03 May 2014

Big Data Boom, FCC To Send the US to Third World Status?

Poorer Countries Stand to Miss Out on the Big Data Boom | MIT Technology Review:
"Ranking countries by their “networked readiness” reveals a major geopolitical digital divide. The economic benefits of big data are no longer just hype—but many developing economies are set to miss out on them, according to a new report from the World Economic Forum. [see above] Data sets are “a new form of asset class,” which, with the right analysis, can be translated into economic wealth, say the authors of the 13th Global Information Technology Report. But many countries in the world lack the technological infrastructure, social environment, or both, needed to capitalize on them...."

Views under the Palm | johnmpoole.com: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Still "Doesn't Get It": Tom, nobody wants your stinkin' proposal for internet "fast lanes" -- Obama should have never appointed a lobbyist as FCC Chairman--he's clueless, tone-deaf, or deeply compromised by the special interests he once represented....“Tom Wheeler still doesn’t get it. People aren’t flooding his phone lines and filling his in-box because they’re confused about his proposal,” Free Press CEO Craig Aaron said in a statement Tuesday afternoon. “They understand all too well that his plan would create a pay-to-prioritize Internet with fast lanes for the few.” ... The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is blasting an email to their membership today (nearly 1 million people) reviving a 2007 campaign forum in which the president promised to make sure his FCC backs net neutrality.Wheeler’s proposal undermines Obama’s promise, PCCC argues. Full video and petition pitch here: http://bit.ly/R1JD5Q"

Microsoft makes one-time exception, patches IE on Windows XP
Computerworld - Microsoft today shipped an emergency update for Internet Explorer to close a hole that hackers had already been exploiting.

Apple, Facebook, others defy authorities, notify users of secret data demands
Washington Post
Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Google all are updating their policies to expand routine notification of ... Yahoo announced similar changes in July.

Apple, Google, and the Hubris of Silicon Valley's Hiring Conspiracy
The $324 million Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe agreed to pay works out to about 0.4 ...Facebook was not named as a defendant in the case.

Google aims for purity with Android Silver
But recent reports from unnamed sources indicate Google is working to ... Nexus has for years been Google's hedge against fragmentation of pure ... assistance, another possibility, is similar to something Amazon is doing with its ... The Apple-ization of the Enterprise: Understanding IT's New World Read ...

Google same-day shoppers order candy, baby food and climbing gear
San Jose Mercury News
Seven months after Mountain View-based Google publicly unveiled its ... On Thursday,Amazon announced same-day delivery service in San ...

Microsoft plucks Kiwi startup from the cloud
New Zealand Herald
One of New Zealand's fastest-growing software startups has been scooped up by technology giant Microsoft. Wellington cloud-computing firm ...

Google Unveils Standalone Mobile Office Apps
Top Tech News
Google has taken a step forward in its mobile competition with Microsoft. ... just a few weeks after Microsoft released its Office suite for Apple's iPad.

Microsoft picks Miami for 1st US innovation center
MIAMI (AP) — Microsoft is opening a state-of-the-art training facility in Miami, its first within the United States, the company announced Friday. The tech ...

Home Button Launcher Customizes the Google Now Launch Gesture - Lifehacker
By Eric Ravenscraft
If you're satisfied with the eleven million other ways to get to Google Now, Home Button Launcher can redirect that gesture to something more useful.

Curiosity Rover Is Hard at Work in Latest Interactive Mars Panorama
Caked in red silt, NASA's Curiosity rover looks like it's been trekking through a Martian dust storm in this latest interactive panorama. But nothing can tarnish the joy of seeing this incredible machine hard at work on another planet. The dust-covered robot is ...

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