01 January 2013

Space may accelerate Alzheimers in astronauts

Space may accelerate Alzheimer's in astronauts
Little is know about the ultra high-energy cosmic rays that regularly penetrate the atmosphere. By Charles Q. Choi. updated 12/31/2012 8:42:03 PM ET 2013-01-01T01:42:03. Print; Font: +; -. Radiation in space might harm the brains of astronauts in deep ...


Microsoft Offers Free Month of Xbox Live After Cloud Outage
PC Magazine
Microsoft is providing Xbox Live Gold members with a one-month membership extension after a weekend outage blocked access to the service's Cloud Saved Games feature. Cloud Saved Games allows Xbox Live Gold members to store saved games in the ...

More leaked photos of BlackBerry X10 hit the Web
Los Angeles Times
More photos of a BlackBerry smartphone Research In Motion is expected to formally announce next month have hit the Web, showing the device more clearly than before and turned on. The device, which many believe will be called the BlackBerry X10, ...

Unlocked Cell Phones Helping Consumers Avoid Major Mobile Drawbacks
San Francisco Chronicle
Presented by: The battle for control over mobile consumers is shifting in a major way as consumers purchase unlocked devices allowing cell phone carriers to once again woo consumers into making purchase based on their cell phone carrier and not just ...

It's JUST possible, but Apple MIGHT not make an iWatch in 2013
What's better than smartphone that is not strapped to your wrist? A smartphone that IS strapped to your wrist. In what is a strange rumour even by the standards of supply chain rumours - Chinese manufacturing news site iPhone.TGBUS says that Apple is ...

Q Continuum: Infiniti Q50 to be unveiled at Detroit Auto Show
Digital Trends
The Q50 will be the first new car to debut under Infiniti's new naming scheme, an is expected to usher in myriad changes for the Japanese luxury brand. Infiniti has given the new luxury sedan it plans to unveil at the Detroit Auto Show a name. Called Q50, the ...

Eric Prokopi Pleads Guilty For Smuggling Dinosaur Fossils
Eric Prokopi, a Florida fossils dealer, has pled guilty to smuggling charges. He has agreed to give up the $1 million Tyrannosaurus bataar skeleton seized by the U.S. government earlier this year after he attempted to auction it through Heritage Auctions.


Zynga shutters 11 games, cites cost-reduction plan
Digital Trends
In an effort to avoid complete collapse, casual gaming giant Zynga has opted to close down 11 of its least profitable games. Fans are understandably upset. Only a year ago casual games publisher Zynga seemed poised to overtake the entirety of gaming.

Intel Set to Reveal Own Internet TV Service at Consumer Electronics Show.
X-bit Labs
Intel Corp. will introduce its own-brand set-top-box as well as Internet TV service at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, next week. Intel's TV service will be different from competing offerings that require to completely transit to streaming TV...

X-bit Labs

Velocity Micro Unveils NoteMagix Ultrabooks Starting at $800
Maximum PC
Looking back at 2012, it was clearly the year of the Ultrabook, at least on the notebook computing side. Barring any surprises, that trend will continue throughout 2013, and even Velocity Micro is getting in on the action. The boutique system builder announced...

Maximum PC

The Netbook Is Dead, Long Live The Netbook
The netbook is dead, we've moved on, the great hope for the computer manufacturers are no more. The netbook is an ex-netbook (Charles Arthur, The Guardian, and others). But hold on a minute, just because the exact models from Acer and Asus are no ...

Microsoft's 2012: How "epic" was it?
The Seattle Times
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been known to use hyperbolic adjectives, but was he on the mark when he described 2012 as "the most epic in Microsoft history"? It was the year, after all, in which the company launched Windows 8, a radical revamp of its ...

UBER, The Brilliant Car Service, Correctly "Gouges" Its Customers On New ...
Though an always politically correct media and political class are loath to admit it, well-run businesses serve the interests of their customers best when they adjust pricing to market realities. Put more simply, well run, customer-focused businesses “gouge” ...

Iowa lawmakers, agencies submit about 500 bills
Houston Chronicle
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa legislators and state agency officials have requested about 500 bills that will be introduced in the Legislature's upcoming session. The Gazette of Cedar Rapids reports that the requests are down a bit from last session and are ...

Judge Seeks Bond Called High in Samsung-Apple Phone Case
Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) should post a bond equal to 88 percent of the value of smartphones found to infringe Apple Inc. (AAPL) patents if it loses a U.S. trade ruling and wants to keep selling the devices, a judge said. U.S. International Trade ...

Sky Shorts: Rovers galore on Mars
Canton Repository
The Mars Opportunity Rover landed on Mars along with its twin, Spirit, in January 2004. It was thought that the crafts would operate for about three months, and travel about a third of a mile before breaking down. While the Spirit Rover got bogged down in the ...

The Year Of The Higgs, And Other Tiny Advances In Science
New Hampshire Public Radio
Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider announced the discovery of the Higgs boson on July 4, the long-sought building block of the universe. This image shows a computer-simulation of data from the collider. It's a year-end tradition to cobble together a list of...

New Hampshire Public Radio

Collectible Classic: 1963-1971 Mercedes-Benz SL
Automobile Magazine
With most roadsters, the removable hard top is at best an afterthought. For the 1963-1971 Mercedes-Benz SL, however, no aspect of the design was an afterthought -- and certainly not the hard top. The delicately shaped roof, which appears to dip down ...

Meteor shower will peak this week over Northeast Iowa
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
WATERLOO --- The new year will start with an annual light show, at least for those sturdy enough to brave some fairly intense cold. The Quadrantids, a prolific meteor shower already under way, likely will peak Thursday evening or early Friday, and most of ...

'Appy' New Year: Apps to help keep your resolutions
Central Florida News 13
(VIDEO STILL/CNN) The Brewster app for iOS consolidates your contacts from Facebook, Twitter and your phone into one high-tech address book. By Laurie Segall, CNN Tech Reporter Last Updated: Tuesday, January 01, 2013 ...

Central Florida News 13

ISON Comet Arriving in 2013 to Outshine the Moon
Latinos Post
(Photo : Wikimedia Commons) Image of the comet ISON as seen on Sept. 22 through a 0.25-m reflector by the Team of observers of Remanzacco Observatory. With the New Year just beginning, one thing sky watchers can look forward to in 2013 is the ...

Latinos Post

Meet The Best iPhone Video Game Controller You Can't Have Yet
Business Insider
iPhone gamers have yet to see an unobtrusive game controller for their phones. They've generally been big and bulky. This is exactly the problem that the WynCASE aims to solve. It's a game controller that snaps on to your phone. It's lightweight and it looks ...

The Verge
There have been several indications that Sony is planning to launch a new 5-inch 1080p smartphone at CES, with the latest evidence coming from the company itself. Engadget has spotted some official press renders of the Xperia Z and the Xperia ZL, ...

One Small Step or Giant Leap to Space in 2013?
Motley Fool
2012 has been big for the business of space. We've witnessed the first docking of a private spaceship to the International Space Station, seen billions of NASA dollars committed to the future, and watched the future of the space program take flight with the ...

SPIED: The Next-Gen BMW X5 Continues Its Striptease - MORE Seen NOW ...
Looking back to the recent past, the M6 Gran Coupe, 4-Series Coupe Concept and i3 Concept all made their debuts. While the 4-Series and i3 still have a ways to go before being finalized, that's one BIG step out of the way. For the next-gen BMW X5, however ...

Top 2013 iPhone Apps for Skiers
About - News & Issues
"There's an app for that," so the saying goes, so of course there are sundry iPhone apps for skiers and snowboarders. Search the App store, after all, and you'll run into a ton of different winter-themed apps. The trick, though, is sorting through which apps are ...

Neil Armstrong's brother says he didn't ad-lib that famous line
Either Neil Armstrong totally lied to us or his brother is just jealous. The first man to leave his bootprints on the moon always claimed that he came up with his famous "One small step ..." quote on the spot, but his brother says he wrote it in advance.

OUYA Ships Developer Consoles On Time
A few days ago, OUYA, sent an update to all the backers letting them know they sent off 1,200 developer consoles to developers around the world. They also released an unboxing video showing off the first run special developer consoles. They are ...

'Chronovolt' and 'NBA Jam: On Fire Edition" slam onto Playstation Plus
Related topics. gaming news · playstation plus · PlayStation Vita · Playstation 3 · Playstation Store. Advertisement. Today, Sony has announced that, since the usual update day (Tuesday) falls on New Year day 2013, we'll be getting the store update a day ...


Facebook stops New Year message tool
The Guardian
Facebook has temporarily disabled its New Year's Eve messaging tool after a university student was able to read and delete private messages intended for other users. Jack Jenkins, a business IT student at Aberystwyth university, alerted Facebook to the ...

The Guardian

Samsung to launch first Tizen-based smartphone in 2013: Report
Samsung is said to be working in collaboration with NTT DoCoMo to launch a Tizen-based smartphone, according to reports in Yomiuri Shimbun. This smartphone is expected to see the light of the day by sometime next year. For people who may not be ...


Why I still love the Nexus 7
Apple has the iPad Mini and there are also plenty of other smaller tablet options available, but CNET's Marguerite Reardon explains in this Ask Maggie why she still loves the Nexus 7. Marguerite Reardon. by Marguerite Reardon. January 1, 2013 12:00 AM ...

Fez' to be ported for new platforms
Digital Spy
The indie developer made a final blog post for 2012 that provided hints as to what will come in 2013, including mention of Fez for new unspecified platforms. 'Fez' screenshot. "2012 was crazy. But what now? 2013 is going to be an interesting one, too. For one ...

Mobile Library Usage Detailed In New Pew Study
It used to be that the mobile library was a bus or RV that pulled up in front of schools and other locations; to reach students, senior citizens and others who might not make it into library building. Now the cell phone has become the mobile library, with digital ...


Industry Leaders Offer Predictions for 2013 (Part 7)
Video on mobile is exploding: “Figuring out the best, most effective advertising models and making sure existing IAB standards like the V-SUITE work well on different mobile devices will help keep that momentum going.” Metric confusion contributes to mobile ...

FCC Eases Restrictions on In-Flight Internet Access
PC Magazine
The Federal Communications Commission on Friday approved a new set of rules aimed at making it easier for airlines to offer passengers in-flight Internet service. The agency said it hopes the new rules will cut in half the time it takes to get aircraft Internet ...

Sony PlayStation 2 Dead in Japan, But Its Legacy Lives On
PC Magazine
Sony has finally took the long-in-the-tooth PlayStation 2 to the back of the shed and put one between its eyes. In Japan, anyway. The rest of the gaming universe, technically, will continue to enjoy PS2 hardware manufacturing, but it's obvious that Sony's most ...

Foursquare announces privacy changes; will now show full names
Los Angeles Times
Foursquare alerted its users of upcoming privacy changes next month, and among the most notable differences is that the location-based social network will now display users' full names. The New York-based social network emailed its users over the ...

Samsung teases CES unveiling of HDTV with 'unprecedented new shape'
Apple Insider
Samsung, one of Apple's chief rivals, is hyping the announcement of a brand new HDTV set with an "unprecedented new shape" at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. The South Korean electronics maker recently a video on its YouTube Page teasing ...

Apple Insider

Red and brown Samsung Galaxy Note 2 discovered in Korea
In addition to Marble White and Titanium Gray, the "phablet" has been spotted in Korea sporting two new colors. Lynn La. by Lynn La. December 31, 2012 3:03 PM PST Follow @lynnlaaa · Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (red and brown). The Samsung Galaxy Note ...

Mobile Phones & Deals Blog: Jelly Bean and Premium Suite to roll out to original ...
NewsFactor Network
Do you own the original Samsung Galaxy Note? If so, we have good news for you. The 5.3-inch device will be getting the update that has rolled out to the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3. This is Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and the Premium Suite update.

Scientists Allay Fears around Global Jellyfish Boom
French Tribune
Of late, there has been a lot said about rising jellyfish population but researchers have rejected these reports. Though there could be rise in local population, there is no indication that there is any global increase in jelly fish over the past two centuries.

French Tribune

Ford on track to hit 2.2 million US sales in 2012
If you're a loyal Ford owner, then you might like to know that 2012 is shaping up to be another great year for the company. Ford announced today that it's on track to hit 2.2 million US sales in 2012, marking the second consecutive year it settles above the the 2 ...


Blacks Ops 2 DLC will have a new weapon, maps
A promotional image from Call of Duty Black Ops 2, seems to suggest that it will have a DLC pack titled “Revolution,” bringing with it some new maps to slaughter each other on, as well as a new weapon. According to the poster – spotted by an eagle eyed ...


Facebook, YouTube Video Uploads Coming To 'Dead of Alive 5'
MTV.com (blog)
Siliconera picked up on an upcoming 1.03 update to the Team Ninja fighter which will allow players to upload their fight videos to the web. The Xbox 360 version will allow direct uploads to Facebook, while the PS3 version will support both Facebook and ...

MTV.com (blog)

Scientists Confident Earth's Twin will be Found in 2013
The question of whether there is life anywhere besides Earth, or even planets capable of sustaining life has intrigued mankind sincethe beginning of history. Until recently these discussions have been based on ancient myths and primitive speculation, ...


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