08 December 2013

India: A conversation with Eric Schmidt (video)

Reimagining India: A conversation with Eric Schmidt | McKinsey & Company: Google opened its first office in India almost a decade ago, and executive chairman Eric Schmidt has since watched the country’s technology sector expand rapidly. In this video interview, Schmidt is optimistic about the role technology can continue to play in India’s development but warns that the regulatory environment must keep improving. This interview was conducted by James Manyika, a director in McKinsey’s San Francisco office . . . . "it’s perfectly possible that India can leapfrog much of the technology that we’ve taken for granted over the last few decades and build very, very powerful fourth-generation LTE networks to handle the tremendous load of all these Indian users and consumers .... Technology is a declining cost industry. And the phone that we have today, which using US prices is a $400 phone, will be a $200 phone in a couple of years, because of Moore’s law, and a couple years later, it’s a $100 phone ... We’ll get a basically successful smartphone with a modestly powerful screen. And the price points can be well below $50.... one of the simple solutions there is to have much more access to WiFi hotspots and the ability to be mobile between them. So even there, we have some solutions. I think there’s every reason to believe that in five to ten years, the majority of Indian citizens will have good access to the Internet...." (Eric Schmidt is executive chairman of Google). (read more at the link above) 

Smartphone market in the US (comScore) -- Android leads the market with more than 50% of the market, Motorola now growing again and is the #3 manufacturer, Apple iOS has 41 % share, Microsoft Windows Phone has slow growth, Blackberry dying with the rest -- Apple 40.6% in US Smartphones, Samsung 25.4%, Android Up, iOS Up: "... the real story is with Motorola ..."

Motorola's Project Ara modular phone prototype is 'almost ready' | News | TechRadar: "...what we'd like to eventually get to is [customising] functionality within the device and that's where Project Ara and Moto Maker may converge." Moto's new direction seems heavily centric on giving smartphone users exactly what they want in a smartphone. The Moto X offers custom backplates, materials and colour schemes and Project Ara will take those decisions to the ultimate level for tech enthusiasts...."

Google Squeezes Margins on Moto G Phone

Wall Street Journal
Google's 2012 acquisition of Motorola was a provocative move that put it in competition with partners making phones based on its Android mobile-operating ...

Headlines & Global News

Google, Facebook, Twitter bolster digital defenses in wake of NSA revelations
San Jose Mercury News
But more recently, top executives at Google, Microsoft and Yahoo (YHOO) have touted their efforts -- in a reflection of both growing outrage over government surveillance and a desire to convince users that the companies are doing all they can to ...

Apple iPad Air launch: Mumbaikars form queues to buy the device
Daily News & Analysis
Apple is introducing the new iPads to India soon after Google launched the ... Apple is rolling out the slick iPad Air and the new iPad mini today in India.

Google, Facebook, Twitter bolster digital defenses in wake of NSA ...
San Jose Mercury News
Quietly at first, but more vocally in recent months, Google (GOOG), Facebook and ... But more recently, top executives at Google, Microsoftand Yahoo (YHOO) ...

Guardian Express

Google Updates Play Music App With SD Card Storage But Where ...

In case you missed it, Google Google updated their Play Music app yesterday. The update brings some nice UI tweaks including a slick slide-out menu, the ...

Guardian Express

Microsoft mood bra: Embedded sensors may keep you from pigging ...

Los Angeles Times
A bra that helps stop you from pigging out when you're an emotional mess. An uplifting experience? That's what Microsoft is going for with its prototype “smart ...


Google's Eric Schmidt wants a ban on Amazon's drones

Fortune (blog)
Google's Eric Schmidt wants a ban on Amazon's drones. By Philip ... Apple (AAPL), meanwhile, is trying to make a virtue -- if not a marketable feature -- out of the ...

Apple iBeacon launched to help customers navigate Apple stores
GPS will tell you how to get to the nearest Apple store. With iBeacon,Apple hopes to guide you around once you're inside, whether it's to pick up an order, ...


Apple Stores fire up iBeacon to track you while you shop

Starting Friday, the iBeacon feature in iOS 7 is ready to be your personal shopper, and it won't be shy about saying you're due to upgrade that iPhone.

You are the query: Yahoo's bold quest to reinvent search | Internet & Media - CNET News: ".... for Yahoo really to build something of consequence in search and personalization, it's got a lot of hurdles to overcome. "Yahoo has not been able to figure out how to take their data and combine it with third-party data to create something meaningful," said Sameet Sinha, a senior analyst at B. Riley and Co. Not to mention the fact that Yahoo doesn't have its own operating system -- on mobile or desktop -- to jump-start the adoption of any search tool. But Mayer helped make Google, the company that took search -- a category a handful of other companies were already established in -- friendlier to the masses. Rightly or wrongly, Mayer's bet is that Yahoo has got the user interface chops to create an experience that rivals that of anyone else, including her old company"

Fate of 40 stranded Florida whales unclear
Miami — After a three-day rescue effort, the fate of 40 whales hung in the balance, with officials saying they had lost track of two dozen of them in southern Florida. The search has been halted due to darkness and weather constraints but it will resume at first ...

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