23 January 2013

iPhone wins 51 percent of US smartphone sales

iPhone wins 51 percent of US smartphone sales, says report
Apple snared more than 50 percent of U.S. smartphone sales last quarter, says Kantar, though Android remained dominant across Europe and the world. January 22, 2013  ...

AT&T acquires spectrum, assets from Atlantic Tele-Network
Summary: The cellular giant will receive more than half-a-million new subscribers in the all-cash deal, along with compatible spectrum. Zack Whittaker. By Zack Whittaker for Between the Lines | January 22, 2013 --  ...

Keon and Peak: First Firefox OS handsets revealed
Summary: The first developer review units to run the Firefox OS, called the Keon and the Peak, will go on sale in February according to Mozilla. Ben Woods. By Ben Woods | January 22, 2013 -- The first devices...


LG's Optimus G lands in 50 LTE markets this month
Summary: LG is taking the Android Jelly Bean version of the Optimus G global, with Asia and Europe to get the device. Liam Tung. | January 22, 2013 -- 13:31 GMT (05:31 PST). Follow @liamT. LG will begin rolling out its 4G Optimus G ...

Google, Facebook, Amazon may be subject to French taxes
CNET (blog)
The European government proposes levying a tax on Internet-based tech companies that make mass amounts of revenue with online advertising. Dara Kerr. With the Internet being a relatively ...

The U.N.'s Global Warming War On Capitalism: An Important History Lesson
The U.N.'s latest climate alarmist meeting in Doha, Qatar experienced somewhat of a different sort of man-made crisis in December in the form of a typhoon named Christopher Monckton, the third viscount of Benchley, advisor to former Prime Minister ...

Sony Xperia Z tablet and LG Optimus Pro G phone unveiled
BBC News
The Android-powered Xperia Z is 0.27in (6.9mm)-thick. That is 0.01in thinner than Apple's iPad Mini despite featuring a bigger 10.1in screen. It coincides with news that LG is releasing a 5in handset - the Optimus G Pro - making it the latest to offer the ...

Blockbuster closing 300 more stores. Why?
Christian Science Monitor
Dish Network Corp. says it plans to close about 300 Blockbuster stores across the country, losing about 3,000 employees. ...

Christian Science Monitor

Chevrolet's first 2014 Corvette Stringray sold at auction for $1.1 million
Chevrolet has sold its first 2014 Corvette Stingray for a cool $1.1 million to Rick Hendrick, who owns a NASCAR team. The sale took place at the Barrett-Jackson car auction in Arizona shortly after the vehicle was unveiled at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.


Behind The Scenes Of The iPhone 5 Jailbreak
Technically speaking, the iPhone 5 is already jailbroken. You're just not allowed to have it yet. The reason for this is because one of the bugs that contributes to a functional jailbreak is so good, that the hackers who discovered it would rather hang on to it ...


These glasses thwart facial recognition software
TG Daily
Two researchers in Japan have designed what just may be the world's ugliest pair of glasses to prevent facial recognition software from accurately identifying the wearer. The glasses were created by an associate professor at Tokyo's national Institute of ...

Defiance pre-order bonuses and beta detailed
Defiance the new cross-platform, cross-media massively multiplayer shooter is now available for pre-order and publisher Trion has revealed both pre-order bonuses and beta details for the game. Defiance, which is pegged as a massively multiplayer open ...

HTC Sense 5 leaks with pared-back aesthetic for 2013
HTC's hardware plans for 2013 have been leaking for some time now, with the 1080p HTC M7 expected to officially drop next month, but a new batch of screenshots suggest the company's HTC Sense interface is also in for a refresh. Less fussy, crisper, and ...


AMD Hires New Engineers with Apple, QUALCOMM Experience
AMD has hired a pair of new senior engineers that have experience gained from working with Apple and QUALCOMM. Reuters reports that the hires are a sign that AMD is diversifying beyond the computer industry and into the hot mobile sector. The new ...

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm's Fantastic Intro Cinematic Debuts
One of the most anticipated PC titles of the year will undoubtedly be Starcraft II: Heart of the Swam, the first expansion that builds off the original game, Wings of Liberty. The expansion will feature new units for each of the three races, Protoss, Terran and Zerg,...


New Zealand Cats Are A Hot Button Issue, Pitting Anti-Feline Advocate Gareth ...
Huffington Post
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — Gareth Morgan has a simple dream: a New Zealand free of pet cats that threaten native birds. But the environmental advocate has triggered a claws-out backlash with his new anti-feline campaign. Morgan called on his ...

Mega.com, Kim Dotcom's New Site, Sees Server Trouble Under Massive Demand
Huffington Post
SYDNEY (AP) — Indicted Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom admits his new file-sharing site is struggling to keep up with massive demand. Dotcom launched the "Mega" site with a lavish party on Sunday, the anniversary of his arrest on racketeering charges ...

Harvard professor says it's possible to clone Neanderthals with help from ...
New York Daily News
A Harvard genetics professor says he's found a way to bring Neanderthals back from extinction. He just needs an “extremely adventurous female human” to carry the clone baby, George Church writes in his new book, “Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will...

New York Daily News

The Big Problem With Facebook's Graph Search: Privacy Constraints
Fast Company
The dilemma: Facebook's new search tool will either have to remain private, resulting in limited, biased content, or make private data accessible to search. If the future of search is likely to be social, the future of social is likely to involve more search. While one ...

Fast Company

Experts prod Oracle to fix broken Java security
Computerworld - Beset by some very public vulnerabilities in Java, and apparently unable to properly patch those bugs, Oracle must dramatically step up its security game, experts said Monday. "Oracle should just take a mulligan and redesign Java before ...

Venom GT sets world record for fastest production car [video]
Torque News
Hennessey Venom GT is the fastest production car in the world and also one of the most exclusive cars on the planet. n/a. Hennessey world record Venom GT. If you want to own the fastest production car in the world, you better get your order in quickly ...

Torque News

Will Curiosity discover life when it begins drilling on Mars? Scientists say it's ...
Science Recorder
It's the big question everyone is wondering: Will NASA discover life when it begins drilling on Mars later this month. The U.S. space agency, which has expressed optimism about its upcoming drill, has simply said they will wait and hope, but that they are not ...

Science Recorder

Specially-coated cotton could help irrigate deserts
Science Recorder
Researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University have created a special treatment for cotton fabric that helps the cotton take in atypical amounts of water from misty air. In fact, the new specially-coated cotton ...

Science Recorder

Digital Book World
Just over half of Americans say libraries should “definitely” offer a broader selection of ebooks, according to a new poll. When asked whether libraries should be “offering a broader selection of ebooks, 53% of Americans said it was something they should ...

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Will Have Local Multiplayer
Earlier today, IGN reported that the upcoming Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon would feature local multiplayer. The little niblet of information was revealed on Nintendo's official website for the 3DS title, but it has since been removed. Hmm … Kind of weird,...


China's air pollution results from unchecked government, says top official
The Guardian
Record-breaking pollution in Beijing and other environmental problems in China are the result of unchecked government power, one of the country's top environment officials has said. On 12 January, Beijing's pollution hit a nauseating 755 on a US ...

The Guardian

Stranded Whale Euthanized In Longport, NJ
CBS Local
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A small whale that feeds in deep waters was stranded Monday morning in Longport, New Jersey, and had to be euthanized. The one that washed up at the mouth of the Great Egg River was an adult Pygmy Sperm Whale — at 12 feet ...

CBS Local

Twitter Crashes For Some Users During Obama Inauguration
Just as the presidential motorcade was making it's way from the Capitol to the White House, Twitter users were frustrated by an apparent site crash. Twitter's own Status Blog, hosted on Tumblr, has referred to possible service issues for three hours with no ...

Great "Python Challenge" continues!
The Daily Statesman (blog)
Though we did not see a single python on our Everglade adventure, we did see one alligator. In this photo, our air boat captain shows us how lethargic the alligators are in this cooler weather. 21 pythons and counting! At 1 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013, the...

The Daily Statesman (blog)

Report: Cuba using undersea fiber-optic cable
CTV News
HAVANA -- Cuba apparently has finally switched on the first undersea fiber-optic cable linking it to the outside world nearly two years after its arrival, according to analysis by a company that monitors global Internet use. In a report posted Sunday on the ...

CTV News

Google's Sergey Brin On NYC Subway With Google Glass
Search Engine Roundtable
Noah Zerkin sat down on the downtown #3 train in New York City and spotted Google's co-founder, Sergey Brin sitting there smiling at him through his Google Glass(es). Of course, like any one of us, he snapped a picture on his smartphone and posted it to ...

Search Engine Roundtable

Atari's US Operations File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Atari SA's U.S.-based video-game- making businesses filed for bankruptcy protection in Manhattan with the intention of separating from the unprofitable French parent and seeking independent funding. New York-based Atari Inc., maker of video games “Pong” ...

The First Shift: Alfa Romeo to return to North America by end of 2013
National Post
Alfa Romeo 4C goes on-sale this year, Rolls-Royce announces Ghost-based Wraith coupe and Bentley confirms SUV. Alfa Romeo brand returns this year In an Automotive News report, Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne says the return of the sporty Alfa ...

Report: Apple Prepping 4.8-Inch 'iPhone Math'
PC Magazine
Apple iPhone rumors are nothing new, but the latest report suggests that Cupertino has at least three iPhones up its sleeve for 2013, one of which has been dubbed the "iPhone Math." Yes, the iPhone Math. According to Brightwire.com, which translated ...

Study: Mars could have held watery underground oases for life
Los Angeles Times
If Mars once contained life, it might have existed in watery oases far beneath the surface, according to a new study analyzing a deep Martian crater holding signs of an ancient lake. The research, published online Sunday in the journal Nature Geoscience, ...

Samsung's road to global domination
South Korea's Samsung is trampling rivals and gunning for Apple. Can its hot streak last? samsung_robot FORTUNE -- To understand how Samsung -- yes, Samsung -- became America's No. 1 mobile phonemaker and thorn in Apple's side, it's helpful to ...


Doubling down: four-stranded, 'quadruple helix' DNA discovered
Fox News
60 years after scientists first described the “double helix” shape of human DNA, the chemical code of life, scientists have discovered the first quadruple helix -- and it may help them prevent the runaway cell proliferation at the root of cancer. "It's been sixty years ...

Eric Schmidt's daughter: North Koreans are 'hostages in their own country'
Eric Schmidt recently took a delegation to North Korea where he encouraged the country's government to relax its grip over internet control. “As the world becomes increasingly connected, their decision to be virtually isolated is very much going to affect their ...

United States extends NASA's cooperation with Russia until 2020
Russia Beyond The Headlines
Russia's Soyuz spacecraft will continue to take American astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).  ISS could perform maneuver to avoid space debris on Friday - NASA · Russia will have over 110 satellites serving national ...

Google Looking to Replace Password With Physical Keys
Google account holders can forget about memorizing long passwords, has the software giant is secretly working on coming out with a solution to confirm the user's identity online using physical keys. The new technology will enable users to prove their ...


Researchers Suspect Gamma-Ray Burst for Spike in Radioactive Carbon 14
French Tribune
As per a recent report's revelations, radioactive carbon 14 had shown a sudden spike. Tree-ring data from 774 has pointed to the same and the culprit is being deemed to be a nearby gamma-ray burst. Since, the spike has hinted to charged particles' burst or ...

French Tribune

Instagram Reaches 90 Million Users, 40 Million Pics Daily
Tom's Guide
It also said 40 million pictures are added to the site on a daily basis, as well as receiving 8,500 likes and 1,000 comments per second. Co-founder Kevin Systrom stressed that Instagram continues to showcase strong growth around the globe. "Instagram ...

RIM rebrands its App Store
Research in Motion has dropped the “app” from its BlackBerry App World. The Waterloo, Ont.-based firm has tweaked the name of its online store in preparation for the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system and line of smartphones. The change ...


Company to unveil fleet of asteroid-mining ships for deep-space colonies
Fox News
A new asteroid-mining company launches Tuesday with the goal of helping humanity expand across the solar system by tapping the vast riches of space rocks. The new firm, called Deep Space Industries, Inc., announced Tuesday, Jan. 22, that it plans to ...

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