18 May 2014

Cheap Smartphones Will Change the Mobile Marketplace

And Apple is going to be caught flat-footed:

Don’t Diss Cheap Smartphones. They’re About to Change Everything | Gadget Lab | WIRED: "We see a lot of phones here at WIRED. Right now, for example, we’ve got the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2, Nokia Lumia Icon, iPhone 5s and all sorts of other flagship devices. But what I’m really fired up about are a handful of cheap handsets. The amazing cheap-o handset is the new iPhone. I’ve got the new Motorola Moto E in my bag and it’s just amazing. It costs just $129, unlocked, without a contract. This little Alcatel OneTouch Fierce I’ve got sitting on my desk is amazing, too. Heard of it? Probably not. If you’re the average phone-forward WIRED reader, these may fly below your radar. Yet for several billion people worldwide, these phones and ones like them are a ticket to ride...."

Cyber-security expert’s experiment shows Wi-Fi users in Las Vegas vulnerable to hacking - Las Vegas Sun News: ..."Lyne said wireless networks throughout the city did a good job upgrading from using WEP security, which he said was an easily broken encryption network. But he also found that nearly half the users accessing the Internet on an open network did so with no encryptions. Without any encryption, even the most inexperienced hackers can access an online user’s bank accounts, capture private information and upload viruses. It’s like shouting out personal bank account numbers and passwords at a cafĂ© and being shocked that other people steal them, Lyne said...."

Amazon, Samsung stage marketing stunts in San Francisco, London
Los Angeles Times
When it comes to tablets, Apple remains the dominant leader, but rival Samsung is catching up. Apple iPad sales fell from 19.5 million during the first ...

Google gets requests from Europeans to be 'forgotten'
SAN FRANCISCO — Just days after the European High Court of Justice ruled that people have the "right to be forgotten," Google is getting requests ...

Amazon said to play hardball in book contract talks with publishing house Hachette
Washington Post
But the bad news was that anyone trying to order the book on Amazon.com on Friday ... “We are satisfying all Amazon's orders promptly,” Hachette said in a statement last week. ... sued publishers and Apple for conspiring to raise prices of e-books during a series of ....

Microsoft Surface: 5 Things To Watch
Since taking over for Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has earned mostly plaudits from investors and commentators. This Tuesday ...

Microsoft's Home Automation Deal Is More Proof It's a Whole New Company
On the surface, there's nothing particularly surprising about the news that Microsoft is working with Insteon, the creator of one of the major ...

Yahoo Weather (for Android)
PC Magazine
If slick design is what you're looking for in a weather app for your Android device, look no further than Yahoo Weather (free). It easily trumps 1Weather, ...

Google Acquires Quest Visual and its (Awesome) Word Lens Translating App
PC Magazine
Google has acquired Quest Visual for an undisclosed amount. In doing so, the company has picked up a means for augmenting its translation ...

Google Maps adds elevation data for cyclists braving the hills
Google has quietly added elevation data to bike routes in its Maps service, providing better intel for intrepid cyclists. The feature, which launched ...

Apple Loop: Smartphone Patents, Freemium Isn't Free, The Challenge Of The Mi Pad, And In-App ...
Taking a look at the world of Apple, as Google and Apple come to a patent agreement, Italy is looking closely at freemium apps, Xiaomi are ready to ...

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