13 May 2014

FCC Chairman still clueless, still wants paid-for fast internet lanes

Is FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler stupid? Or is he still a "Comcast paid lobbyist?" He is apparently so clueless he will never get it--nobody but lobbyists and the Comcast crowd wants fast lane, slow lane internet! And no, we do NOT want the FCC scrutinizing every deal from now til kingdom come to see if it meets the lame proposed FCC regs, an impossible task which everyone knows will lead to interminable litigation over multitudes of interpretations -- a nightmare for consumers and everyone else but lawyers and lobbyists! Does anyone know how we can get rid of Tom Wheeler as FCC Chairman? Who appointed this loser? (hint: Hope and Change)

FCC may tweak net neutrality proposal after criticism, but still wants paid-for 'fast lanes' | PCWorld: "....While the reported new rules are unlikely to win over net neutrality advocates, the proposal could spark a more vigorous fight to classify ISPs as common carriers, similar to phone companies. Many net neutrality advocates have been pushing for the FCC to classify ISPs as common carriers under Title II of the Federal Communications Act all along. If ISPs were considered common carriers the companies wouldn't be allowed to block or give preferential treatment to one piece of content over another. The Journal says the FCC is also looking to get comment over two alternative proposals by the Mozilla Foundation and Columbia Law Professor and Internet access critic Tim Wu."

FCC Net Neutrality Problems, the Solution? Title II:
The Solution to the F.C.C.'s Net-Neutrality Problems : The New Yorker: "....The services offered by an Internet-access provider fit easily under the authority of Title II, which is why, in the nineteen-nineties, they were originally so classified, and remained so until the early two-thousands. You pay your provider to deliver the information you seek, unchanged; Verizon’s job is to get you Wikipedia entries, not to edit them. And net-neutrality rules, just like Title II, ban unjust and unreasonable discrimination. Moreover, the Commission is allowed to forebear, or not enforce, any part of Title II it might consider too onerous. It is, in short, the obvious basis of authority for a net-neutrality rule. The problem with Title II isn’t legal but political.... if we take political opposition as a given, the Commission’s best course is to pass tough rules under 706 with Title II as the backup, to insure the rules survive a court challenge. This strategy may actually ward off court challenges, given that it presents the carriers with a kind of trip wire. Attempting to invalidate the rules with lawsuits could well reactivate the full authority of the Commission over broadband, with the carriers unable to blame anyone but themselves...."

Why Twitter's Newest Tweetstorm™ Trend Must Be Stopped: "....Always on the lookout for a new broadcast platform, the tweetstorm™ spreads from reporters to pundits and think tanks and then to the politicians themselves. Once a frenetic but followable place, your timeline is now virtually destroyed by an avalanche of soliloquies..."

Lawmakers Struggle Over Web Tax - WSJ.com: "Congress Seeks Way to Extend a Moratorium on Internet-Access Levies That Is Set to Expire This Fall...."

Apple and the cloud: A magnificent missed opportunity
Google and Microsoft have pretty much divided and conquered this space, with Yahooand AOL hanging around among old-timers. Productivity apps ...

Remote-controlled research sub lost in Pacific Ocean
CTV News
WOODS HOLE, Mass. - A remote-controlled research sub exploring some of the deepest depths of the Pacific Ocean has been lost. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution says the Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle Nereus was lost during its dive to the ...

Microsoft Office's new iPad version well-designed
Columbus Dispatch
The E-Edition includes all of the news, comics, classifieds and advertisements of the newspaper. And it's available to subscribers before 6 a.m. every day. Subscribe. All current subscribers have full access to Digital D, which includes the E-Edition and ...

Does The Beats Aftermath Usher The Next Episode For Wearables?
But beyond Dr. Dre's non-announcement announcement (booze-fueled, but who could blame him?) is a potentially $3.2 billion validation that even the most basic form of wearable technology is worth a lot of money to the right company. There's no doubt that ...

Newly-discovered volcano in Antarctica could erupt and add to global warming
Daily Mail
A newly-discovered active volcano could erupt underneath Antarctica, melting the ice from below and compounding the effects of global warming, according to scientists. Researchers discovered the volcano underneath the ice after setting up devices to ...

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