22 December 2013

Motorola Has Best Smartphones and Prompt Android Updates!

Shopping for a new smartphone? Let me make this easy for you -- Go to http://www.motorola.com and design (and buy) your new Moto X or Moto G. Looking for a US carrier with the best deals? T-Mobile (off contract) is the way to go! Order your Motorola phone with the T-Mobile sim card already installed, and when you receive it, one phone call to T-Mobile will open your account, transfer your number and activate the phone (and you can save $$$). (Editor's note: these are unpaid recommendations, and are based on the expri.com editor's personal experience and other reviews and experiences).

Motorola’s Prompt Android Updates Are Making Everyone Else Look Bad | TIME.com: By updating its phones to Android 4.4 already, Motorola is embarrassing its rival phone makers. It’s now clearer than ever that other companies either aren’t dedicating enough resources to updating their phones, or need more time because their modifications to Android require more work. Most major phone makers tweak the Android source code on their handsets, changing the visual aesthetic and modifying core apps ... Motorola proved that a there’s a better way. Aesthetically, its phones are similar to stock Android, but Motorola has added a few useful features on top, such as always-on voice commands and notifications that appear as you’re taking the phone out of your pocket...(read more at link above)

Why regulators are likely to reject a Sprint/T-Mobile deal | Mobile - CNET News: "Reports have surfaced that Sprint is interested in acquiring T-Mobile, but T-Mobile's recent success with its "Uncarrier" strategy is likely to sway regulators to block any deal that takes T-Mobile out of the game..."

BlackBerry Staggers to a Deeper, $4.4 Billion Loss - NYTimes.com: "BlackBerry, the hobbled smartphone maker, reported more dire financial news on Friday, posting a $4.4 billion loss and a 56 percent drop in revenue in its latest quarter. The company also outlined a sharp retreat from its once-core handset business by entering a partnership with the Asian contract manufacturer Foxconn."

BlackBerry CEO details survival strategy | Mobile - CNET News: "For now, BlackBerry will not be building high-end smartphones for the North American consumer smartphone market. Instead, Chen said that the company will focus device development in this market on enterprise customers..."

Google seeks to commercialize humanoid robots

Computerworld - HOMESTEAD, Fla. -- The first sign that Google now owns robotics heavyweight Boston Dynamics was when the Google bus rolled ...


Apple, Samsung Dominate Tablet Market

A majority of consumers stick with gear made by Apple or Samsung. ... made up of smaller entry-level devices from the likes of Asus, HP, and Amazon.

Android Community

Amazon workers in Germany to continue strikes in 2014

Hundreds of workers at Amazon's logistic centers in Bad Hersfeld and Leipzig... Amazon said that, on average, only 900 staff joined the strike and that ...


Google celebrates 100 years of crossword puzzles with doodle

Los Angeles Times
Google is celebrating the centennial of crossword puzzles Friday with an interactive doodle on its home page. Users can head to Google.com to play ...

Slate Magazine (blog)

Protesters vandalize Google bus, block Apple shuttle

SAN FRANCISCO -- As tech-driven housing costs and evictions soar, anti-gentrification protesters in San Francisco and Oakland on Friday again ...

Bay Area Indymedia

Google announces ban on "multi-purpose" Chrome extensions

Summary: Developers who write extensions for Chrome are on notice. Keep it simple, or risk getting kicked out of the Chrome Web Store. But what's ...


Microsoft: Bing is not a bottomless money pit (any more)

ZDNet (blog)
Summary: Microsoft's Chief Financial Officer for its Applications and Services group tells investors now is the time for Microsoft to put its foot on the gas ...

Google's Top Trending Video Games Of 2013 List Is Full Of Surprises

Google has released its annual Zeitgeist, which includes a bunch of top-10 lists of popular and trending searches, including the most talked about and ...

The Vine

Apple's Top Apps of 2013: 10 Insights from the Most Popular ...

Apple recently announced its most popular apps of 2013. ... bundled with iOS, but after Apple's falling out with Google, the company nixed that. ... But the popularity of the Amazon Kindle app on the iPad indicates folks are also ...

The Verge

Google gives thumbs-up to first Cyanogen phone

In a first for the custom Android ROM community, Google signals its approval... Google has approved of Cyanogen's plan to ship CyanogenMod on an ...


5 Things to Know About the Winter Solstice | TIME.com: "Behold! A year has passed since the great Mayan apocalypse of 2012 — newsflash: we’re all still here — and the winter solstice is again upon us. The solstice marks the shortest day of the year for dwellers in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest day of the year for those south of the equator...The winter solstice occurs at a specific time, not just day. This year, at 12:11 p.m. EST on Saturday, Dec. 21, the sun shone directly over the Tropic of Capricorn, the farthest south the sun reaches, leading to less light and colder temperatures in the north. In the Southern Hemisphere, it was the longest day of the year...."

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