journal reports.


T-Mobile CEO Says iPhone Coming In “Three To Four Months,” Subsidy End In ...
In a conversation with Reuters following T-Mobile's press event last night, CEO John Legere said his company will start selling the iPhone in “about three to four months.” Legere also stated that his company is looking at a similar timeframe for the full-time ...

7 Modeling Tools To Help Assess Cloud ROI
Gone are the days when the cloud meant simply a hosted virtual instance or resource on some provider's network. We're seeing all sorts of new variants and twists emerge. I'm not just referring to the use of storage or compute resources or those that allow for ...

Captured deep beneath the waves: Giant squid filmed in natural habitat
NBCNews.com (blog)
By Arata Yamamoto and Peter Jeary, NBC News. The world's first moving images of a giant squid living in its natural habitat have been captured by a team of scientists more than half a mile below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. The ghostly pictures of the ...

NBCNews.com (blog)

Pick up a no-contract iPhone 5 at Walmart with StraightTalk Wireless
TechnologyTell (blog)
The retail giant Walmart and Straight Talk Wireless made headlines by announcing they will carry the iPhone 5 without needing a contract. Starting on January 11th, the companies will offer Apple's iPhone under their low monthly cellphone plan of $45 that...

TechnologyTell (blog)

Google this: North Korea open to Western help with Net upgrade?
Los Angeles Times
A freelance diplomatic foray to North Korea by former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Google executive Eric Schmidt has kicked up both controversy and expectations of insights into the inscrutable Hermit Kingdom. State Department officials ...

CES2013: The coming of Windows 8 'table PCs' and supertablets
Microsoft's original Surface — a computer in coffee table format — attracted a lot of interest but not many sales. That could change thanks to new Windows 8 touch-screen all-in-one PCs that can be used in either a vertical or horizontal format. Screens are ...


Acer to launch cheaper Iconia B1 tablet to undercut competitors
Mail & Guardian Online
Computer manufacturer Acer Inc has confirmed that it would offer a new mini-tablet for as little as $99 in several emerging markets. The regular price of the Iconia B1 is still below Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire, two of Acer's competitors in the ...

Sharp hypes IGZO displays, Apple called a 'prime candidate' to use
Apple Insider
Tuesday, January 08, 2013, 09:22 am. Sharp hypes IGZO displays, Apple called a 'prime candidate' to use. By Neil Hughes. Sharp this week made its case to CES attendees that IGZO technology is the future of mobile displays, leading one market watcher to ...

Apple Insider

MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D printer gets the spotlight
Announced only in name this past September, MakerBot demonstrated a working Replicator 2X 3D printer at a press conference today at CES. The new printer is a higher-end version of the Replicator 2 MakerBot announced this past autumn. Like the ...

CES 2013: Viewsonic Expands its Touch-Screen Lineup, Announces New Smart ...
PC Magazine
With Windows 8 now a reality, the prevalence of touch-screens has picked up considerable steam and is showing little sign of slowing down. In a nod to this burgeoning trend, Viewsonic has rolled out three new scratch-resistant, Windows 8 certified touch ...

Watchdog seeks FTC staff opinion on Google antitrust case
Trying to keep pressure on Google, Consumer Watchdog wants to see what exactly the Federal Trade Commission staff said in its investigation of the search business. Stephen Shankland. by Stephen Shankland. January 8, 2013 1:39 PM PST ...

ZTE Grand S
LAS VEGAS--Though it has been on the show floor since CES 2013 opened its doors to the public this morning, ZTE officially announced its newest flagship phone, the anticipated Grand S, at an afternoon press conference today. As part of ZTE's high-end ...

Hands-on with the Razer Edge: A mid-range gaming PC stuffed in a tablet
Ars Technica
Those button/stick controls on the sides are now detachable from the base tablet itself. Kyle Orland. Ars at CES 2013. In which Ars is allowed to see—but not touch—an Ubuntu phone · Will 2013 be the year copyright reformers hit back? CES looks for solutions ...

Ars Technica

Twitter lasts forever in the Library of Congress #whatwouldJeffersonsay
San Jose Mercury News
I hardly know where to begin. In fact, the Library of Congress hardly knows where to begin. Part of me says; don't encourage them – the tweeters, that is. As great as Twitter is, the inanity factor is soaring. Letting tweeters know that their words of wisdom will ...

Kingston's Predator flash drive puts a terabyte in your pocket
Kingston's Predator holds a full terabyte of data and is only a bit larger than your average thumbdrive. How big is that flash drive you use to shuttle files between your desktop and your laptop, or trade music with a ...

Nectar Fuel Cell Charger Confirms The Sad Truth: Batteries Are Still Cheaper
Gizmodo Australia
One day, fuel cells may very well be a cheap source of power for all of our electronics. But that day isn't here yet, and from the looks of things, isn't arriving anytime soon. A company called Lilliputian Systems has hooked up with Brookstone to create another ...

Microsoft rolls out firmware updates to Windows RT as part of Patch Tuesday
Summary: Microsoft has rolled out some new firmware updates for Windows RT, as well as some incremental updates to its SkyDrive cloud storage service. Mary Jo Foley. By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft | January 8, 2013 -- 19:50 GMT (11:50 PST) ...

Thieves break in to Microsoft, steal only Apple iPads
Fox News
Insult, meet injury. A cat burglar broke into a Microsoft campus in California over the Christmas holiday and swiped a pile of Apple iPads -- leaving the Microsoft products untouched, Sgt. Sean Thompson of the Mountain View Police Dept. confirmed.

Astronomers claim there are no less than 17 billion planets in the Milky Way
In the midst of searching for another Earth-like planet using NASA's Kepler spacecraft, astronomers are at least finding Earth-sized planets orbiting distant stars. According to research presented at the 221st meeting of the American Astronomical Society, the ...


40 billion Apple app downloads, with almost half in 2012
National Business Review
Apple customers have downloaded more than 40 billion apps, with two billion-plus just in December. And half of the total – 20 billion – were downloaded in 2012 on iPhones, iPods or iPod Touch. The 10 billion milestone came in early 2011 and the 25 billion ...

Qualcomm not worried by Tegra 4
Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs doesn't seem too worried or impressed by Nvidia's new Tegra 4 SoC. In his CES keynote Jacobs said Qualcomm's new designs “stack up extremely well” against anything Nvidia has to offer. Qualcomm used CES to announce ...

Facebook phone? Firm send out mysterious invites to 'see what we've been ...
Daily Mail
Rumours are growing that Facebook may be set to unveil a mobile phone to take on the iPhone. The firm has sent out invites to US journalists for a special event at their usually secretive Silicon Valley HQ. The invites promise to allow attendees to 'see what...

Daily Mail

Google to offer public Wi-Fi in NYC neighborhood
NEW YORK (AP) — Google has teamed up with a New York City neighborhood business group to provide the company's first urban Wi-Fi network. The network will be available free to about a 10-block area surrounding Google's offices in Manhattan's ...

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