06 June 2014

China Declares War on Microsoft Windows 8

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As if Microsoft Windows 8 was not already a #FAIL everywhere, China has now decided the OS is "No Go" - China Declares a New Foe: Windows 8 - WSJ: "Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 8 operating system was criticized by China's CCTV on Wednesday. Microsoft was accused of having weak security protections, as well as colluding with the U.S. government to cyberspy."

Looks like T-Mobile may make a $1B or more off of Sprint if Regulators don't approve this:
T-Mobile and Sprint Near Deal for a $32 Billion Merger - NYTimes.com: "...the two sides have settled on the terms of a $32 billion deal that is likely to be announced this summer, people briefed on the matter said on Wednesday. Under the terms of the deal, which are still preliminary, Sprint would acquire T-Mobile for about $40 a share in cash and stock, a 17 percent premium to Wednesday’s price...."

Why TV Has Rapidly Moved Away From The Traditional Screen
Business Insider: "Much of this growth probably stems from the wealth of content migrating to streaming: More and more networks are caving in and offering up their content for streaming. And there's good news for those networks: Adobe found that TV streamers are becoming more engaged with their content, which means they make better customers for an advertising-driven business." more info:

What WWDC Says About Apple's New Products - Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) | Seeking Alpha"No new hardware was unveiled at WWDC. Information about iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite does point to new products such as iWatch and Apple TV and helps define their characteristics. When eventually announced this Fall, I expect these products to positively impact Apple's share price, despite having relatively small impact on revenue."

Android 4.4.3 rolls out to Google, Motorola devices - CNET"The latest KitKat update doesn't offer any major new features but does carry with it an improved dialer with a new interface and new colors designed to be more user-friendly, according to Motorola. The main goal behind the update, though, is to deliver bug fixes, security patches, and overall stability improvements. One major fix aims to resolve the battery drain that occurs as a result of camera use."

Google Looks To Expand Its Addressable Market Size With Satellite Launch - Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) | Seeking Alpha: "Google Inc. plans to spend $1 billion on the launch of satellites to provide internet access to under-served regions of the globe. Over the past few quarters, Google’s revenues have grown at a slower pace. Much of it can be attributed to the pricing pressure on the cost of ads and a slower growth in search queries across the internet. If Google were to succeed and the number of internet users were to increase to 4.5 billion in the next five years, the total addressable market double in size, and the sale of PCs and smart connected devices across underserved regions would also increase."

Google Previews Gmail Encryption
Google on Tuesday introduced software called End-to-End to encrypt Gmail messages in transit and simultaneously published data about encryption ...

Aereo TV Streaming Comes to Google Chromecast
Tom's Guide
Internet television streaming service Aereo has finally landed on Google's Chromecast. The app, which received an update Thursday enabling Chromecast support, allows users to stream live television broadcasts through Google's $35 HDMI dongle without ...

Amazon might unveil 3D smartphone on June 18
Tech Times
Could we be doing our mobile computing in three dimensions soon? Amazon might be launching the first 3D smartphone that doesn't require the use of glasses. (Photo : Robert Scoble). Amazon is slated to launch a new device that it hopes will disrupt the ...

Google 7-inch 3D-mapping Project Tango Tablet Development Kit announced ...
Tech Times
Google has officially announced its Project Tango Tablet Development Kit and is allowing developers to sign up to be notified when the device is available. It's priced at $1,024 and is intended for developers. (Photo : Google / Tech Times). Google has ...

OpenSSL bug allows hackers to see private communication
The world hasn't yet recovered from the Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL and now there's news of a new bug affecting the popular open-source security package. This recently announced, and already patched, exploit could allow an attacker to see and ...

Netflix Brushes Off Legal Threat From Verizon
Wall Street Journal
Verizon General Counsel Randal Milch sent Netflix a cease-and-desist letter Thursday, after the streaming-video company posted blunt messages on subscribers' computer screens blaming Verizon when certain shows stalled out. "The Verizon network is ...

Traces of another world found on the Moon
BBC News
Researchers have found evidence of the world that crashed into the Earth billions of years ago to form the Moon. Analysis of lunar rock brought back by Apollo astronauts shows traces of the "planet" called Theia. The researchers claim that their discovery ...

This Harvard University Library Book Is Bound in Human Skin
A book bound in human skin sits in one of Harvard University's libraries, experts at the school said this week. Scientists tested the 19th-century book Des destine├ęs de l'ame and concluded that they were “99.9% confident” that the binding comes from a ...

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