22 January 2013

RIM keeps door open to sale of BlackBerry handset unit

RIM keeps door open to sale of handset unit as it looks beyond phones
Summary: BlackBerry maker RIM could license its software to other companies or sell off its hardware production, according to chief executive Thorsten Heins, who has also hinted BlackBerry software could be found in a wider array of products. Ben Woods ...

Beijing Smog Rules Would Shut Factories When Pollution Rises
The city of Beijing proposed rules that would increase fines for vehicle emissions and force more factory shutdowns when smog reaches dangerous levels, as officials stepped up efforts to fight pollution. Under the new rules, drivers could face 3,000 yuan ...

Clearwire Shareholders Want Sprint to Up Its Bid: Report
Clearwire shareholders, liking the terms of Sprint's offer, but the dollars of Dish Network's offer, are insisting Sprint should increase its bid. Sprint needs control of partner Clearwire's considerable spectrum holdings, and Clearwire shareholders know it.


Still going: Long-lived NASA rover Opportunity commencing tenth year of ...
Fox News
MARS – Opportunity, NASA's other Mars rover, has tooled around the red planet for so long it's easy to forget it's still alive. Some 5,000 miles away from the limelight surrounding Curiosity's every move, Opportunity this week quietly embarks on its tenth year of ...

Google looks to ditch passwords for good with NFC-based replacement
Summary: Google engineers are looking at ways to stop using passwords, which they believe are no longer enough to keep users safe. Liam Tung. By Liam Tung | January 21, 2013 -- 12:53 GMT (04:53 PST). Follow @liamT. Google engineers are testing new...


Sony introduces Xperia Tablet Z 10.1-inch 1080p Android tablet
Summary: Sony's latest Android tablet features a quad-core processor and measures just 6.9mm thick. Sean Portnoy. By Sean Portnoy for Laptops & Desktops | January 21, 2013 -- 13:01 GMT (05:01 PST). Follow @teklust. sony-xperia-tablet-z-android ...


Is Apple's rumored 4.8" iPhone 'Math' the iPhone 6?
Computerworld (blog)
Apple [AAPL] stock prices may be unstable, but one thing remains everlasting when it comes to Cupertino's dream machine: speculation. This morning we learn the company has a plan for a 4.8-inch iPhone 'Math' -- but might this be a hint at another plan?

Eric Schmidt and daughter Sophie recount North Korea experience
Eric Schmidt's trip to North Korea raised a few eyebrows, with the Google chairman's mission to push the open-internet prompting no small amount of speculation; now, thanks to separate accounts from Schmidt and his daughter, we get a glimpse of what went ...


Instagram Reports 90 Million Active Monthly Users Plus Three Business Tips
After seeing poll results that 21 percent of Forbes readers don't even know what Instagram is, a few details might be in order on what it is as well as how you can use it in your business life. Read Kashmir Hill's post and scroll to the bottom for the poll: ...

Apple Forced Google's Hand On Android
By exercising too rigid of control over third-party developers, Apple forced Google to build its own mobile platform. To preserve the search box, Google had... ReadWritemobile. Previous Next. Previous; Show; Next. Apple Forced Google's Hand On Android ...


Carriers brace for a nasty quarter
Here we go again. It's time for a ride on the wireless carrier profit roller coaster. It sounds backwards, but the more smartphones carriers sell, the worse their profit margins get. The new phone you buy for $199 costs your carrier two or three times as much ...

Detroit motor show 2013: Ford Atlas
Ford's F150 is one of the world's best-ever selling vehicles and has been America's best-selling pick-up for 36 years. So no pressure for this new one, which was unveiled in concept form as the Atlas at the Detroit motor show. Europeans tend to come over...


Jupiter and Moon Have Close Encounter Tonight: See It Live Online
The planet Jupiter and Earth's moon will star is a dazzling spectacle in the night sky tonight, weather permitting. But even if bad weather spoils your view, you can see celestial show live online in a free webcast. Jupiter and the moon will appear just a ...

HTC's New Flagship M7 Hardware Reportedly Leaked, Complete With Sense ...
HTC had a disappointing year last year, despite early success with the One X and solid hardware releases in general. This year, it looks like it will be kicking things off in style with the launch of a new flagship device, called the HTC M7, a phone rumored for ...
The Climate Change Endgame
New York Times
WHETHER in Davos or almost anywhere else that leaders are discussing the world's problems, they are missing by far the biggest issue: the rapidly deteriorating global environment and its ability to support civilization. The situation is pretty much an endgame ...

Scientists Spot Quadruple Helix DNA Working in Human Cells
Scientists Spot Quadruple Helix DNA Working in Human Cells Forget the humble double helix: scientists from Cambridge University have now spotted four-stranded strings of DNA working inside human cells. The researchers have published a paper in ...

Kim Dotcom launches Mega file-sharing website a year after arrest on ...
The flamboyant 6'7”, 20 stone entrepreneur unveiled the new site, called Mega, at a lavish press conference and launch party in the grounds of his New Zealand mansion. Megaupload, which Dotcom started in 2005, was one of the most popular websites until...


First 2014 Chevrolet Corvette sells for record amount
Torque News
The very first production 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray VIN #0001 sells for a large amount at Barrett-Jackson along with four other performance Chevys. n/a. First production 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray VIN #0001. The all-new 2014 Chevrolet ...

Torque News

man gets 1 million Facebook likes so crush will sleep with him
New York Daily News
A Norwegian man may be about to get lucky – all thanks to Facebook. Petter Kverneng persuaded his high school crush, Cathrine Johansen, to have sex with him if he got 1 million likes on Facebook, and social media users immediately rushed to his aid.

New York Daily News

Facebook unveils new search tool
Another round of changes are soon coming to Facebook. A new search feature will enable users to find interests and likes within their friend group. That might seem convenient, but as our Candace Hopkins reports, some Facebook users are reluctant to ...

Two Irishmen found entombed in Civil War ship off the coast of Texas
3D sonar imaging has provided a new look into the shipwreck of the USS Hatteras, a Union ship which was sunk off the coast of Galveston, Texas during the US Civil War. Only two men died the day the ship sank - Irishmen William Healy and John Cleary.


Explorer's Scotch returned to Antarctic
SCOTTBASE, Antarctica (AP) — Talk about whisky on ice: Three bottles of rare, 19th century Scotch found beneath the floor boards of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackelton's abandoned expedition base were returned to the polar continent Saturday after a ...


NASA To Test Balloon-Like 'Space-Homes'
Science World Report
(Photo : Bigelow Aerospace) An artist's conception shows a Bigelow Aerospace complex in Earth orbit. Such a station could serve as the precursor for prefabricated lunar bases after 2020. NASA has signed a $17.8 million contract with Bigelow Aerospace, ...

Science World Report

Alfa Romeo 4C coming to the US next year
If you're a fan of Italian sports cars and a Ferrari isn't in your budget, you'll be interested to hear that Alfa Romeo has a new two-seat sports car destined for the United States next year. The car is a sporty Alfa Romeo 4C and Fiat/Chrysler boss Sergio ...


Honda Recalling More Than 750K SUVs and Minivans in US and Canada
Auto Remarketing
Honda is recalling approximately 748,000 model-year 2009 through 2013 Pilot and 2011 through 2013 Odyssey vehicles in the United States and another 29,000 units in Canada. The recall stems from the need to inspect and if necessary replace the driver's...

Auto Remarketing

TF2′s Pyro, Spy and Heavy join Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
PC Gamer Magazine
We don't get too many kart racers on PC, and for that I'm entirely thankful. However, the word on the streets of Green Hill Zone is that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a good 'un – and it's power-sliding its way to PC on January 31st. Not only that, but ...
It was Too Human to Survive: Pulled from XBL
Like a steam locomotion on a linear track we could all see this coming; Too Human has been pulled from the Xbox Live platform. After legal wranglings with Epic, Silicon Knights asked Microsoft to remove the game, demo, gamer pics and themes from their...


More details on Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 (N5100, N5110), Galaxy Tab 3 ...
Unwired View
As we told you last week, Samsung is getting ready to announce new Android tablets (alongside the Galaxy S4, of course). Sam Mobile quotes a “Korean insider”, saying that we'll see new generation Galaxy Tabs soon – these should use the name Galaxy ...
Microsoft gives back $20 on specially marked pre-orders
Related topics. Video Games · Games · Xbox · gears of war · Dead Space 3. Advertisement. There is no doubt video game industry is competitive. It has become customary for pre-order incentives to be offered leading to a game's release. Yesterday, in an ...
FCC calls for gigabit broadband in every US state
TG Daily
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is calling for all 50 states to create at least one 'gigabit community' by 2015. The move would lead to new businesses and industries, better connectivity between citizens and services and more investment in high-tech ...
Kickstarter could save Gas Powered Games following mass layoffs
Washington state studio Gas Powered Games is clinging on following deep cuts to its workforce over the weekend. Wildman Screenshot Estimates in the media suggest that as many as forty staff had been let go from the Dungeon Siege and Supreme ...
Opera to launch new WebKit-based browser for iOS and Android at MWC
Browser company, Opera Software, intends to launch a new web browser for smartphones and tablets in February at the Mobile World Congress. Dubbed as Opera Ice, the browser will be released for iOS and Android devices, according to Opera Software ...

Oracle's Latest Java Update Comes With Security Holes, Researchers Say
Security Explorations has found two bugs in the latest version of Java that can be combined to bypass its sandbox—a finding that comes on the heels of reports earlier this week that Oracle's recent update did not fully address a security flaw. Security ...


Register fast for the SimCity beta!
PC Authority
Registration for the beta of Maxis epic city sim closes at 1pm today. You know what to do! Seriously, who sends out a beta announcement on a Saturday, when right-minded folks are relaxing over a weekend full of roleplaying, basketball, and tasty pizza.

21 Pythons Caught in Southern Florida: Report
TopNews Arab Emirates
21 Pythons Caught in Southern Florida: Report A recent report has confirmed that as many as 21 invasive snakes around southern Florida have been nailed down as part of the first week of the state's 2013 Python Challenge. As many as 777 people signed ...

TopNews Arab Emirates

Sony Entertainment Network PayPal support extended to North America
EL33TONLINE (blog)
Sony has been ramping up its browser-based services of late, recently launching the PlayStation web store in multiple territories and providing customers in certain parts of Europe with the option to top up their Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) wallets using ...
NASA sends Mona Lisa into space by LASER
NASA has fired a greyscale image of the Mona Lisa to its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, as part of an experiment using optics instead of radio for deep-space communications. Any space-watcher knows the frustration at the delays imposed by skinny radio ...
DmC: Devil May Cry tops UK games sales chart
Ninja Theory's Western-themed reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise, DmC: Devil May Cry, has debuted at the top of the UK videogames sales charts in its first week of release. This is also the first title published by Capcom that has reached first position in the ...


Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Review
A japanese role playing game releasing on a home console has become quite a rare event during this generation. The decline of the genre is something probably very few could have anticipated but, with the newest big productions being incredibly shallow ...

Windows RT: Worthless or the future of Windows?
ZDNet (blog)
Windows RT: Worthless or the future of Windows? Moderated by Lawrence Dignan | January 21, 2013 -- 07:00 GMT (23:00 PST). Summary: Ed Bott sees a bright future for Microsoft's mobile Windows OS. But Matt Baxter-Reynolds sees no future at all.

ZDNet (blog)

Top 10 List: What a WJR Manager Learned At Detroit Auto Show Charity Preview
Deadline Detroit
Working at the Detroit Auto Show formal benefit inspired WJR's promotions manager to post a Letterman-style list Sunday afternoon. Lori Bennett, who's also a local news anchor at Doug-FM (WDRQ), went on Facebook to share "Top 10 things I learned from...

Deadline Detroit

RM Auctions Raises $36.4 Million in Annual Arizona Auction
At the recently concluded RM Auctions event in Arizona, the event managed to pull in a spectacular $36.4 million at the single-day Arizona Biltmore sale. This year marked the 14th year for the auction, and RM Auctions is claiming that 89% of all the car lots ...


Rumour - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to have multiplayer
The official site for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon mentions the game will have local multiplayer, yet the game is still listed a single player title. Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon Screenshot The official website for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon makes the following ...

Array Radio Telescope Captures Beautiful Image of Manatee Nebula
French Tribune
Manatee Nebulas are the supernova remnants that have been named recently only. As per the revelations of a new report, the Very Large Array radio telescope network has come up with the nebula's newly captured beautiful picture. The Manatee Nebula ...

French Tribune

Why Haven't Chinese Cars Come to USA?
Chinese automakers have been eyeing the U.S. market for years, yet not one has started selling cars here. They just aren't ready for prime time in one of the world's most competitive auto markets. The latest Chinese company to test the waters is Guangzhou ...


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