06 May 2014

New Security Flaw affects online users, Microsoft, Twitter, Google, Facebook Credentials

Do you use Microsoft, Twitter, Google, or Facebook credentials to log into 3rd party websites rather than create a new account?  You may be vulnerable --

Facebook, Google users threatened by new security flaw | Fox News: "A serious flaw in two widely used security standards could give anyone access to your account information at Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and many other online services. The flaw, dubbed "Covert Redirect" by its discoverer, exists in two open-source session-authorization protocols, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID. Both standards are employed across the Internet to let users log into websites using their credentials from other sites, such as by logging into a Web forum using a Facebook or Twitter username and password instead of creating a new account just for that forum...."

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Symantec Says "Antivirus Software Is Dead": "The overall message from security providers is: don't expect the security systems we sell will work. Individual consumers obviously cannot afford to pay Symantec, IBM or anyone else to assess the damage when software fails. The saving grace for individuals is that ambitious hackers primarily attack banks and retailers like Target, where if they break in, they can steal information on tens-of-thousands of credit cards or accounts at a time."

Google and Amazon launch same-day delivery in LA area
Los Angeles Times
Google and Amazon are going head to head over Los Angeles shoppers, launching same-day delivery services in the area within days of each other.

VC Fred Wilson: By 2020 Apple Won’t Be A Top-3 Tech Company, Google And Facebook Will | TechCrunch: "...Speaking at today’s TC Disrupt conference in NYC, he predicted that the top three tech companies, instead, will be Google, Facebook “and one that we’ve never heard of.” Why? Apple, he believes, is “too rooted to hardware,” with not enough tied into the cloud, and that will make it too much of a challenge for it to evolve going forward. “I think hardware is increasingly becoming a commodity,” he said. “Their stuff in the cloud is largely not good. I don’t think they think about data and the cloud.”..."

Apple on medical tech hiring spree, a possible hint of iWatch plans
Apple is building a team of senior medical technology executives, raising hackles in the biotechnology community and offering a hint of what the ...

Apple Vs. Samsung: Apple Wins Battle But Losing War?
A jury finds Samsung guilty of infringing Apple's patents, but Apple's ... to software development as its competition against Apple and Google heats up.

Gates cedes Microsoft shareholder crown to former No. 2, Ballmer
Gates, who co-founded Microsoft in 1975, served as CEO until 2000 and ... Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsers and ...

Apple donates $500000 to Silicon Valley anti-poverty group
The tech giant has teamed up with Google, LinkedIn, and others in an effort to fight poverty during a time of rising tensions in Silicon Valley.

Microsoft Office: Could The Cash Cow's Long-Awaited Death Finally Be Imminent?
For Microsoft Microsoft, it's been a year of upheaval. ... Alternatives like Google Apps and Apple's free Office-like Pages, Numbers and Keynote come ...

Facebook Is A Phone Company - Here's Proof
AT&T AT&T? Verizon? Maybe you said Apple Apple or even Google Google, but I bet Facebook didn't come to mind. Yet, that's exactly who the ...

Amazon, Twitter link up for easy shopping through #AmazonCart
Starting today, Twitter users can link their accounts to an Amazon account, and automatically add items to the shopping cart by responding to any ...

Apple's iWatch Has Trademark Problems With Swatch and the iSwatch And Might Not Be Called ...
Apple has already trademarked “iWatch” in a number of countries so of course we're all assuming that the long rumoured wearable, possibly ...

Amazon now lets you shop while you tweet | VentureBeat | Business | by Harrison Weber
By Harrison Weber
The new feature — “#AmazonCart” — is targeted at users who discover Amazon products on Twitter but don't want to go through the trouble of clicking ...

Now, 'cheaper, greener' solar cells that use tin instead of lead
Times of India
WASHINGTON: Researchers have developed a new solar cell with good efficiency that uses tin instead of lead perovskite as the harvester of light. The low-cost, environmentally friendly solar cell can be made easily using "bench" chemistry — no fancy ...

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