30 May 2014

Tech News: Apps Kill Your Battery; Internet Trends 2014 (slides)

KPCB Internet trends 2014 (Mary Meeker) slides from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers - internet users growth slows; increasing share to mobile devices 

Mary Meeker: Mobile devices equal big data devices | Mobile technology - InfoWorld: "First, the basics: Overall, Internet usage continues to grow -- 2.6 billion users as of the end of 2013 -- but its growth rate has started to flatten, and much of the growth is in markets that Meeker describes as "more difficult to monetize," such as India, Indonesia, and Nigeria. Most of that Internet usage is shifting to mobile devices, with the lion's share of engagement taking place on smartphones rather than tablets despite the latter's booming sales. Even there, it's starting to level off: Smartphone subscriber growth is flattening, with the majority of growth taking place in what Meeker calls "underpenetrated markets" like China and Brazil...."

Apps KILL your Battery --
New Study Shows that Free Apps Are Killing Your Battery | TIME.com: ...A new study conducted by researchers at Purdue University found that 65% to 75% of the energy used by free apps is committed to user tracking, downloading ads and uploading user information. That means only 25% to %35 of the energy is used for performing tasks like, you know, actually running the app’s core function....

Apple WWDC 2014: 9 Things To Expect
It's true that the annual developers event, much like Google I/O in late June, is more than tutorials, handshakes, and hangovers. It's a global stage ...

Apple buying Beats for $3 billion
Apple is officially buying Beats for $3 billion, just shy of the rumored price leaked a few weeks ago, the companies announced Wednesday.

Google's Self-Driving Cars Have No Steering Wheel
Google hopes to get its self-driving cars ready for public deployment by 2018. And though reality and politics might push the date back, the company is ...

Microsoft's Nadella: We're In 'Post-Post' PC Era
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella introduces Skype Translator, says we've entered a "post-post" digital world in which personalized experiences instead of ...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's Collaboration Game: Can He Drive Innovation Growth?
Microsoft helped usher-out carbon paper, typewriters, adding machines, ... of computing – a coveted spot now held by competitors like Apple and Google? ... has gained ground recently but lacks the buzz and momentum of Google. ... This is where Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has stumbled badly in her ...

Microsoft shoots to shorten Internet Explorer's long tail
Computerworld - Microsoft today spelled out priorities for its Internet ... Other browser makers -- Apple, Google and Mozilla -- have larger portions of ...

Apple device hijacking spreads to US as Aussies urged to change passwords
The Age
Apple device owners who have iCloud accounts are being told to change their passwords by Australian authorities in the wake of a hijacking attack ...

Google Glass will not succeed: FitBit designer Gadi Amit
Sydney Morning Herald
Google Glass will not be a commercial success, according to Gadi Amit, who designed one of the world's most popular wearable technology gadgets.

Egyptian democracy activist Wael Ghonim joins Google Ventures - Fortune Tech
By Miguel Helft, senior writer
After an extended sabbatical from Google, Ghonim, who is 33, began ... at The New York Times covering companies like Apple, Facebook and Google. ... he has chronicled major industry events -- from the Microsoft antitrust trial to ...
Fortune Tech: Technology blogs,...

Facebook Ad Targeting and it's Opportunities — Amy Porterfield
By Amy
On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, I discussed Facebook ad targeting with Rick Mulready....
Amy Porterfield

Apple buys Beats and plans home control system to rival Nest - Dezeen
By Anna Winston
Tech giant Apple has bought Dr Dre's Beats headphone company for $3 ... It is being viewed as a rival to Google's Nest – the home climate system ...

Early Apple prototypes
By Jason Kottke
Early Apple prototypes MAY 28 2014 ... by Hartmut Esslinger, a collection of photographs of prototypes his company Frog Design worked on for Apple Computer. ...

Google Is Building Its Own Self-Driving Car Prototypes - IEEE Spectrum
By Lucas Laursen
Google's next self-driving cars will be custom-built prototypes with no steering wheels or control pedals, the company announced yesterday.
IEEE Spectrum Recent Content

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