12 January 2013

CES 2013: The future of the IT tech industry

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CES 2013: The future of the IT tech industry
Summary: Sure it's called the "Consumer Electronics Show," and yes there are smart TVs and robot cars here, but you can also see the future of IT from the CES floor. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for Between the Lines | January ...

Alien planets face danger from double-star systems
The widest binaries and triple systems have very elongated orbits, so the stars spend most of their time far apart. But once in every orbital revolution they are at their closest approach. By Mike Wall. updated 1/6/2013 9:00:49 PM ET 2013-01-07T02:00:49 ...


A totally new mobile wireless storage media server
The new Seagate Wireless Plus comes included with a USB 3.0 adapter and a separate charger for use with a wall socket. (Credit: Dong Ngo/CNET). LAS VEGAS--Seagate announced today at CES 2013 the Seagate Wireless Plus, a brand-new mobile ...

France Rejects Plan to Block Online Ads
New York Times
PARIS — The French government on Monday ordered a major Internet service provider to stop blocking online advertisements, saying the company had no right to edit the contents of the Web for its users.

American Delegation Arrives in North Korea on Controversial Private Trip
New York Times
SEOUL, South Korea — Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico, led a private delegation including Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, to North Korea on Monday, a controversial trip to a country that is among the most hostile to the Internet ...

Windows RT hacked to run unsigned desktop apps
A hacker says he's tweaked code in Windows RT so the tablet-based OS can run unsigned desktop apps, though there are limitations. Lance Whitney. by Lance Whitney. January 7, 2013 5:39 AM PST Follow @lancewhit. Microsoft's current Windows ...

Lenovo Gambles on Desktops in Vegas
PC Magazine
LAS VEGAS—Lenovo knows that desktops aren't dead yet. While the attention of the tech press and some of the world's eyeballs are on portable tablets, desktops still have a place in the "post-PC" landscape. All-in-one desktops are a given, with Windows 8 ...

Curiosity rover finds 'flower' on Mars
Fox News
New photos of Mars from NASA's Curiosity rover have sparked a buzz of discussion over an odd formation that some have dubbed a "flower" embedded in a Martian rock. The rover has also found a snake-like rock formation winding across the Red Planet's ...

Apple's App Store reaches 40B downloads, almost half occurred in 2012
Apple Insider
Apple on Monday announced that more than 40 billion applications have been downloaded from the iOS App Store, with nearly 20 billion of those in 2012 alone. There are more than 500 million active accounts on the App Store, and those users helped to ...

Alcatel's 'Pop' trio ushers entry-level specs
LAS VEGAS--With the four smartphones in Alcatel's One Touch Pop series, the handset-maker is going after the entry level smartphone market in the Asia-Pacific regions and the Middle East and Africa. One of the phones, the M'Pop, is headed to the U.S. ...

Lightning strikes: iPhone 5, iPad Mini gadgets debut
For owners of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, it will soon be safe to put away the adapter. Several companies are expected to unveil a variety of accessories supporting the Lightning connector, which replaced the standard 30-pin connector found on most Apple ...

LEGO Taking Robotics to Next Level with Mindstorms EV3
LAS VEGAS: Robot dreams are built one-piece-at-a-time. That is if you're one of the many fans of LEGO's Mindstorms Robot Building Kits. Launched in 1998, the kind-friendly, DIY set has a legion of fans ranging from the enterprising 10-year-old, ...

Keeping the Standard Kilogram From Gaining Weight Is a Constant Struggle
Peter Cumpson has come up with a simpler, more reproducible way to clean standard kilograms. Here, he's pictured with the device used to measure contamination on the surface of metals. (Mike Urwin). After more than a century, the international prototype ...

Lenovo: Is it Microsoft's Windows 8 go-to partner?
Summary: Lenovo is integrating touch into its line-up of laptops, desktops and even a tabletop PC. As Lenovo goes Windows 8 sales could follow. Larry Dignan. By Larry Dignan for Between the Lines | January 7, 2013 -- 13:00 GMT (05:00 PST). Follow @ ...


Nvidia's audacious attempt to make life easier for PC gamers
PCWorld (blog)
Loyd Case first started writing about PC technology for Computer Gaming World, giving him a creative outlet for his obsession about PC performance. The PC industry -- and Loyd -- have never been quite the same since. More by Loyd Case. LAS VEGAS— ...

Garmin debuts 2013 Nuvi series
Garmin continues to refine the portable navigation device with better construction and a streamlined interface. Antuan Goodwin. by Antuan Goodwin January 7, 2013 4:00 AM PST Follow @antgoo. The new Nuvi 3597 features a slim chassis and a revised ...

Audience's super-smart audio chips promise far better sound quality for cell ...
Since the year 2000, the sound scientists at audio chip firm Audience have tried to reproduce the way the human ear perceives sound. They turn that knowledge into computer models and create chips that process and reproduce sound so that you can hear it ...


Griffin Technology Debuts 3 Crayola-Themed iPad Add-Ons
The Crayola Light Marker works with the iPad's front-facing camera and a compatible app. Image: Griffin Technology. Crayola has come a long way since the 64-piece box with the built-in sharpener. Since 2011, the company has been working with Griffin ...

This week in Facebook: How to 'kill' your friends' profiles, earn $10, and cure ...
Digital Trends
Here's the Facebook news that you may have missed this week including how to get a slice of the Sponsored Stories lawsuit's $20 million pie, Facebook's global domination, and why we post status updates so frequently.

Roku now has over 700 channels
Roku has announced a significant milestone in the expansion of its streaming set-top box services. The company has announced that it now has over 700 channels available on the Roku platform. With the addition of its latest channels, Roku brags that it now ...


Samsung and HTC financial contrasts exposed, say analysts
The Guardian
The contrasting fortunes of Android handset makers were laid bare on Monday as analysts forecast that South Korea's Samsung Electronics will see its quarterly operating profit to rise 65% to 8.7trn won (£5bn)) – while Taiwan's HTC, once the biggest Android ...

The Guardian

Acer's new 7-inch tablet features little to get excited about
LAS VEGAS--Acer today announced its new 7-inch tablet, the Iconia B1-A71. While the tablet will launch with a starting price of less than $150, the price is the tablet's most intriguing detail. The tablet will ship with Android 4.1, houses a dual-core 1.2GHz ...

RCA unveils new Mobile TV Tablet
The RCA name has lost some of the luster it had in years past when the company was a major manufacturer of TVs and VCRs among other things. The RCA name is back at CES 2013 stamped on the front of a new mobile TV tablet. The product is called the ...


British explorer embarks on Antarctica adventure
The Associated Press
JOHANNESBURG (AP) — British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes has embarked on an expedition that he describes as one of the last remaining polar challenges: crossing Antarctica during the region's winter. Fiennes and his five-member team left Cape Town ...

Lenovo announces ThinkVision LT1423p Touch Mobile Monitor
Digital Trends
Today at CES, Lenovo announced its new Lenovo ThinkVision LT1423p Touch Mobile Monitor, a 13.3-inch 1600 x 900 mobile touchscreen that comes either wired or wireless. Thanks to 10-point multi-touch capacity, tough Gorilla Glass, and an impressive ...

Lenovo's 27-inch IdeaCentre Horizon is part tablet, part table
Digital Trends
Just announced at CES, Lenovo's new table PC boasts a 27-inch screen with 10-finger touch for unprecedented multi-user entertainment and gaming. ces-computing. Lenovo unveiled quite a few new products today at CES, but none are quite like the ...

CES 2013: The fork that tells you off for eating too fast
BBC News
The makers of the Hapifork say it is the first ever "smart" utensil - a bluetooth-enabled fork that could help you lose weight. Hapifork monitors your eating schedule, keeping track of how many times you lift it to your mouth. If you chomp down your meal too fast it ...

Apple cooking up TV, radio, retina iPad mini, new operating system, while IT ...
MarketWatch (blog)
Piper Jaffray analysts said rising interest in tablet computers by chief information officers (CIOs) could be a boost for iPad maker Apple, while the computer giant's five newest products in 2013 could include Apple Radio, Apple TV, a retina display for the iPad ...

Self-driving cars to take the stage at CES
TG Daily
Toyota and Audi are set to announce self-driving cars at CES this week, indicating that the technology really may be about to hit the mainstream. Toyota has released a brief video clip of its new Lexus advanced active safety research vehicle (AASRV) car in ...

TG Daily

Racing to identify species as biodiversity shrinks
Without significant changes, more than 50 percent of the world's marine species may be perched on the brink of extinction by 2100, according to UNESCO. Credit: Dan Norton. A little more than 39 years ago, on December 28, 1973, the Endangered Species ...

Street Fight Daily: Ford Adds Glimpse, TribLocal Head Exits
Street Fight
Real-time location-sharing app Glympse announced plans Monday to bring its app into Ford vehicles. The first location-sharing app for Ford's SYNC in-car connectivity system, Ford drivers will now be able use voice commands to let friends, family, and ...

Street Fight

Dish Network Puts Second Screen App In 'Hopper's' Pouch
MediaPost Communications
We are not sure how the thick Boston accents on those ubiquitous Dish Network “Hopper” commercials will pronounce “iPad app,” but they get their chance in coming weeks. The satellite TV company introduces today its Dish Explorer app for iPad, which ...

CES: Vizio Announces Windows 8 AMD Tablet
Mobile Magazine
While CES doesn't officially begin until Tuesday, many press announcements and unveils related to the show have already begun. One of these announcements comes from Vizio, who has now announced plans for their first Windows 8 tablet. The Vizio ...

Mobile Magazine

Canopy's iPhone case gets CES spotlight
Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal
Canopy, the tech startup that's developed a touch-sensitive iPhone “smartcase” for interacting with games and other apps, is hoping to break out of the crowd of tech companies at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

HP unveils USB-powered 15-inch U160 monitor at CES 2013
HP seems to be focusing mostly on monitors at CES 2013. The company took the wraps off its HP U160 monitor. This is first HP monitor to come with USB-powered monitor. HP U160 monitor features a 15-inch screen with 1,366 x 768 resolution and is ...

Gaming Router, DGL-5500
LAS VEGAS -- There might be a real solution to your online gaming at home after all, thanks to D-Link. The networking vendor announced today at CES 2013 the first 802.11ac-based router designed specifically for gamers, which it aptly calls Gaming Router ...

Peep this! Eye-tracking capabilities could be added to nearly any computer
if you want to select something using TobII REX, you simply stare at it and tap a pre-designated button on your keyboard. Advertise | AdChoices · Advertise | AdChoices. Eye-tracking technology. It sounds somewhat creepy initially, but it has plenty of incredible ...

Microsoft Finds Living Room Draws a Crowd
Wall Street Journal
Xbox Entertainment Hub Contends With More Competition. . . . High-tech giants have been battling for years over control of the living room.

Wall Street Journal

China fines six screen makers a combined $56m for fixing prices
Independent Online
Samsung Electronics screen manufacturing arm, Samsung Display, together with that of LG Electronics, LG Display, and four Taiwanese display manufacturers, have been fined a combined $56 million by China for fixing LCD screen prices from 2001 to 2006.

Independent Online

CES: Vizio Introduces 70-inch 4K Ultra HD TV
If this year's CES is any indication, the era of 4K Ultra HD TVs has arrived. Vizio has introduced its first HDTV to feature the technology, the 70-inch behemoth XVT70. The TV boasts four times the pixels of 1080p, the current HD standard. The display features ...

Fitbug Orb, Luv, and Wow Bluetooth health gear on their way
LAS VEGAS--Fitness gear and wearable tech are one of the burgeoning trends of this year's CES, and Fitbug was at the CES Unveiled press event previewing scale, heart rate, and blood-pressure monitoring gadgets. The Fitbug Orb is a $49 wearable device ...

Google blocks Maps access on Windows Phone devices
Google has confessed that it did purposely block access to its Maps service on Windows Phone devices, citing "compatibility" issues with Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser as the reason for the blackout. The problem was first noted on Friday, ...

Withings Smart Activity Tracker senses motion and your ticker
LAS VEGAS--It seems that many companies want in on the wearable fitness tracker craze, and Withings is no exception. Its new Smart Activity Tracker is a small, light, 8-gram device that records user activity, sleep, and even measures heart rate in real time.

Boot up: Windows 8 sales, Microsoft's iPad burglars, Waze v Apple, and more
The Guardian (blog)
Email. Burglar. The robbery at Microsoft's offices almost certainly looked nothing like this. Photograph: Stone/Getty Images. A quick burst of 12 links for you to chew over, as picked by the Technology team. Why you should be skeptical of Chitika's market-share ...

The Guardian (blog)

Germany's Media Markt start taking pre-orders for the Nokia Lumia 620
One of our favourite Windows Phones is the unpretentious Nokia Lumia 620, which offers great value for money in an attractive package which does not unnecessarily hamstrung users. If it therefore great to hear that the Windows Phone 8 smartphone is ...

LaCie announces the 5big Thunderbolt series: up to 20TB capacity starting at ...
If LaCie's 2big Thunderbolt isn't quite large enough to handle your storage needs, a solution is on the way. At CES, the outfit has revealed the robust 5big Thunderbolt series that can handle five hot-swappable drives (as the moniker suggests) while offering ...

Money & the Law: Toyota settlement one for the record books
Colorado Springs Gazette
Yet another mega-dollar class action lawsuit has been settled and is heading for the record books. This time around, the defendant is Toyota Motor Corp. When Toyota's performance under the settlement is completed, the cost (not including fees Toyota will ...

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