20 June 2014

Who Is Going to Buy the Amazon Fire Smartphone? (video)

Is Anyone Going to Buy Amazon’s New Smartphone?: Video - Bloomberg:
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Bloomberg’s John Butler and Emily Chang discuss the new Amazon Fire and the smartphone wars. They speak on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg-June 19)

T-Mobile Just Did What Amazon's Fire Phone Could Have Done - Businessweek"...Starting June 23, people can go to a T-Mobile store and pick up an iPhone 5S to test free on the T-Mobile network for a week. The way phone companies talk about network performance makes it practically impossible for normal people to know how good their service will be, so handing out free trials might be the best way for T-Mobile to persuade people that things have changed...."

What Amazon’s Fire Phone Means for Apple - MoneyBeat - WSJ"...“History has proven that entering the mobile device market is tough,” Mr. White says. “In our view, today’s announcement represents another attempt by Internet-related players to compete in the mobile device world. These initiatives have left Apple unscathed in recent years.”..."

Chinese Android smartphone comes with malware pre-installed: "A German security firm is reporting that an Android smartphone manufactured in China is shipping with malware pre-installed on it. The Star N9500 smartphone, which can be easily found available for sale via outlets like Amazon and eBay for relatively cheap prices, is said by researchers at G Data to be infected with the Uupay.D Trojan horse, posing as a version of the Google Play Store app...."

Google Nexus 6 Will Not Be Made by Us: LG Executive | NDTV Gadgets"The latest reports indicate that LG might not be the manufacturer Google contracts to create its next Nexus smartphone, thought to be called the Nexus 6. As recently as last month, a report had indicated the next Nexus handset would be based on the recently launched LG G3, but now according to an LG executive quoted in an interview, this might not be the case...."

On T-Mobile, you can now stream music without hurting your data plan: "Streaming music on your phone would be fantastic -- if it weren't for all those pesky data caps. T-Mobile's latest UnCarrier move addresses this particular pain point: Starting today, you'll be able to listen to all of your favorite jams on popular streaming music services without it counting against your data plan. The catch? It's limited to a few of the most popular offerings, such as Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Radio, iHeartRadio, Slacker, Rhapsody and Samsung's Milk Music...."

Microsoft Reveals Office 365 Public Roadmap
Microsoft unveils its Office 365 roadmap and First Release program to create a closer, more open ... Microsoft Office For iPad Vs. iWork Vs. Google.

Facebook goes down across multiple countries
SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook suffered its longest and largest outage in years on Thursday, disconnecting millions of users around the globe.

Amazon And Samsung Are Locked In A Battle Against Google
The key to these online stores is simplicity, and here Amazon might even be able to beat Apple and Google, because it has perfected the fast ...

Quantum Computing Researchers Tap Test & Measurement Tools
EE Times
It should come as a surprise that the snoops at the US National Security Agency are running an $80 million research program with the aim of developing a quantum computer capable of breaking traditional encryption schemes. While quantum computing is ...

Harley-Davidson Might Be Making An Electric Motorcycle
A mysterious video released on Harley-Davidson's YouTube channel today shows a much quieter motorcycle zooming down Route 66, fueling speculation that this bike is electric. Harley fans were already suspicious after the folks at Visor Down leaked of one ...

Amazon's Five-Inch Selling Machine
New Yorker (blog)
The world's first call from a handheld cell phone, or at least the first one ever announced, was placed, in 1973, by a Motorola executive named Marty Cooper to a rival at Bell Labs. Standing on Manhattan's Sixth Avenue, he used a grayish-beige Motorola ...

BlackBerry phones to get Amazon Appstore for Android
Though the company once courted game developers, BlackBerry is now shifting its focus away from improving its own app development ecosystem in favor of a readymade solution to its problems. Starting this fall, The Wall Street Journal reports, phones ...

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