19 May 2014

AT&T, Trapped in Yesteryear, Buys DirecTV

Guess AT&T didn't get the memo: the future is internet video, both cable TV and satellite TV are in decline:

AT&T buy targets Comcast | Boston Herald: "...[analysts] question the strategic benefits of a deal that would give AT&T a larger presence in the mature market for pay TV. Last year, pay TV subscribers in the U.S. fell for the first time, dipping 0.1 percent to 94.6 million, according to Leichtman Research Group. While AT&T and DirecTV are doing better than cable companies at attracting TV subscribers, DirecTV’s growth in the U.S. has stalled..."

Google has released a Hangouts plugin for Outlook on Windows that lets you start or schedule video calls with fellow Outlook users inside your company. Your employer will normally have to use Google Apps for Business for this to fly, although the plugin also lets firms with Chromeboxes start chats with others that haven't hopped on the Google Apps bandwagon - source: Google's new Outlook plugin lets you start video Hangouts with coworkers

Microsoft's Surface: What's next, what's needed?
Microsoft's Surface tablet has been the focus of intense speculation in the past ...Microsoft is ahead of tablet market leader Apple in the the hybrid ...

Apple Loop: Smartphone Patents, Freemium Isn't Free, The Challenge Of The Mi Pad, And In-App ...
Taking a look at the world of Apple, as Google and Apple come to a patent agreement, Italy is looking closely at freemium apps, Xiamoi are ready to ...

Google Struggles with EU Link Removal Requests
Top Tech News
Individual privacy rights should always be protected but at the same time, there are concerns that the European Union court ruling for a "right to be ...

Google Acquires Quest Visual and its (Awesome) Word Lens Translating App
PC Magazine
Google has acquired Quest Visual for an undisclosed amount. In doing so, the company has picked up a means for augmenting its translation ...

Google Adds Elevations for Google Maps-Using Bikers
PC Magazine
Google recently tweaked its Maps app, but you'll likely not notice the change unless your thighs are the size of tree trunks and you enjoy wearing tight, ...

Apple CEO Cook dares to be different from Steve Jobs
Pioneer Press
FILE - This July 16, 2010 photo shows Apple's Tim Cook, left, and Steve Jobs, right, during a ... Google purchased Nest for $3.2 billion in January.

The Facebook Page Where Iran's Women Are Unveiling Online
Daily Beast
Meet the young Iranian exile whose stealth Facebook page—it allows women to post pictures of themselves without their hijabs—has outraged the ...

Microsoft puts on an 'infinite' light show to make data pretty - Engadget
By Jon Fingas
If you're Microsoft, how do you convince people that data is more than just a dry set of charts and graphs? You put on one heck of a light show, that's.
Engadget RSS Feed

Microsoft's touch-first Modern Office suite revealed in documents - The Next Web
By Owen Williams
It's been a year and a half since Microsoft released Windows 8 and its 'Modern' interface to the world, but we're still yet to see a touch-first interface.
The Next Web

Microsoft TechEd 2014 Wrap-Up - Gartner Blog Network
By Jonah Kowall
Microsoft is innovating in the systems management space, and creating unique technologies with a broad reach. Microsoft has a significant install ...
Jonah Kowall

A new dinosaur has been discovered in Argentina that measured 130ft and weighed 77 tonnes – making it as heavy as 14 African elephants. The discovery comes at a time when Hollywood is making Jurassic World, a sequel to the film Jurassic Park about a ...

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