18 June 2014

Managing Your Digital Past (video); Bitcoin 51% attack

Managing Your Digital Past: Video - Bloomberg:
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Open Rights Group Executive Director Jim Killock discusses the debate between people’s “right to be forgotten” online and the right to view an uncensored web after the EU’s top court ruled that people can ask search-engine owners to remove personal information. He speaks to Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg June 12)

What is a 51 percent attack and why is it a threat to Bitcoin's future? - Everything you need to know about bitcoin - Vox: "... So long as computing power is decentralized, no one can tamper with the blockchain. If someone tries to alter a block that has already been accepted by the network, that person's change will be "shouted down" by the majority of miners who have already accepted the block as an official part of the blockchain. But that could change if someone gained control of a majority of the network's computing power. This is known in the Bitcoin community as a 51 percent attack. And that has become an increasingly serious concern in recent months. Miners have organized themselves into pools that work together and share the proceeds of their efforts. And in June 2014, a mining pool called GHash gained slightly more than 50 percent of the network's computing power...."

YouTube to block indie labels who don't sign up to new music service | Technology | theguardian.com: "...The company's head of content and business operations, Robert Kyncl, told the Financial Times that the service – previously rumoured to be called YouTube Music Pass – will launch more widely later in the year. His confirmation that YouTube will block videos from labels that do not sign licensing deals for the new premium tier will be hugely controversial among indie labels, with trade body WIN already filing a complaint to the European Commission about its negotiating strategy...."

Wireline isn't the only net neutrality fight you should care about

U.S. regulators are apparently considering whether to take a fresh look at wireless and wireline networks and whether to apply the same net neutrality rules to both fixed and wireless Internet traffic, Reuters writes. These two types of Internet providers offer ...

Three things you need to know about the phone Amazon is...
The Verge
The Amazon phone is coming. Finally. At least that's what the company is very likely to announce at a big press event this Wednesday. Amazon has long been rumored to be working on a smartphone follow up to its line of Kindle Fire tablets, and all signs are ...

Google Adds Step-By-Step Instructions to Search Results: "Google got a little smarter once again this week. Now, if you search for something that Google knows has a step-by-step answer, it will give those steps to you above the search results.P For example, if you search gmail export contacts, Google will give you step-by-step instructions for exporting your address book. It works for non-Google stuff, too...."

Facebook takes another shot at Snapchat with Slingshot
SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook hopes its new Slingshot app will get people talking. The widely anticipated mobile app is being released today in the ...

Amazon Phone Looks To Be AT&T Exclusive
Back in 2007, AT&T was the sole carrier to offer Apple's iPhone. ... carrier to sell theFacebook phone (HTC First), among other firsts and exclusives.

Microsoft Embraces Open With IE Developer Channel
Microsoft on Monday launched Internet Explorer Developer Channel, ... IE Developer Channel could help by shifting Microsoft's Web efforts toward the ... rapid-release models favored by competitors such as Mozilla and Google. .... Apple just held WWDC, where the theme of the day was more open ...

Google Faces Fresh Antitrust Complaint in Europe
Wall Street Journal
Android commands 81% of the mobile market.... 

Sales of Nest smoke detector resume at lower price
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google's Nest Labs is resuming sales and lowering the price of a high-tech smoke detector that was pulled from the market after malfunctioning. The new price for the detector, called "Nest Protect," will be $99 when sales resume ...

British spies track Facebook, Google use
San Jose Mercury News
LONDON -- The U.K.'s electronic spy agency is legally allowed to track the online activities of millions of Britons who use U.S.-based platforms such as ...

Microsoft Office For iPad Vs. iWork Vs. Google
We compare the free alternatives from Apple and Google. ... More than a year beforeMicrosoft released Office for iPad, many critics had already ...

Microsoft Brings Predictive Analysis To Azure
Microsoft isn't synonymous with advanced analytics, like SAS and IBM SPSS, but it announced Monday that it hopes to take predictive analysis ...

Jill Lepore: What the Theory of “Disruptive Innovation” Gets Wrong : The New Yorker: "Disruptive innovation is a theory about why businesses fail. It’s not more than that. It doesn’t explain change. It’s not a law of nature. It’s an artifact of history, an idea, forged in time; it’s the manufacture of a moment of upsetting and edgy uncertainty. Transfixed by change, it’s blind to continuity. It makes a very poor prophet."
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