27 January 2013

Google as the New "Think Different"

Is Google the New "Think Different?"
If Google could convert those that use Microsoft Office or Apple iWorks and Apps to doing everything in the cloud with Google Docs, or convert those that use iTunes for media consumption, it can increase its reach to do what Google is able to monetize ...

Former Microsoft executive says CEO Ballmer culls internal rivals to retain power | Reuters: " . . . Kempin charges Ballmer with purposefully ousting any executives with potential to wrest him from the CEO seat, which he has occupied since 2000. He said he saw the process first with Richard Belluzzo, a former Hewlett-Packard executive credited with launching the Xbox game console who rose to chief operating officer at Microsoft but left after only 14 months in the post, in the same year Kempin left. "He (Belluzzo) had no room to breathe on the top. When you work that directly with Ballmer and Ballmer believes 'maybe this guy could someday take over from me', my God, you will have less air to breathe, that's what it comes down to." Microsoft representatives declined comment. . . . Several leading executives, touted by outsiders at one time or another as potential successors to Ballmer, have left the company in the last few years, most recently Windows unit chief Steven Sinofsky, who departed in November. . . ."

Google chairman address the state of North Korean technology, Internet policy
Fox News
Google chairman Eric Schmidt is back from his adventure in North Korea and he's penned a post on his Google+ page detailing the current state of the country's technological capabilities and the way it allows citizens to have limited access to the ...

LG to ramp up production of Google's Nexus 4
Speaking to French technology website Challenges, LG France's director of mobile communications Cathy Robin says that Google misjudged the potential demand for the device. In the interview, Robin says that the supply issues are down to inaccurate sales ...


Sergey Brin tests Google Glass on New York subway
The Guardian
But last week, Sergey Brin, the co-founder with Larry Page of Google, was photographed by Noah Zerkin, who happens to be an enthusiast about augmented reality and wearable computing – which, as it happens, is what Brin was experimenting with down in ...

The Guardian

The Happiness Machine
Slate Magazine
Google fights for potential workers with Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and hordes of startups, so every employee's departure triggers a costly, time-consuming recruiting process. Then there was the happiness problem. Google monitors its employees ...

Slate Magazine

How to get started with Google AdWords
PCWorld (blog)
Simple answer: Start an ad campaign using Google AdWords. AdWords is a daunting and complex system, but it really isn't that difficult to start using. Even with a budget of a dollar a day, the service is worth trying to see if you can generate traffic ...

Google v the French press: how to avoid a lose-lose scenario
The Guardian (blog)
The French Digital Advisory Board — set up by Nicolas Sarkozy and generally business-friendly — estimated last year that Google, Amazon, Apple's iTunes and Facebook had a combined revenue of €2.5bn -€3bn but each paid only €4m on average in ...

The Guardian (blog)

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