24 June 2014

Video Games Are Mainstream, Getting Better (video)

Tretton: Video Games Are Mainstream, Getting Better: Video - Bloomberg:
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John Vignocchi, executive producer of Disney Infinity, and Jack Tretton, former CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, talk with Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman about trends at this years E3 conference, Disney Infinity, virtual reality and the future of gaming. (Source: Bloomberg June 12)

Google's states of play
Google is a Washington powerhouse that shapes federal law, rewards congressional allies and boasts a new 54,000-square-foot office, just down the ...

Google I/O 2014: What to expect as Google increases its focus on 'connected' tech
PCWorld (blog)
Google needs an answer to Microsoft's DirectX 12 and Apple's Metal—that is, a lower-level graphics programming language that allows more efficient ...

Facebook Hastens the Era of Open Source Hardware
If necessity is the mother of invention, then the need for cheap, efficient, compact servers and network equipment has made Facebook an innovator of ...

Yahoo aims to be a mobile company
Facebook is on top of the world of mobile advertising, but analysts say that Yahoo is positioned to stay competitive in this rapidly growing world.

Apple, Google, Samsung vie to bring health apps to wearables
Chicago Tribune
Apple Inc , Samsung Electronics Co and Google Inc , searching for applications that could turn nascent wearable technology like smartwatches and ...

Microsoft Previews All-Cloud Azure Disaster Recovery Service
Microsoft is setting out to erase any lingering doubts about cloud-based disaster recovery with a preview of Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to Azure.

Facebook widens tracking for advertisers
New Zealand Herald
If you use Facebook, the specific ads you see have been based mostly on what ...Google, Facebook and Yahoo - among the largest hubs for online ...

Facebook takes a shot at picture messaging with Snapchat-like app
Columbus Dispatch
Availability: Slingshot, which Facebook officially released last week, works with Apple and Android devices. A Facebook account isn't required.

Titan sprouts 'Magic Island', say astroboffins
Astroboffins monitoring Titan have spotted something new that hints at how the moon's weather works. The folks behind the discovery have named the new feature a “magic island”, because nobody knows what it is or why it appeared. The discovery is ...

Emperor penguins could survive global warming, study indicates
The flightless fowls don't actually breed in the same place every year, scientists found to their surprise: They will move if they have to. By Ruth Schuster | Jun. 23, 2014 | 9:23 AM. Tweet. Emperor penguin (AP). An Emperor penguin that got lost and wound up ...

European Space Agency—The Earth's Changing Fields Of Magnetism (Satellite)
SatNews Publishers
[SatNews] The first set of high-resolution results from ESA's three-satellite Swarm constellation reveals the most recent changes in the magnetic field that protects our planet. Magnetic field changes. Image courtesy of ESA. Launched in November 2013, ...

Scientists reveal secrets of Higgs Boson particle
New Zealand Herald
Scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider have discovered more information about the Higgs Boson particle. Photo / CERN. Physicists say they have learned more about the identity of the Higgs Boson, the elusive particle whose ground-breaking ...
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