14 May 2014

Richard Branson: Better World in 10 Years (video)

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Richard Branson: World Better in 10 Years Than Now: Video - Bloomberg: "May 12 (Bloomberg) -- Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder and Chairman, discusses Virgin Galactic, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, and the space, music, and airline industries with Bloomberg's Cory Johnson."

Say No to The Internet Slow Lane | OpenMedia: "Many of your favorite websites could slow to a crawl. U.S. FCC Chair Tom Wheeler is about to cave to Big Telecom’s demands at a crucial meeting.  We only have a few hours to tell the FCC to back off their Internet Slow Lane plan. Send your message now." (go to link above)

Facebook and Square pull failed apps from digital stores - Los Angeles Times: "Facebook Camera, Poke and Square Wallet have been removed from app stores, bringing an end to three  apps from notable tech companies that were never able to catch on. The social network giant pulled Camera and Poke from the Apple App Store on Friday. The two apps were launched in 2012 and were clones of other popular apps that posed threats to Facebook's dominance in mobile social networking...."

Facebook Taking Steps to Open a China Sales Office
Facebook Inc. is taking steps to open a sales office in China to work with ... EBay Inc. and Yahoo! ... In 2010, Google Inc. said it wouldn't comply with the country's online censorship rules and shuttered its local search page. ... Steve and Jimmy: The Roots ofApple's Bid for Beats · America on the Move ...

Google Must Amend Some Search Results After EU Ruling
A European court in Amsterdam ruled Tuesday that Google must remove outdated or irrelevant personal information on individuals from its search ...

New Motorola smartphone aims at crowded low-cost market
Motorola Mobility is hoping to build on the success of the Moto G with another affordable smartphone. But the new Moto E will face even greater competition in a segment, that thanks to increased competition between processor manufacturers, is turning into a ...

Google Faces German Order to Change Handling of Personal Data
Google Inc. (GOOG:US) is having another run-in with European regulators over the protection of personal data. This time, the operator of the biggest Internet search engine is violating German rules by compiling customers' data without asking for their consent ...

Microsoft Azure tools aim to help companies manage hybrid clouds
For the kick-off of its annual Tech Ed user conference, being held this week in Houston,Microsoft has released a bevy of tools and services to help ...

Microsoft and its partners announce new affordable access projects on four continents
Microsoft's commercial partnership with SpectraLink Wireless and research partnership with Facebook will deploy wireless networks covering entire ...

Apple Does Not Have More Cash Than Britain And Israel Combined
This is a little boo boo from the New York Times. They're talking about the restrictive hiring practices case in Silicon Valley that was recently settled.

Google testing what could be 'dramatic' Gmail redesign
Screen grabs of the redesign on sites including Geek.com show big changes to Gmail's look and functionality. Geek.com, which appears to be testing ...

Google Drive Features - Business Insider
By Matt Johnston
If You Are Not Using These Google Maps Hacks, You Are Totally ...
Business Insider

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