10 December 2013

Wireless - Big Price Disruptions (video)

Wireless - Big Price Disruptions: Video - Bloomberg: Bloomberg Industries senior telecommunications analyst John Butler tells us why China is where the action is in 2014 for the wireless industry.

Apple, Facebook, Google call for government surveillance reform - latimes.com: "In an open letter to Washington, eight major technology companies are calling for sweeping changes in the way the U.S. government collects information on citizens. The letter was signed by AOL Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook Inc., Google Inc., LinkedIn Corp., Microsoft Corp., Twitter Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. In documents leaked by former defense contractor Edward Snowden, most of these companies have been listed as being among the targets where the U.S. government is extracting digital information as part of a massive surveillance effort..."

Apple's iPhone 5s' Lead-time Decreased To 1-3 Days With iPad Air's ...
I have been tracking Apple Apple's iPhones and iPads lead-times since they were launched (a Google Doc with the information is available via these two links: ...

Highlight Press

Google promises better deals at its shopping fest
Times of India
NEW DELHI: Google will kick off its second Great Online Shopping Festival ... Websites like Flipkart, Myntra, IndiaTimes Shopping, AmazonIndia, Jabong and ...

Times of India

Google, Facebook, Amazon blast ex-NFL cheerleader's defamation ...
CINCINNATI (AP) -- From Twitter and Facebook to Amazon and Google, the ... 19 by lawyers for Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, Gawker and ...

Daily Mail

Wall Street Journal
Amazon's rollout of robots from a company it bought last year, Kiva Systems Inc., could help pare 20% to 40% off the $3.50 to $3.75 cost of fulfilling a typical ...

Apple's Antitrust Inquisitor
Wall Street Journal
Unlike Amazon, Apple let book publishers set their own prices. ... Other high-tech companies lobbied for the antitrust case against Microsoft. Amazon's ...

Google catches French govt spoofing its domain certificates
Google states on its own security blog that an intermediate certificate authority ... Google states that the certificate was used in a commercial device, on a private ...

Microsoft's Apple Investment: The Worst Deal of Them All?
Steve Jobs stands at a podium as Bill Gates appears on a video screen as he addresses the MacWorld convention praising the new alliance between Apple and ...

Amazon, Postal Service may want to think about a merger
Chicago Daily Herald
The partnership of a floundering, old-world institution and perhaps the nation's most future-oriented tech company — Amazon's strategy is to take losses today in ...


Google's Barge Glides by Where Others Hit SF Snags
Suckers. Google simply started building a four-story barge made of stacked shipping containers flanked by giant white sails on a Treasure Island pier. No hoops.

Town Hall

Cellphone firms regularly give data to law enforcement
Boston Globe
WASHINGTON — The nation's largest wireless companies regularly give state and local law enforcement authorities thousands of records of cellphone calls and customer locations gleaned from cellphone towers, part of a dramatic expansion of domestic ...

NASA Curiosity rover discovers evidence of fresh-water Mars lake
Washington Post
NASA's steady reconnaissance of Mars with the Curiosity rover has produced another major discovery: evidence of an ancient lake with water so low in salinity and so neutral in acidity that it could plausibly be described as drinkable. Scientists have known ...

LTE Speeds, Capacity Improve In Big Cities
Wireless carriers upgrade infrastructure to make sure their LTE 4G networks offer the speeds and throughput they advertise. 10 Best Tablets Of 2013. (click image for larger view). Smartphone and tablet owners in major cities across the country should notice ...

Report: NSA Spying on Virtual Worlds, Online Games
ABC News
American and British intelligence has been spying on gamers across the world, media outlets reported, saying that the world's most powerful espionage agencies packed virtual universes full of undercover agents and surreptitiously monitored traffic across ...

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