02 June 2014

Google To Comply With EU Privacy Ruling (video)

Google Moves to Comply With EU Privacy Ruling: Video - Bloomberg:
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Google is moving to comply with a recent European Union court ruling that backs the right of citizens to be forgotten online. Caroline Hyde has more on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg May 30)

HP announces new Chromebook and 14-inch Android laptop | The Verge: "Inside it comes with the Chromebook standard 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM, which indicates the performance of the Chromebook PC won't be much improved over last year's Chromebook 11. HP is listing battery life at 6.25 hours, which is a bit less than we've seen from Chromebooks offered by Dell or Acer."

Should I get a Chromebook for a college student? | The Tech Guy"Jay wants to know if a Chromebook is a good option for kids. Leo says absolutely. Great for school work because Google docs is all online. ...Chromebooks are getting better and better, though. We are now doing a lot of things online, and there are Chrome extensions for almost everything. But what about iTunes? Leo says he can upload everything to Google Music and then just stream from the Chrome browser. The new Chromebook 2's will be coming out soon and they're very nice. Leo says that Chromebooks are great for education. They're secure and if something goes wrong, it's easy to "powerwash" it, which restores it back to factory settings."

Myths | The Big Picture:Myths | The Big Picture:  MYTH -"Sound quality counts. If it did, no one would be wearing the execrable Beats headphones. They sell because they’re a fashion item. This is what is scary about Apple buying Beats. Sure, Apple products always looked cool, but they were also the best, that’s why the company often charged more. But by aligning with a laughable enterprise built on momentary hype they’re squandering brand equity just like Sony, which continued to charge premium prices for me-too products. If you don’t know who you are, how do you plan to succeed in the future? Apple doesn’t have to invent everything, but they ultimately have to do it better than everybody else. So they’re selling mediocre, overpriced headphones and a me-too streaming service that has problems scaling and it shows that the company is creatively bankrupt. Steve Jobs was all about breakthroughs, where’s the breakthrough here?"

WWDC 2014 Roundup: Enhanced iOS 8, redesigned OS X 10.10, new hardware (plus fresh details) | 9to5Mac: " . . . on Monday, June 2nd, Apple will make major announcements that will indicate the immediate future of its two major platforms: iOS and OS X. The Cupertino company will share details behind the changes in iOS 8, a redesigned Mac operating system, and perhaps even new hardware...."

Registry hack enables continued updates for Windows XP | ZDNet: "A single registry setting makes Windows Update think your XP system is Windows XP POSReady, which will receive updates for another five years...."

Google Stars Extension for Chrome Leaks: Hands On: "We’ve known for a while now that Google is testing a new favoriting service called Google Stars, aimed at helping users save, share, and organize Web content. This is largely due to multiple leaks, detailing features as well as showing off the interface in a video and screenshots. Today, Google+ user Florian Kiersch, who has done the majority of the digging behind the service, has leaked the Google Stars extension for Google Chrome...."

Powered by Pano, focused on gaming: Google to announce Android TV at Google I/O in June — Tech News and Analysis:  [Google tasted] "a success when it launched its Chromecast streaming stick last summer. Google still hasn’t provided any concrete numbers, but executives have said that the company has sold millions of Chromecasts, which is significantly more than Google TV’s hardware partners ever sold. Chromecast also has support from most major, and a growing number of smaller content publishers, and Google has said that it wants to get consumer electronics manufacturers to add cast capabilities to their own devices in the near future...."

Apple Monitors for Health and Home
New York Times
SAN FRANCISCO — Apple is unlikely to introduce new devices this week, ... Google's acquisition of Nest, the smart-appliance maker, for $3.2 billion ...

Apple's iPad Share Loss Not A Game Changer
Apple saw a slight decline in its tablet market share from 33.8% in the ... Microsoft should increase its share due to its ties to corporations but if the ...

Apple's Beats Buy Is Two-Sided for Music Streaming
Top Tech News
Apple's $3 billion purchase of headphone maker and streaming music company Beats Electronics sheds light on a rarely recognized reality in the ...

Amazon delays book about CEO Bezos
The feud between Amazon and the book publisher Hachette is dragging on, ... If you want to buy their books on Amazon (AMZN), expect big delays.

Google inundated with 'right to be forgotten' requests
Atlanta Journal Constitution
In just the first 24 hours claims could be filed, RT reports Google received 12,000 ... At this point, Google says Germans have filed the most requests. It comes after the EU's highest court ruled search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo must allow people to have the "right to be ... Trending on Facebook.

Google Glass Enters the Operating Room
New York Times (blog)
Dr. Christopher Kaeding, a surgeon at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, Matthew Craig for The New York TimesDr. Christopher ...

Google Glasses: 'They Make Me Feel Powerful'
Harvard Business School released a case study on Google Google Glass. ... MaybeFacebook or Tesla may have extra developers around, but most ... Apple made a quantum leap in technology when it essentially crammed the Mac ...

Report: Google Readying Android TV Debut for Late June
PC Magazine
While the core differences between the company's Google TV efforts and its ... That, or you could just check out Amazon's Fire TV — Pano is said to ...

Apple, Inc's WWDC is all about the D: Developers
Apple Insider
Editorial By Daniel Eran Dilger. Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference is the longest running developer confab in existence, dating back to 1986.

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