14 June 2014

Why More People Aren't Signing Up for Twitter? (video)

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Why Aren't More People Signing Up for Twitter?: Video - Bloomberg: "RBC Capital Markets' Mark Mahaney, Telsey Advisory Group's Thomas Forte and Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman discuss Twitter's stalling growth with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's 'Street Smart.'" (Source: Bloomberg June 12)

Will Facebook users just say no to targeted ads?
Will users be open to sharing even more information with Facebook or will ... ​Facebookhas been able to target ads based on its users' interests for years. ... For Android users, go to Google Settings>Ads>Opt Out of Interest-Based ...

Google Glass moves into the hospital at Beth Israel
Boston Globe
Wearable computers may become routine in the future, but emergency department doctors already use Google Glass spectacles to gain fast, ...

Facebook Lifts Ban on Exposed Nipples in Breastfeeding Pictures
It does not apply to other images of female nipples. It appears Facebook has withdrawn its ban on female nipples in photos of breastfeeding mothers.

Facebook Fends off Patent Claims Over Van Der Meer Site
Facebook Inc. (FB), the world's biggest social network, won a trial in which it was accused of infringing patents for a “Web page diary” invented by a ...

Ex-Microsoft employee who leaked Windows secrets to be deported to Russia
Computerworld - A former Microsoft employee charged in March with leaking Windows updates and software that validates product key codes was ...

Amazon says the Mayday button on its Fire HDX is a hit
Computerworld - Amazon bragged Friday that its Mayday tech support button on the Fire HDX tablet has become the most popular way to get 24/7 ...

Facebook Messenger adds Big Likes and video messages
Log In to CNET; Sign In with Facebook Google Yahoo; Join CNET ... The latestFacebook Messenger update lets you "Like" things even more ... In its latest update,Facebook Messenger allows you to mark your enjoyment ... and apps built into phones such as Apple's iMessage and Samsung's ChatOn.

Apple recalls 'overheating' older European power adapter
An adapter sold with older models of the iPhone could overheat, says Apple, so you can swap it for a redesigned version. by Rich Trenholm.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, Amazon busy in Boston
Boston Globe
With Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., Google's in nearby Mountain View, Apple's inland in Cupertino, and Twitter's up the coast in San ...

Amazon's New Music Streaming Service Not Exactly Ready For 'Prime' Time
Spotify and Beats Music (now a part of the Apple family, as it was part of the over $3 billion deal that was just finally made public) both offer their users ...

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