12 May 2014

Has Marissa Mayer Cut All Yahoo Dead Weight? (video)

Has Marissa Mayer Cut All of the `Dead Weight'?: Video - Bloomberg:
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Bloomberg's Paul Sweeney and Cory Johnson recap Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's comments at TechCrunch’s NY Disrupt 2014. They speak with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg. May7)

“....There is a wide feeling on the eighth floor (of the FCC) that this [Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal] is a debacle and I think people would like to see a change of course,” said another FCC official. “We may not agree on the course, but we agree the road we’re on is to disaster.”

Google Testing Huge Gmail Redesign
PC Magazine
Google is allegedly testing out some big UI changes for Gmail — the desktop browser-based version — and there's nothing subtle or slight about ...

Apple's core won't change despite bid to buy Beats
So Apple's not joining the contest between Google and Facebook to hand over billions to ambitious startups pursuing the next wave of technology.

Facebook Gun Clubs Buy, Sell, Trade, And Cause A Stir
Last year, some gun control advocates urged Facebook to ban posts advertising guns.Facebook recently announced that it wouldn't do that, but that it ...

Facebook Nearby Friends: a first step in making tech more human
The Guardian
That's the thinking behind Facebook Nearby Friends (being rolled out ... Apple's "Find My Friends" app does that (if a friend gives you permission to track their location); Google'sLatitude did the same between 2009 and 2013.

Apple's Image Gatekeeper Katie Cotton Departs
CIO Today
The woman known as the guardian of Apple's image is leaving her PR position after 18 years. Katie Cotton, Apple's VP for worldwide communications ...

Google hangs up on Internet calls for many Voice users
Q: The Google Voice calling apps you suggested last year will stop working on ... you could switch to cheaper Internet-calling options like Microsoft's Skype, ... or Facebook'sMessenger, which provides free calls to Facebook friends. I'd suggest Apple's FaceTime, but that only works for calling other iOS ...

Microsoft readies for smartphone push with affordable handsets
Economic Times
NEW DELHI: Microsoft is all geared up to tap the affordable segment of ... Microsoft is targeting the $50-billion affordable handset market globally, ... in the global smartphone market, where Google's Android is the most-used ... NEXT STORYApple plans to launch cheaper 8GB version of iPhone 5c to ...

Facebook, Zynga beat wiretap lawsuits
Ars Technica
Facebook and Zynga have defeated class-action lawsuits accusing the companies of civil wiretapping allegations connected to advertising practices.

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