16 December 2013

Samantha West, Telemarketer Robot


Samantha West The Telemarketer Robot Who Swears She's Not a Robot | TIME.com: ". . . .This number, if you Google it, is the subject of much discussion online as other recipients of Samantha West calls complain on chat boards about the mysteriously persistent lady who keeps calling them. “A friendly sounded woman on the other end claimed I requested health insurance information,” writes one mark. “She doggedly refused to deviate from her script.”" (read more at link above)

Lawsuit accuses IBM of hiding China risks amid NSA spy scandal | Reuters: "The plaintiff in the complaint, Louisiana Sheriffs' Pension & Relief Fund, said this threatened IBM hardware sales in China, particularly given a program known as Prism that let the NSA spy on that country through technology companies such as IBM. The Baton Rouge pension fund said the revelation of Prism and related disclosures by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden caused Chinese businesses and China's government to abruptly cut ties with the world's largest technology services provider. It said this led IBM on October 16 to post disappointing third-quarter results, including drops in China of 22 percent in sales and 40 percent in hardware sales."

AT&T Whines About Sharing Utility Poles With Google Fiber | DSLReports, ISP Information: "AT&T got annoyed this week by a City of Austin plan aimed at making it easier for Austin-area competitors to attach to city utility poles. The Austin City Council planned to vote this week to change rules that would now require AT&T let Google lease space on their towers. The City Council argued this change was necessary to minimize disruptions, and prevent redundant pole installations as Google begins to install its 1 Gbps network. The city of Austin owns about 80% of the city's telephone poles, and AT&T owns the other 20%. Austin appears well within their right-of-way rights to require AT&T share their poles, and Google says they're happy to pay. "

Sprint Working on a bid for T-Mobile US - WSJ.com: "...The government would likely be very wary of allowing T-Mobile to be acquired, former antitrust officials said. In its opposition to AT&T's deal to buy T-Mobile in 2011, the Justice Department called the smaller company an "aggressive competitor" that benefits consumers by spurring the other three carriers to provide more attractive prices..."

Forget Amazon; I want a drone of my own
Google is funding drones to watch for rhino poachers. Scientists in China ...Amazon shows a video of its imagined drone delivery system in action. But because ...

Washington Post

Amazon now offering Kindle Fire HDX tablets on installment plan
Amazon is clearly trying to move some of its new Kindle Fire HDX tablets during this ... If you don't bother to finish paying it off, Amazon reserve the right to ...

Headlines & Global News

Apple Loop: 'Vintage' Holiday Ads, Counting China Mobile, Chrome ...
The firm also found that Apple quadrupled its share in the Chinese market. ...Google this week said Chrome Apps, introduced in Septmber for Windows and ...

Wall Street Journal

Amazon.com distribution center in Kentucky recruits armada of RV ...
Those are signs of the Christmas season in this Kentucky town, where theAmazon.com distribution center recruits an armada of RV owners as seasonal workers ...


Apple's Mac OS X Does Not Contain Secret Bitcoin Mining Software
There's a particularly horrible “joke” floating around out there that claims thatApple Apple has installed secret Bitcoin mining software inside Mac OS X. If you ...

Graham Cluley Security News

Apple CEO Tim Cook Talks Equality in Award Speech
Last year, Apple's leading social-good message focused mostly on improving the working conditions for laborers at its factories in China. However, in recent ...

Business Standard

Google tussles with security researchers, privacy advocates
December 14, 2013 — CSO — Security researchers and Google are at odds over ... Newsletters and promotions from Amazon or magazines are examples of ...

Racers Republic

Apple seeks to freeze its antitrust 'monitor'
Fortune (blog)
Apple has filed papers in Manhattan federal court claiming its court-appointed monitor is overstepping his bounds and interfering with the company's business.

Apple's iPhones And iPads Showing Up In China Mobile Stores
From the pictures he took and what he wrote a majority of the store was dedicated to Apple. While this is only one store it is a positive indication that China ...

Current Solar Activity Cycle Is Weakest in a Century | Space.com: "The sun's current space-weather cycle is the most anemic in 100 years, scientists say. Our star is now at "solar maximum," the peak phase of its 11-year activity cycle. But this solar max is weak, and the overall current cycle, known as Solar Cycle 24, conjures up comparisons to the famously feeble Solar Cycle 14 in the early 1900s, researchers said. "None of us alive have ever seen such a weak cycle. So we will learn something," Leif Svalgaard of Stanford University told reporters here today (Dec. 11) at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union. [Solar Max: Amazing Sun Storm Photos of 2013]..."

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