02 December 2013

Obamacare Website Still Not Fixed

The US taxpayers are out more than 500 million dollars for one website -- and the Affordable Care Act's (Obamacare) website healthcare.gov still isn't fixed or anywhere close to being finished -- at this rate Amazon or any other company would either have fired their CEO or be out of business, or both!

Obamacare Website Getting Fixes as Repair Deadline Passes - Bloomberg: "....Karen Ignagni, president and chief executive officer of America’s Health Insurance Plans, an industry group, said Nov. 29 that while the site is improved, “significant issues” remain. “Until the enrollment process is working from end-to-end, many consumers will not be able to enroll in coverage,” Ignagni said in a statement."
.... [even] larger troubles with the law.
“Americans are far less concerned about a website than they are about the availability and affordability of their health care,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a statement.
“The White House has tried to dismiss stories about folks losing insurance by saying they had lousy plans to begin with, and that those Americans should be happy that the government is now forcing them to get a different one,” said McConnell... “But what so many have discovered is that Obamacare is actually worse.”..."

Inside the Race to Rescue a Health Care Site, and Obama - NYTimes.com: "As a small coterie of grim-faced advisers shuffled into the Oval Office on the evening of Oct. 15, President Obama’s chief domestic accomplishment was falling apart 24 miles away, at a bustling high-tech data center in suburban Virginia. HealthCare.gov, the $630 million online insurance marketplace, was a disaster after it went live on Oct. 1..."

Can Amazon Save Christmas?
Daily Beast
You might not expect the e-tailing behemoth to inspire the rest of us to give a little extra at Christmas, but the Smile program could change the contours of ...

Microsoft, bored of bashing Apple, bashes Samsung
Microsoft, bored of bashing Apple, bashes Samsung. It's been established that Microsoft believes the iPad has many, many flaws. Now Redmond would like you ...


Amazon vs. retailers
Kankakee Daily Journal
NEW YORK — This holiday shopping season, it's Amazon vs. everyone else. ... Stores are doing things such as matching the lower prices on Amazon.com and ...

Latino Post
Last year's change to Google's privacy policy may have gone unnoticed by some Google users, but privacy advocates and watchdog groups took notice. Now ...

Acquisition puts Amazon rivals in awkward spot
Boston Globe
If you opt to do your holiday shopping on Amazon.com, odds are good that the ... at Apple and WebVan, a dot-com-era grocery delivery venture that flopped.

Boston Globe

Google hosting Saxo-Tinkoff presser in London
MILAN, Italy (VN) — Google this: The U.S.-based internet company may be poised to enter pro cycling. Google will host a press conference Monday in London ...


SMS Attacks Could Force Google Nexus Devices To Reboot
Reports have surfaced claiming that attackers could force the most recentGoogle Nexus smartphones to reboot or lose their mobile Internet connection by ...


Apple's iOS Destroyed Android in Black Friday Mobile Shopping
Patently Apple
According to both IBM and Adobe, Apple's iOS is "destroying Google'sAndroid in mobile shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday," reports Business Insider.

Latino Post

Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina Availability Up While 12.9-inch iPad ...
Latino Post
Tech watchers and Apple fans have been watching the build-up to the holiday shopping season closely. This is because burn-in issues, from a portion of the ...

Latino Post

Apple retail stores go (RED) for World AIDS Day on Dec. 1 | 9to5Mac
Jordan Kahn
1, Apple has started to change its iconic Apple logo outside of its retail stores from ... One of those organizations is Product(RED), a charity that that Apple has ... A Festivus Miracle: Google Search 'Festivus' to celebrate with 'the rest of us' · Thumbnail for ... Moto G now available on Amazon, shipsDecember 4 · Thumbnail for ...

Amazon: Going Exclusive - Seeking Alpha
Vivek Gupta
The companies like Amazon, Netflix (NFLX), Hulu, Google's (GOOG) YouTube, etc. are competing with each other to get a lead in the industry. Netflix is clearly ...
SeekingAlpha.com: Home Page

Is Amazon a Good Portfolio Play? - Wall St. Cheat Shee
(Damien Hoffman)
Amazon stock has been flying higher in recent years and is now trading near all-time high prices....
Wall St. Cheat Sheet

Tell Your Relatives: No, Microsoft Won't Call You About Your ...
Chris Hoffman
“Hi, I'm from Microsoft and we've noticed your computer has a lot of viruses. ... For example, below we have a variety of errors in that state Apple's Bonjour ...
How-To Geek

China launches 'Jade Rabbit' rover on its first moon-landing mission
A Long March 3B rocket lifts off from China's Xichang Satellite Launch Center early Monday Beijing time, carrying the Chang'e 3 spacecraft on the first leg of its journey to the moon. China launched a powerful rocket on Sunday to send the country's first lunar ...

Black Hole Discovered Which Emits Brilliant Light
Guardian Express
When a recently-discovered black hole was discovered which emits brilliant light, scientists were baffled, and scrambled to explain how a black hole could shine with such brilliance. According to a new study, the black-hole system called ULX-1 in the nearby ...

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