13 June 2014

Amazon Prime Music; NTT Asia E-Commerce (video)

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How NTT Plans to Succeed in Asia's E-Commerce Space: Video - Bloomberg: "Tyrone Lynch, vice president of eBusiness at NTT Com Asia Limited, discusses the company's new e-commerce offering and the future of mobile payment systems in Asia with John Dawson on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move Asia." (Source: Bloomberg, June 5, 2014)"

Amazon Launches Music Service, Adds Another Element to Prime: "The ecommerce company has introduced a music element to Prime, adding to the video and literary media offerings of the subscription service. Starting Thursday, Prime members will have access to Amazon's music service at no extra cost. Prime Music, as Amazon is calling the service, will provide many of the same options as streaming services like Spotify or Beats. Users can stream an unlimited amount of music with no advertisements, play any song on demand as many times as desired and download any tracks that are available on the service."

Can this Chinese phone giant make it in America? | The Verge: "...Despite this brand unawareness in the US, Huawei is ranked as the world’s third-largest smartphone maker, right behind Samsung and Apple. It shipped a staggering 48.8 million phones in 2013, putting more well-known brands such as HTC and Motorola to shame. Now the company is launching its first real effort at building its brand in America, and it’s starting with the Ascend Mate2...."

Google In Talks To Take Virgin Galactic Stake: "...The first will see Google inject hundreds of millions of dollars into a joint venture, with Virgin Galactic folding in the technology it has developed as part of its efforts to build the world’s first space tourism business. The second component will involve Google spending roughly $30m (£17.8m) in return for a small stake in the Virgin Galactic holding company...."

Google Introduces “Google My Business,” A New One-Stop Shop To Help Business Get Found Online | TechCrunch: "Google announced a suite of tools this morning for business owners, offering them a one-stop shop to update their business information, add photos, read reviews and, of course, use Google+. The service, called “Google My Business,” seems to be aimed at those who have yet to figure out how to “get on Google” so to speak; in fact, there’s a button that even uses that same expression...."

Digital Summit: Facebook Slashes App Data Use in an Effort to Win Developing World | MIT Technology Review: "....“There are three or four billion folks out there that walk around in a 2G or 3G area but may not have devices or economic standing, or don’t think the Internet is valuable to them,” said Parikh. Making apps more economical with data is one thing that could help such people, he said. Another is changing how mobile carriers meter and charge for data use. “We’re working with carriers to rethink how they price and offer data plans,” said Parikh."

Three Reasons Google Might Be Serious About The Grid: ".... The company employs Arun Majumdar, a former UC Berkeley professor and director of ARPA-E. Majumdar, who heads up the new group, is also world-recognized expert on waste heat, the kind of heat dissipated by servers and storage systems that with the proper technology can be reconverted into marketable energy...."

The Evolving Threat of Amplification DDoS Attacks | Between the Dots: ".... An amplification attack is a two-part DDoS attack that generally uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP).  An attacker first sends a large number of small requests to unsuspecting third-party servers on the Internet.  The attacker crafts these requests to result in large responses, but they are otherwise normal except that their source addresses are rewritten (spoofed) so they appear to have come from the victim instead of the attacker.  When all the third-party servers send their large responses to the victim, the resulting amount of traffic is much more than the attacker could have generated alone. These attacks often overwhelm the resources of the victim, as attacks in the hundreds of Gbps are possible using this method...."

Contextuality puts the 'magic' in quantum computing
Science Codex
A new theoretical advance explains where the power of quantum computation comes from, and will help researchers design and build better computers and algorithms. The strange properties of quantum mechanics give quantum computers the potential to ...

Cloud Technology, in Translation
New York Times (blog)
An inside look at how technology is remaking an industry, lowering costs for some and handing even more influence to a handful of powerful companies. A Glossary of Terms. WØØt!: Hurray! Migration: Moving data and computing resources from one set of ...

NASA challenge tests autonomous robots
Computerworld - This week robots with no human handler will be making their way through a field, searching for hockey pucks, blue rocks, wooden cubes and the like. The robots won't even know what some of the objects are. The search effort is part of the ...

Russia to quit International Space Station by 2020
Daily Digest
NASA began sending a call out this week for a 'research push' after Russia's deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced that Moscow will decline a U.S. proposal to extend International Space Station operations from 2020 to 2024. His statement came ...

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