31 May 2014

Video Streaming Quality, YouTube now rating US ISPs

Transparency and Accountability -- YouTube keeping track of ISPs and letting you know:

YouTube starts rating US ISPs, puts its weight behind settlement-free peering — Tech News and Analysis"Google wants you to know which ISPs provide the best streaming experience, and it wants ISPs to work with it to ensure HD-quality streams without buffering.... The report also shows which ISPs are capable of delivering SD quality video without buffering, and which ones deliver videos at a lower performance, or in other words will leave you completely frustrated. To get to these results, YouTube monitored streams over a 30 day period. Only ISPs that were capable of delivering HD at least 90 percent of the time are being called HD verified...."

for more info go toGoogle Video Quality Report: "There are many factors that influence your video streaming quality, including your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP). Learn how your ISP performs and understand your options."

Search for flair grows as gadgets become accessories
Boston Globe
Apple's $3 billion purchase of Beats Electronics, by far the company's ... The standard Google Glass product looks more like something out of Star Trek ...

Google steps up efforts for more racial diversity
Boston Globe
Google has had more trouble diversifying its workforce than its computer ... One year,Google says, there were just two black people in the United ... The company hired one of them, and Microsoft hired the other, according to ... to shareholder meetings this spring at such companies as Google, Facebook, ...

Google's Motorola Mobility to Close Factory in Texas
Wall Street Journal
Motorola, which Google plans to sell, opened the factory in May 2013. ... Apple's latest iPhone sells for $650 without a contract on the website of AT&T ...

Google now taking requests to censor results in Europe
San Jose Mercury News
SAN FRANCISCO -- Google is starting to accept requests from Europeans who want to erase unflattering information from the results produced by the ...

Apple hits new “Beats” ahead of WWDC
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Well, now that you can scratch Apple Inc.'s acquisition of Beats Music and Beats Electronics off the list of things ...

Microsoft, Salesforce.com Make Nice, Marry Apps
Salesforce apps will work with Office 365, Windows, Windows Phone. Microsoft keeps using ExactTarget. But don't expect Salesforce apps on Azure....

Google to test self-driving cars
Los Angeles Times
Self-driving prototypes will have manual controls to override the autonomous driving systems. But Google plans to build the bulk of the cars as fully ...

Microsoft Preparing To Jump Into The Wearables Market With Its Own Smartwatch
A spokesman for Microsoft would not comment on the details. ... “Microsoft needs to run across Apple and Android platforms,” said a recent research ...

8 books Amazon is making it hard to buy
Amazon has been pressuring Hachette to accept its terms -- consequently, ... Patterson wrote on his Facebook page: "What I don't understand about this particular battle tactic is how it is in the best interest of Amazon customers.

Apple is still an iPhone story, for now
Last year, when Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) hosted its annual Worldwide Developer Conference, its shares were trading around $439. One year later ...

Surprise: Microsoft's working on a smartwatch of its own - Engadget
By Zach Honig
Apple's reportedly working on one, Google's developing an entire ecosystem and hundreds of smaller companies either have products already on the ...
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Apple Stock Rises iPhone 6 Rumors - Business Insider
By Jim Edwards
Apple Stock Is Going Through The Roof As People Figure Out Just How ... Yahoo Finance ... Login With Facebook Login With Twitter Login With Google .... Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wins Clippers bidding war for $2 billion.

What's the Most Expensive Thing You Can Find on Amazon? - Gizmodo
By Eric Limer
This week, Amazon added (absurdly expensive) commemorative coins to the long list of ... Just a year after starting it up, Google's shutting down its Texas-. ... Beats by AppleMakes Monster's Big Mistake Even Bigger ... bHide; EShare to Kinja; jShare to Facebook· iShare to Twitter · rGo to permalink.

Jimmy Iovine, David Geffen & Oprah Winfrey Outbid by Ex-Microsoft Exec for LA Clippers - Radio.com
By Brian Ives
Music industry mogul Jimmy Iovine is about to get a big payoff for selling Beats Audio toApple, but it looks like a bid he was involved with to purchase ...

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