08 June 2014

Former FCC Chairman on Net Neutrality (Video); Chrome Browser now #1!

Former FCC Chairman Weighs in on Net Neutrality: Video - Bloomberg:
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Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt discusses the debate over the FCC's net neutrality proposal with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg 4 June 2014) (More Net Neutrality news below)

Google unseats Microsoft as the US browser powerhouse
According to the Adobe Digital Index (ADI), a measurement of browser usage based on tracking visits to the average U.S. website, Google's desktop and mobile browsers -- Chrome on both platforms, the aging Android browser on the latter only -- slipped past Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE), which retained its premier position on the desktop but had little to show for its effort on smartphones. ...

Your Google searches may help decide your Facebook ads
Sydney Morning Herald
That's thanks to ad technology created by Facebook ad partner Kenshoo Social. ... newssource covering digital culture, social media and technology.

More Net Neutrality news:

Biz Break: Netflix, Verizon net neutrality battle gets real [San Jose Mercury News :: ]
June 05--Today: Netflix and Verizon publicly beef about broadband speeds and net neutrality. Also: Google gains as browser, mobile search market ...

Viral Video: John Oliver on net neutrality
The Star-Ledger
His meditation on net neutrality Sunday was no exception. A clip from the show, his plea for internet troll-dom to move in the direction of something ...

John Oliver's Hilarious Net Neutrality Piece Speaks the Truth And nothing but.
Slate Magazine
Last Sunday, on John Oliver's new HBO show Last Week Tonight, the former Daily Show fixture introduced net neutrality to millions of Americans in a ...

Netflix, Verizon, and Net Neutrality: the Ongoing Saga
The Mac Observer
Verizon and Netflix Netflix and Verizon are fighting over Verizon's right to throttle traffic, Netflix's right to have its data delivered to customers, and ...

Are Cable Companies Faking the Support for Ending Net Neutrality?
In The Capital
The debate over net neutrality is only getting hotter this summer, with fiery support on both sides, or so it seems. According to a report in Vice however, ...

Q&A: Will the FCC Read My Net Neutrality Comment?
Wall Street Journal (blog)
The FCC is currently taking comments on what's become known as net neutrality, amassing more than 60,000 at last count. The proposal would ban ...

Public Piles on Net Neutrality Debate
Black Press USA
Non-profit organizers and community members in New Mexico demonstrate for net neutrality. Photo by Matt Stoller, under Creative Commons license.

Here are all the shady 'consumer groups' trying to convince you net neutrality is bad
Take Broadband for America, for instance, the anti-net neutrality organization whose public faces are former Republican Senator John Sununu and ...

After John Oliver's net neutrality rant: 22000 comments and site overload
Christian Science Monitor
After John Oliver's net neutrality rant: 22,000 comments and site overload. About video ads. Most viewed. Stephen Colbert has some choice words for ...

Consumers oppose effort to wreck net neutrality
Times of India
NEW DELHI: A recent proposal by telecom operators, seeking to monetize internet services on mobiles, has set off alarm bells among open internet ...

Cable companies are reportedly funding fake consumer groups to attack net neutrality - Engadget
By Daniel Cooper
The public wants net neutrality so badly that it broke the FCC's website. But can the weighty voice of the people combat well-funded astroturfing?
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