17 January 2013

Sun Eruption May Boost Northern Lights This Week

Sun Eruption May Boost Northern Lights This Week
A huge sun eruption on Sunday (Jan. 13) unleashed a wave of solar plasma aimed at Earth that may amplify the planet's northern lights displays later this week, NASA scientists say. The solar eruption, called a coronal mass ejection (CME), occurred at 2:24 ...

France delays move to make Web giants pay for networks | Reuters: "France backed away from legislation to make Internet companies including Google pay for the burden they place on telecommunications networks, opting instead to ask a commission to study the controversial issue."

iPhone 5 orders have been cut, but it's not due to demand woes
According to analysts, the iPhone 5 is not experiencing weak demand, and the recently announced cuts could simply be due to improved yields on components.by Don Reisinger. January 15, 2013  ...

NASA unveils last video by spacecraft that crashed into moon
Fox News
A NASA probe recorded a spectacular flyover video of the moon's far side shortly before intentionally slamming into a lunar mountain last month. NASA's Ebb spacecraft shot the stunning final moon video on Dec. 14, just three days before it and its twin Flow ...

2 zoos, 1 big breeding ground for antelope, birds
San Jose Mercury News
NEW ORLEANS—Two of the nation's top zoos are creating a home where endangered antelope can roam and help repopulate their species on 1,000 acres near the Mississippi River on New Orleans' west bank. More than two dozen species of hoofed ...

BlackBerry 10 'port-a-thon' adds 15000 submissions to App World
Summary: The number of apps on the BlackBerry 10 App World store has risen by 15,000 following a community 'port-a-thon' to make sure developers' software worked with the new platform. Ben Woods. By Ben Woods | January 15, 2013 -- 10:44 GMT ...

OkCupid Wants to Send You on a Crazy Blind Date
Online dating services want you to spend less time on your couch and more time meeting potential partners. The latest scheme? From the founders of OkCupid, a mobile app called Crazy Blind Date that serves up just what its name implies. Here's how it ...

Researchers hope snakes killed in Fla. 'Python Challenge' reveal more data ...
Washington Post (blog)
MIAMI — Florida wildlife officials say 11 Burmese pythons were killed during the first three days of a public hunt for the invasive species in the Everglades. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says more than 1,000 people from more than ...

Uber adds cab-hailing feature in DC
Washington Post (blog)
Just in time for inauguration, Uber, the app-centric car service, has rolled out a feature that lets users request a D.C. taxicab through its app. In a blog post announcing the UberTAXI feature, Uber emphasized that it is “still an experiment” and added a few ...

CES 2013: The Four-Sentence Summary
I know what you're thinking, CES is so last week already. But the lessons of CES will follow — some would say haunt — us all year long so it's worth a sober summary of last week's events. To make this quick, I'll summarize this year's trade show in four ...


Analyst: Apple's iPad Outsold Microsoft's Surface RT 20:1 in Q4
The Mac Observer
Apple's iPad outsold Microsoft's Surface RT by about 20-to-1 last quarter, according to estimates from UBS analyst Brent Thill, as reported by Business Insider Monday. Microsoft's large gamble in the consumer tablet industry sold approximately 1 million units ...

The Mac Observer

Kabam acquires Vancouver studio Exploding Barrel Games
Kabam made a successful transition beyond Facebook in the past year, and now it is expanding again. The San Francisco free-to-play game company is acquiring Exploding Barrel Games, a 35-person development startup in Vancouver, Canada. Terms of ...


Apple Not Dictating Terms Anymore
The news yesterday in the Wall Street Journal that disappointing iPhone 5 sales have let Apple to cut orders from suppliers is the latest in a series of news events that herald the waning of Apple's dominance in the smartphone market. Similar effects in the ...

Beijing adopts emergency measures for 'hazardous' pollution
Beijing (CNN) -- Schoolchildren were ordered to halt outdoor sports activities until Tuesday this week, as a dirty cloud of smog continued to shroud China's capital. This was among a series of emergency response measures adopted in Beijing Sunday when ...

Facebook event: what will the social network unveil?
Since Facebook sent out invites to an event at its California headquarters this evening there have been several rumours about what the company plans to announce. They range from speculation about a major move into hardware, perhaps by launching a ...


DARPA to hide drones at the bottom of the ocean
TG Daily
DARPA is planning to build drones that would hibernate in deep-sea capsules for years before waking up when commanded and releasing their payloads into the sky. The Upward Falling Payloads program envisages the use of deployable, unmanned, ...

TG Daily

NASA: The world will also not end in 2029 or 2036
Digital Trends
Bad news for those predicting the end of the world within the next century: NASA has just ruled out a rumored asteroid apocalypse in the next two decades. Hey, remember when the world didn't end on December 21, 2012? Here's some great news from the ...

Gun control? Illegal immigration? No, climate change should be No. 1
Los Angeles Times
Gun control? Illegal immigration? Sorry, our country has a more important issue to deal with: climate change. As I read Neela Banerjee's story on the latest report -- a draft of the Third National Climate Assessment -- that adds to the stack of scientific findings ...

Detroit motor show 2013: Jeep Grand Cherokee
Truck of the Year award at the Detroit motor show for the updated 2013 Ram pick-up was a nice bonus for the smallest of the old Big Three, which has done rather well in the last year. Having what are generally acknowledged to be the best SUV and full size...


Java security comes down to 'war of attrition'
Oracle will have to fight a war of attrition to keep Java secure, a security analyst said this week in reflecting on the latest malady affecting the standard edition of Java. While Java is again under attack, as it has been for the past year or so, Ross Barrett, senior ...

Nissan Reveals Resonance Concept and 2014 Versa Note (Slideshow)
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Nissan Motor Co. unveiled a luxury crossover concept called Resonance during this morning's press previews at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The vehicle is designed to indicate future styling plans that may affect Nissan's entire ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

ClamCase Pro turns your iPad into an ultrabook
Last summer we talked about the original ClamCase for the iPad. That product is a keyboard case that turns your iPad into something that looks a lot like the MacBook Air. The manufacturer of that case is back with a new version called the ClamCase Pro.


This Would Be The Worst-Case Scenario For The Pebble Smartwatch
Business Insider
By interfacing with a user's iPhone or Android phone, the watch can carry out a number of functions, notifying you of new calls, texts, and emails, and even running apps such as RunKeeper. It hasn't been totally smooth sailing, however – Pebble came under ...

Business Insider

A Robot Army Is Destroying The American Workforce
Business Insider
The age of robots has been talked about since the beginning of the last century. People have long fantasized about robots serving as our personal assistants. But now that they're here, we're competing against them for jobs. The rise of robots in the workplace ...

Ancient Indian arrivals spark rethink on birth of Gondwallahland
Sydney Morning Herald
LONG before Australia and India faced off on the cricket pitch, people from the subcontinent arrived on our shores and bred with Aborigines, scientists report. A genetic study has found ancestors of modern Indians may have come to Australia about 4000 ...

China's Online Population Rises by 51 Million in 2012
China has added 51 million new internet users in last year, the Associated Press reports citing data from the China Internet Network Information Center. Compared to 2011, China's internet user population rose 10 percent, bringing the total number to 564 ...

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows Embedded 8 Solutions at NRF Retail Show
Microsoft is at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Convention and Expo in New York City this week, trying to convince nervous retailers that they need touch-based Windows Embedded 8 solutions. Retailers got a 0.7 percent bump in consumer spending, ...

What Tumblr's David Karp Taught Branch Founder Josh Miller
Fast Company
Josh Miller needed advice. His startup, Branch, would soon be going live to the world, after months of invite-only beta testing, and Miller wanted to pick the brain of someone who had gone through the experience before. He reached out through an investor to ...

Fast Company

Seattle planners predict bigger flood zones due to climate change
KPLU News for Seattle and the Northwest
Department Manager Paul Fleming and Meteorologist James Rufo-Hill, of Seattle Public Utility's Climate and Sustainability Group, created the new map showing areas that are at risk for flooding during high tides and storms. Listen. It's data that's been ...

Report: Kansas City testing "Google Fiber" service; hope still exists for WI sites
WHBL Sheboygan
APPLETON, WI (WTAQ) - Remember when five Wisconsin cities tried to attract the world's fastest Internet system that Google is testing? Well, it's just getting off the ground where Google made its first choice – Kansas City Missouri and the adjacent Kansas City ...

Intel changes Ultrabook definition
Intel has added a few lines to its definition of the word 'ultrabook' to take into account the new functions of Windows 8. The latest upgrade of the definition will mean that all future ultrabooks containing one of Intel's upcoming Haswell processors will be ...

Half-Life 2: Episode 4 was being developed by Arkane; now cancelled
PC Gamer Magazine
The spies at ValveTime have unearthed some intel about a Half-Life 2: Episode 4 project that was being developed between Valve and Arkane Studios. An anonymous source provided the site with screenshots and animation tests for the now cancelled ...

"My Best Day Ever..." Google 4 Doodle Competition Opens
Search Engine Roundtable
This year the theme is "my best day ever..." The Doodle should represent what you imagine your best day ever would be. The winning artist's doodle will be displayed on the Google homepage, and the winner will receive a $30,000 college scholarship and a ...

Idaho wildlife managers mulling paid trappers to manage, reduce wolf population
The Republic
BOISE, Idaho — Idaho wildlife officials are considering hiring private trappers to kill wolves roaming in important elk zones in the state. Idaho Department of Fish and Game bureau manager Jeff Gould says several trappers have built up some pretty good skills ...

Why a smartphone may not be the best choice for everyone
In this edition of Ask Maggie, CNET's Marguerite Reardon advises against expensive smartphones for consumers who don't use their phone's capabilities. And she offers some affordable alternatives for unlimited data packages. Marguerite Reardon ...

2014 Audi RS7: Photo Gallery
Cars.com News (blog)
For Audi performance fans, RS7 might as well spell OMG. The high-performance version of Audi's swoopy sedan bowed in Detroit yesterday, boasting a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 good for 560-horsepower, 140-hp over the already beefed-up S7.

Detroit motor show 2013: Corvette Stingray
Corvette was my star of the Detroit motor show. Not America's best-selling vehicle, or even its best selling sports car, but an American icon all the same. It's been 60 years almost to the day since the first Corvette was introduced at General Motor's Motorama...


New highway safety report says Ohio has numerous gaps in highway safety laws
Copyright 2013 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Noon: Highway closure in Akron. Photographer: WEWS Copyright 2012 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may ...


NRA Releases 'Practice Range' Shooting App for iOS
PC Magazine
The National Rifle Assocation (NRA) on Sunday released an iOS game that lets players shoot various targets with a gun of choice. The NRA has framed the game, NRA: Practice Range, as its "new mobile nerve center," which also includes gun-safety tips, ...

Lutz plugs anti-wimp hybrid trucks
Auto veteran Bob Lutz promotes full-size trucks, vans, SUVs converted by Via to extended-range electric hybrids at Detroit auto show. BobLutzViaDetroitShow. Bob Lutz, board member at Via Motors, extolls virtues of full-size truck converted to battery power.

Russia plans unmanned moon mission in 2015
San Jose Mercury News
MOSCOW—The Russian Space Agency says it will send an unmanned spacecraft to the moon in 2015 from a new launch pad in the country's Far East. Roscosmos head Vladimir Popovkin told Russian news agencies on Tuesday that the rocket booster ...

Keep your VIPOrbit apps in sync
I've been a fan of the VIPOrbit contacts app for iOS since it first launched, but two things get in the way of its true potential—well, make that one thing now, thanks to vipSync. First, a little background on VIPOrbit: It's a relationship manager more than a contacts ...

Do chimps have a sense of fair play? Study adds to evolutionary debate
NBCNews.com (blog)
A video from Emory University's Yerkes National Primate Research Center explains how chimpanzees were tested on their preference for fair outcomes when it comes to sharing goodies. By Alan Boyle ...

Braley wants mandatory radon testing in schools
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Congressman Bruce Braley says his first piece of legislation this year will call for mandatory radon testing and mitigation in school buildings nationwide. The Democratic congressman announced his plans Monday at the state ...

Pick a fight: Diablo III finally adds PvP combat in 1.07 patch
Digital Trends
Though we were promised player versus player combat in the initial version of Diablo III, Blizzard has seen fit to keep it from us. At least until the next patch makes it debut. In the run up to the release of Diablo III, players hoped against hope that the game ...

With Redesigned Corvette, GM Ushers In New Era Of American Sports Car
This week, the sleek, speedy Chevy Corvette turns 60 years old. In the increasingly competitive auto business, where few cars make it past their teens, that makes it nearly ancient. General Motors, however, is not retiring one of America's oldest sports cars just ...


Hyundai unveils HCD-14 Genesis concept luxury sedan
Detroit Free Press
Hyundai today unveiled the HCD-14 Genesis concept that provides a first look at the design direction for its future luxury sedans. The rear-drive concept has a bold front fascia with a deep grille on a car that is long and sleek with large wheels. “We instilled ...

Sierra Club Launches New Campaign: Obama Climate Legacy
eNews Park Forest
WASHINGTON, D.C.--(ENEWSPF)--January 14, 2013. Today the Sierra Club launched a new campaign demanding that President Obama make the fight against climate disruption a priority in his second term. The “Obama Climate and Clean Energy Legacy ...

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