01 February 2013

Huawei CFO linked to attempt to sell HP goods in Iran

Huawei CFO linked to attempt to sell HP goods in Iran -- Reuters
Huawei CFO Cathy Meng reportedly served on the board of a Hong Kong-based company that tried to sell HP goods to an Iran-based firm. Don Reisinger. by Don Reisinger. January 31, 2013. Huawei, the China-based telecom equipment maker ...

Scientists Watch a Fish Think
For the first time, scientists have imaged the brain activity of a fish watching its prey. Observing neural signals in real time offers an important glimpse into how brains perceive the outside world. In the new study, researchers developed a way to follow these ...

Humans killed off the thylacine: study
The Australian
HUMANS alone were responsible for the demise of Australia's extinct native predator, the Tasmanian Tiger, or thylacine, a new study has found. Led by the University of Adelaide, the study has used new modelling to contradict a widespread belief that ...

App-Based Car Service Lyft Reaches Deal With Calif. Regulators
PC Magazine
California residents have another official car service to call, now that state regulators have lifted a cease-and-desist they imposed on Zimride's Lyft service. The move has allowed Lyft to expand beyond its San Francisco roots to Los Angeles, starting at 7 a.m. ...

Mega Repeat: Search Engine Mimics Dotcom's MegaUpload
Crowdsourced MegaSearch site indexes all files on Mega, allowing users to share uploaded, encrypted content. Start The Discussion. Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Mathew J. Schwartz | January 31, 2013 12:27 PM. Who Is Hacking U.S. Banks? 8 Facts ...

Facebook launches Facebook Card, a reusable gift card that works at multiple ...
The multi-tasking card, a new gift option on Facebook, can hold balances for Jamba Juice, Olive Garden, Sephora, and Target. Jennifer Van Grove. by Jennifer Van Grove. January 31, 2013 10:00 AM PST Follow @jbruin. The Facebook Card ...

Braintree trying single sign-on approach to mobile payments with Venmo Touch
Summary: Braintree is aiming to simplify the mobile payments process for users with just one tap, which could mean more money for businesses. Rachel King. By Rachel King for Between the Lines | January 31, 2013 -- 17:56 GMT (09:56 PST). Follow @ ...

Google kicks off 2013 Science Fair, seeks projects to change the world
Fox News
“It's your turn to change the world.” The 2013 Google Science Fair -- an online science competition open to students around the globe ages 13 to 18 -- kicked off Wednesday with those words. The ultimate prizes, to be awarded in Sept.: a $50,000 scholarship ...

Sex app claims to help you mix business with pleasure
Bang with Friends is a curiously successful new Facebook app that aims to be more direct about sex. Now Bang With Professionals wants to help people make carnal connections via LinkedIn. Is this for real? by Chris Matyszczyk. January ...

Twitter confirms second outage this month
Washington Post
Twitter confirmed that some users were unable to access the service Thursday, marking the second time this month that the micro-blogging service has been hit with an outage. The company said on its status blog that it was working to resolve the issue.

Penultimate for iPad Update - New Design And Tighter Evernote Integration
PC Magazine
Penultimate is a pretty sweet writing app for the iPad. That's probably why Evernote scooped it up. But Evernote hasn't shelfed the app. In fact, it has drawn it even closed into the ecosystem with this latest batch of updates that include baking Evernote right into ...

Apple Store Design Gets Trademark Approval
Apple loves to patent and protect its products. Now, according to a trademark application, the company aims to keep others from copying the design and layout of its retail stores. Nearly three years after Apple filed for a trademark to protect its store design, the ...

Wall Street boos BlackBerry 10
Stock skids nearly 10% on debut. blackberry 10. The new BlackBerry 10 smartphone is displayed during the global launch of the new BlackBerry 10 in Toronto on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013. (Photo: Nathan Denette AP). SAN FRANCISCO -- Research In ...

Chesapeake shows signs of resilience, report finds
San Francisco Chronicle
BALTIMORE (AP) — Bay grasses, crabs and rockfish are showing signs of resilience in the Chesapeake Bay, which continues to suffer from poor water quality as a growing population stresses it, according to a report released Thursday. The bay barometer ...

New York Times says it was hit by a cyber attack #thecircuit
Washington Post (blog)
New York Times hit by cyber attack: The New York Times reported late Wednesday that it had been the victim of a cyber attack for the last four months while working on a story about Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao and his business connections. According ...

Ford Sets Hybrid Market Share Record Thanks to Strong Fusion Hybrid, C-MAX ...
Ford has had very good luck with its hybrid vehicle sales over the last year. Ford announced recently that it had achieved an all-time high for its hybrid market share. Ford grew its share of the hybrid vehicle market almost 9% between December 2011 and ...
Today the developers at Imangi Studios have announced that they've reached the 50 million app download mark for mobile devices, reaching this point a full 22 days earlier than the previous record holder. That previous record holder was Angry Birds Space, ...

Mercedes Channels American Express In Virtuoso Super Bowl Spot
Daimler AG pulls off a tricky feat with their new Super Bowl spot: reinforcing the prestige of the Mercedes brand while introducing a product whose low price threatens to undermine that very exclusivity. To do so, they borrow a time-honored branding technique ...


Take Two Shares Slump with Grand Theft Auto 5 Delayed Until Fall
It's sort of a running joke in the industry that 90% of major releases are stacked in the fall of each year to line up with the holiday season. This spring was looking to be a welcome change from that with one of the biggest titles of the 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5, ...


China's Gas Mask Future Is Worry for Us All
Is it already too late for China to clean up its fast-blackening skies? For all the lip service about green growth, investments in renewable energy and sprawling windmill farms, China's pollution woes are spiraling out of control. The nation's capital is a case in ...

BlackBerry 10: For U.S. Carriers, the Waiting Continues
With BlackBerry 10 sales weeks away, carriers are sharing what they can. Verizon is pricing the Z10 for $199.99 in black or (exclusive to Verizon) white. Verizon Wireless is the only top-tier carrier sharing what for now passes for details about the BlackBerry ...


iOS 6.1 wins over 22 percent of iOS users, says report
Just 36 hours after its debut, iOS 6.1 had already been installed by almost a quarter of iOS users, says mobile Web site creator Onswipe. Lance Whitney. by Lance Whitney. January 31, 2013 8:45 AM PST Follow @lancewhit. (Credit: CNET). Apple's iOS 6.1 ...

Apple still top for slab-fondlers despite FLOOD of Xmas tablets
Apple is still riding clear at the top of the global tablet market, though it has lost 8 per cent of its share of sales since the same time last year. Its tablet rivals, meanwhile, experienced triple-digit growth compared to the final quarter of 2011. This is according to ...

BlackBerry Unveils Z10, Q10; Facebook Earnings; Honda Embraces Siri Eyes Free
PC Magazine
Research in Motion was the talk of the tech world yesterday, as it unveiled its long-awaited BlackBerry 10 operating system, as well as the first smartphones that will run the OS. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins also announced that RIM will re-brand itself as ...

Firefox Moves To Block Java, Silverlight, Adobe Reader
Mozilla's "click to play" move will block all plug-ins from executing without explicit user authorization. Start The Discussion. Tweet; Mail Mail; Print Print · Mathew J. Schwartz | January 31, 2013 09:59 AM. Mozilla has announced that all Firefox plug-ins, barring ...

Nvidia's Project Shield went from concept to reality in less than a year
Nvidia surprised a number of journalists and consumers alike by unveiling a portable gaming device at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month. Codenamed Project Shield, the handheld is powered by the company's latest Tegra 4 mobile chip that ...

Are Android apps for Chromebooks on the way?
Summary: The appearance of an Android robot covered in Chrome at the Google campus teases a synergy between the two products. James Kendrick. By James Kendrick for Mobile News | January 31, 2013 -- 15:06 GMT (07:06 PST). Follow @jkendrick ...
Thu Jan 31, 2013 11:22am EST. (Reuters) - Shares of Facebook Inc fell as much as 8 percent on Thursday as a surge in fourth-quarter mobile advertising revenue failed to live up to Wall Street's high expectations. Facebook has long established itself as one ...

Richer Google Now notification system arriving in Chrome
New changes mean a key Android feature for general-purpose alerts is closer to reality. Google's browser is getting a mechanism for more elaborate notifications. Stephen Shankland. by Stephen Shankland. January 31, 2013 7:47 AM PST Follow @stshank ...

Great White Shark 'Mary Lee' Tracked In The Hamptons; Cue 'Jaws' Music
Huffington Post
Last month, the great white shark entered the surf zone in Jacksonville, Fla., causing a stir. Now, the 16-foot, nearly 3,500-pound shark has entered waters where movie legend meets reality. The Long Island, N.Y., coast -- the fictional town of Amity to be exact ...

Google Maps the Grand Canyon With 9500 Panoramas
PC Magazine
Now you can get a taste of what it's like to experience the breathtaking wonder of the Grand Canyon, right from your computer chair. As promised, Google has added more than 9,500 panoramic images of the Grand Canyon to its Maps service, the Web giant ...

Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS and 115 IS hands-on (video)
In Japan, they've been coined the IXUS 255 HS and IXUS 132, but folks in the US will probably recognize them as the ELPH 330 HS and 115 IS. By any name, they're Canon's two mid-range point-and-shoots for CP+, and while they were joined by the A2500 ...

National Geographic
Parasites have a disturbingly deep history. Many of the sneaky little hitchhikers around today – from feather lice to fungi that control the behavior of ants – have been around for millions and millions of years. Tapeworms, amoebas, and their kind are some of ...

National Geographic

SEA to see Intel-powered smartphones in 'near future'
Summary: Most Southeast Asian markets will see Acer's Liquid C1 smartphone, powered by Intel's "Lexington" processor, in the "very near future" as the chipmaker capitalizes on the region's move from feature phones to smartphones. Kevin Kwang. By Kevin ...


It's tough to find even 50 good BB10 apps out of the 70000 in BlackBerry World
Summary: I appreciate Alec Saunders energy and the efforts made by BlackBerry, however the current state of BB World for BB10 in the US is not very good. The number of apps doesn't mean much when key popular apps are missing. It always takes time to ...


China's complicated history with video games: when a ban isn't really a ban
Earlier this week, China Daily quoted an anonymous government source -- allegedly straight from the Ministry of Culture -- saying China is considering lifting a 12-year-old "ban" on game consoles soon. While it was unclear how reliable the source was at the ...

Slideshow: On stage in Raleigh, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
Triangle Business Journal
Stanley Bahorek and Darren Ritchie star as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in the NCT performance of Nerds. Dathan Kazsuk: Design Editor- Triangle Business Journal: Email | Facebook | Twitter. It's like a sitcom sent to enlighten you about how the two largest ...

BioShock Infinite's latest 'City in the Sky' trailer reminds us that Columbia is a ...
On the back of Monday's BioShock Infinite trailer that reminded us we don't really know anything about Columbia, today's "City in the Sky" trailer brings us back to the reality at hand -- that, simply put, there's a great game here waiting to be played. City in the ...

PSA: Today Is Final Chance For $40 Windows 8 Upgrade
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 25: The Microsoft Windows 8 logo is displayed following a press conference unveiling the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system on October 25, 2012 in New York City. Windows 8 offers a touch interface in an effort to bridge the ...


Acting like a superhero makes you behave like one in real life
Indian Express
Pretending to be a superhero can make you behave like one in real life, according to a new study. Scientists from Stanford University put volunteers in a virtual reality and gave them an air-based mission where some had the Superman-ability to fly and others ...

Nuclear Test Could Open Window on North Korea
New York Times
WASHINGTON — The world is warning North Korea against going ahead with its third nuclear test, but inside the American intelligence community, some officials are quietly hoping it happens. A test could give them their first real view in years into whether the ...

Ticketmaster Dumping Captcha in Favor of Easier Verification System
Ticketmaster is finally getting rid of its Captcha verification system! In its place will be a simpler process in which people can answer questions with normal phrases like "freezing temperatures" or multiple-choice options instead of hard-to-read gibberish.

Briton finds valuable, rare 'whale vomit'
The Daily Telegraph
A BRITISH man has been offered 50,000 euros ($A65,625) for a strange-smelling rock he found, which may be a rare form of whale vomit used in perfumes. Ken Wilman was walking his dog Madge in the coastal town of Morecambe in northwest England ...

Nintendo makes drastic cut to forecast
Summary: The Japanese games company said it will post an operating loss of US$220 million for the year, instead of a profit of US$220 million in its previous estimate, due to lower-than-expected sales in the year-end sales season and the weaker yen.


Study: Comet Did Not Wipe Out Prehistoric Humans in North America
Cleveland Leader
According to a new study, a massive comet impact did not lead to the end of the prehistoric human culture, known as Clovis, in North America 13,000 years ago. Researchers say that they have gathered evidence that shows that a massive comet never ...

Cleveland Leader

Ridges on Martian Craters Could Hold Fossilized Water
Latinos Post
(Photo : NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) Three-dimensional representation of the ridges in the Nilosyrtis region of Mars. New research has revealed that ridges on the surface of Mars may be the fossilized remains of a web of water. Researchers from ...

Latinos Post

Morning Jolt: Pastor won't tip waitress more than he tithes
Wellsville Daily Reporter
A man who identified himself as a pastor objected to having to automatically tip a waitress 18 percent and left a note on the receipt saying, “I give God 10%. Why do you get 18?” The waitress posted a photo of the receipt on Reddit.com, and the story has ...

Alicia Keys Named Global Creative Director for Blackberry
Looking to light a fire of enthusiasm for their upcoming products, Blackberry named Alicia Keys as their Global Creative Director. The singer will help in the marketing of the company's BlackBerry 10 campaign, which features two phones, a touch screen only...


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