25 June 2014

Google I/O Starts Today; Oracle Spending Its Way Out of Major Errors (video)

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Oracle Spending Its Way Out of Major Errors (video above)
FBR Capital Markets Senior Analyst Daniel Ives discuss Oracle to buy Micros for 5.3 billion dollars with Trish Regan on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg, June 23)

GOOGLE I/O Starts Today with LIVE Streaming from Moscone Center, San Francisco, starting at 9:00 AM PDT

expVC | expvc.com | domain name news: Google LIVE Presentation Wednesday on New gTLD Domain Names: "Google presentation on New gTLDs -- Who Cares About New Domain Names? --streamed LIVE* from Google I/O in San Francisco: Wednesday, June 25 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM (Pacific Time US)...."

Broken promises: Verizon, Google, and the Chromebook data debacle | Computerworld Blogs: "... Verizon is telling customers that as far as it's concerned, the plans were valid only for one year -- and that's why those initiated last spring are now expiring. I called the carrier's customer service line and, after holding for 15 minutes and then talking in circles to an agent for another 10, was able to get through to a supervisor. That person politely told me he wasn't aware of any two-year commitment and that -- despite my pointing out official documentation to the contrary -- there was nothing he could do to help me.... "

How Marissa Mayer Fell Asleep and Kept Ad Executives Waiting For Hours - CMO Today - WSJ: ".... Interpublic Group arranged a private dinner at the swanky L’Oasis for Ms. Mayer to meet executives from marketers such as Mondelez International, brewer MillerCoors and Greek yogurt maker Chobani. It was supposed to be a chance for Interpublic and some of its clients to get a first hand update from Ms. Mayer on what Yahoo has to offer. But Ms. Mayer was nearly two hours late, and several dinner attendees including  IPG Chief Executive Michael Roth ended up leaving before she arrived, people familiar with the matter said. Ms. Mayer told some attendees that she had fallen asleep, some of the people said. “If it were an investor meeting, a board meeting or a potential acquisition, I am sure she or someone from her team would have woken her up,” said one top executive in attendance.  “It is another instance where she demonstrated that she doesn’t understand the value of clients, ad revenue or agencies,” the person added. A Yahoo spokeswoman declined to comment...."

Google says voice search now supports Indian dialect
Times of India
NEW DELHI: Google on Tuesday said that now its voice search supports ... As Microsoft,Apple and Google battle in the smartphone market, a virtual ...

Microsoft's 'First' Android Phone Aims Low
The X2 doesn't use any Google services and instead uses Microsoft's. That means no Gmail and no Google Drive. In their place you'll find ...

Google I/O: Pressure Is On
Amazon, Apple, and Samsung all made moves this month to neutralize ... Here are four things the Internet titan should do at Google I/O this week to fight ... search engine from long-time rival Microsoft, to power Spotlight, the built-in ....

Microsoft to double OneDrive free space, slash extra storage prices up to 73%
Computerworld - Microsoft today announced it would double OneDrive's free storage space for ... (Data: Amazon, Apple, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft.).

Microsoft $650 Macbook Air Trade-In: Fine Print
But it appears especially interested in Apple customers who might be getting ... even in light of the price war among Google, Amazon, and Rackspace.

Amazon, Warner Bros. Near Resolution on Pricing Dispute
Wall Street Journal
Preorders of Warner DVD and Blu-ray releases like '300: Rise of an Empire' are being offered on Amazon.com again. Pictured, Sullivan Stapleton in ...

Apple's Big IPhones Said to Start Production Next Month
June 24 (Bloomberg) -- Apple suppliers in China will begin mass ... 40 percent of mobile gadgets based on Google Inc.'s Android operating ... Last year, the smartphone produced $91 billion in revenue alone, more than the total sales of Oracle Corp., Yahoo! Inc.,Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. combined.

Amazon's Fire Phone May Be Too Magical for Its Own Good
After several years of rumors, Amazon finally announced the launch of its very ... In a landscape dominated by Apple, Samsung, Google, and other ...

Google Glass with designer frames go on sale on fashion websites
Los Angeles Times
Designer Diane von Furstenberg and Google designer Isabelle Olsson ... Two years after she brought Google Glass to the New York Fashion week ...

Google Begins Testing Domain Registrations - The Next Web
By Josh Ong
Google today revealed that it is building a domain registration service called GoogleDomains. ...
The Next Web

​Google wants to sell you your next domain name
By Sean Buckley
Right now, it's possible to buy a domain name using Google services. You can start the process on Google's own pages, process the transaction ...
Engadget RSS Feed

Today's Google doodle knows we're watching the World Cup at work - SBNation.com
By Michael Katz
Google knows we are watching the World Cup at work. ... Like SBNation.com Facebook. One more thing Google knows about us. Doodle_medium ...
SBNation.com - StoryStream™ Headlines

Google Gives Employee Week Off at Daughter's Request | NBC Bay Area
A Google employee is getting a week off of work to enjoy his birthday, thanks to a letter his daughter wrote to his boss.
NBC Bay Area - Top Stories

Daily Report: Microsoft Sees Quantum Computing as Technology's Next Frontier - NYTimes.com
Now a group of physicists and computer scientists funded by Microsoft is trying to take the ... Re/code | Bill Maris, the man behind Google Ventures, wants to redefine Silicon Valley economics. ... Tim Cook, Making Apple His Own; 3.
NYT Bits

German Publishing Association Files Complaint Accusing Amazon Of Antitrust Violation...
By Ashlee Kieler
Tensions between Amazon and German book publishers reached new ... Over the past several months, Amazon and book publishers in Germany and ... DOJ Proposal: Apple Must Let Amazon…

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