09 June 2014

Sprint, T-Mobile Merger (video), T-Mobile’s Legere CEO?

Sprint, T-Mobile Near Accord on Price, Breakup Fee: Video - Bloomberg:
Sprint is nearing an agreement on the price, capital structure and termination fee of an acquisition for T-Mobile US that could value the wireless carrier at almost $40 a share, people with knowledge of the matter said. Alex Sherman has more on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg 4 June 2014)

T-Mobile’s Legere Said Likely CEO After Sprint Merger - Bloomberg: "... Handed the smallest U.S. wireless carrier in 2012 after a failed sale to AT&T, Legere set out toward one main goal: gaining customers.  After rolling out the un-carrier strategy in March of last year, T-Mobile has introduced phone financing that separates the cost of the phone from the service charge and breaks phone payments up over monthly installments. This freed T-Mobile from having to sell phones at steep discounts and let customers get new smartphones without signing two-year commitments. “We laughed at un-carrier when if first came out,” Chaplin said. “Now it looks like consumers love it. I think the brand resonates well with people.” In what was probably the biggest challenge leveled at its larger rivals, T-Mobile offered to reimburse the early termination penalties for customers who break their contracts and switch to T-Mobile...."

Patent troll on the verge of winning 1 percent of iPhone revenue | Ars Technica: "In 2012, Apple won the year's biggest patent verdict—more than $1 billion against Samsung. The company also lost one of that year's biggest cases when an East Texas jury ordered it to pay $368 million to a company named VirnetX for infringing patents related to FaceTime and VPN On Demand functions used in iPhones, iPads, and Macs. VirnetX is a company some call a "patent troll" because its only business is now patent enforcement. Then, in March, US District Judge Leonard Davis ordered (PDF) an ongoing royalty to be paid to VirnetX. The number was downright stunning: 0.98 percent of revenue from iPhones and iPads sold in the US...."

An Author Talks Back to Amazon
Daily Beast
David Shafer awaited the publication of his first novel. Then Amazon went to war with Shafer's publisher—or were they, gulp, really after Shafer all ...

Google search results may indicate 'right to be forgotten' censorship
The Guardian
Google may include an alert on search results pages to indicate legally ... Google is planning to flag up search results it has censored following a ...

Facebook COO's first India visit to focus on SMEs, developers
Hindustan Times
India is the largest market for Facebook outside the US, with over 100 million ... Sandberg, who was with Google before joining Facebook in 2008, has ...

Google internship in Silicon Valley offers perks, pay and respect
CTV News
Also on the list: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, eBay, Google and Apple, all of which pay more than $5,000 a month, or $60,000 annually if these were ...

Apple pitch to programmers shows rising threat from Google
Apple CEO Tim Cook highlights the number of weekly visitors to the App store ... and others such as Facebook have rolled out tools to cater to developers. ... Microsoft found that in the 1980s and 1990s when many programmers ...

Apple serves up taste of the future
Irish Independent
But now it's taking a big stride with iCloud Drive and Airdrop, which do lots of what Dropbox and Google Drive does. In other words, you can create ...

Google Now Update Can Trigger Alarm When You're Near Your Transit Stop
PC Magazine
Assuming Google knows you're on public transportation, you'll never miss ... Well, Google seems to have noticed this problem that late-night partiers ...

Google 3D Tablet Coming Soon
Google on Thursday revealed that is working on a tablet computer with 3D and ... Amazon invited people to request invitations at website ... known for selling its tablets at low profit margins to compete with Google and Apple and ...

Google is as Google Does
Google and Facebook have both had to become masters of this in order to maximize ...Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon, to a lesser extent, also have to do this for those ...Apple, Google, Microsoft: Where does the money come from?

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