03 December 2013

Amazon Prime Air, Drones Parcel Delivery (video)

Delivery drones are coming: Jeff Bezos promises half-hour shipping with Amazon Prime Air | The Verge: ""WE LIKE TO PIONEER, WE LIKE TO EXPLORE. WE LIKE TO GO DOWN DARK ALLEYS AND FIND OUT WHAT'S ON THE OTHER SIDE."--Jeff Bezos"

The Guardian
Jeff Bezos unveiled the idea, which would be known as Amazon Prime Air, on ... Amazon is testing delivering its parcels using drones, the company's CEO has ...

The Guardian
PC Magazine
Where were people shopping? Amazon was the most visited online retail site on Black Friday, followed by eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, according to ...

Washington Post

Google likely to announce refreshed Nexus 10 today
Mumbai: Google is likely to put an end to all the speculation around the newest iteration of the Nexus 10 today. All those who have been wondering which ...


Amazon Accused Of Practicing Pirate Capitalism
This seems a little odd really, an accusation that Amazon is practicing a form of pirate ... Lush does not allow Amazon to sell its products and its co-founder, Mark ...


Times of India
NEW DELHI: Apple has shocked its buyers in India who were expecting that older ... At the launch event for the new iPads in the US a month ago,Apple had ...

Times of India

Now Amazon mocks iPad Air (and Jony Ive)
After Microsoft has offered its consistent pummeling of the iPad, into the ring steps ... a mockery of the traditional new-product Apple videos narrated by Jony Ive.

Indian Express

Apple had ample supply of iPad Air, iPhone 5s over holiday ...
Apple Insider
Apple's most popular products were met with strong demand over the Black Friday shopping weekend, and the company responded with plenty of iPhone 5s ...

Susan Jhun

Google, Apple offer crore-plus salaries to IIT students
Times of India
These include Mitsubishi, Google, Apple, Microsoft India, Deutsche Bank, ITC, Walmart, Credit Suisse, Oracle and Yahoo. Final placements at IITs start from ...

Times of India

Apple Objects to Fees in E-Books Case: Business of Law
Apple Inc. said a monitor appointed by a judge to oversee antitrust ... “Of all known past Apple matters,” no lawyer has had a higher rate than Michael ...

Apple, Inc. valuation passes $500 billion, half the market cap ...
Apple Insider
Unlike Microsoft's 90 percent market share among PCs at its market cap peak, ... Apple's market cap is still much higher than Google's (just above $500 billion ...

China launches 'Jade Rabbit' rover to moon, precursor to manned mission
Washington Post
BEIJING — China took a significant step toward eventually landing a person on the moon with Monday's successful launch of a rocket carrying its first moon rover, the “Jade Rabbit.” The rocket blasted off from southwestern China at 1:30 a.m. Monday, a day ...

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