29 December 2013

Chromebooks capture 20% of commercial notebooks, beat PCs and Macs at Amazon

Add that Microsoft Scroogled ad campaign, along with Windows 8 and Windows phone, to the #FAIL pile in Redmond --

Chromebooks charge into business market, capture 20% of commercial notebooks | PCWorld"Sales of Chromebooks exploded from basically nothing in 2012 to more than 20 percent of the U.S. commercial PC market, analyst firm NPD reported on Monday, while Windows PCs and Macs remained flat at best...."

Chromebooks top holiday laptop charts at Amazon, beating PCs and Macs - GeekWire: "... Amazon revealed this morning that two Chromebooks – the Samsung Chromebook and the Acer Chromebook – were two of the top-selling laptops for holiday shoppers. The news, delivered as part of Amazon’s press release about its massive holiday season, is a milestone for Google’s web-centric computer operating system. It’s also bad news for Microsoft, which is still trying to push consumers towards Windows 8 PCs as manufacturers look to Google’s platform as a way to diversify their offerings and weather the tablet-fueled storm that is currently pummeling PC market share...."

Google to $2,000 in 2014 - TheStreet: "It has a core source of revenue that more than takes care of its basic needs. In fact, it so owns the digital advertising space it can live like a rockstar on the dollars billions of clicks (and taps) produce. Everything else it does exists to power that turbine and, maybe more importantly, keep risk taking, dreaming and innovation alive in Silicon Valley...."

Google in 2014: The World Is (Almost) Its Oyster: " . . . I've heard rumors that the company is working on an Oculus Rift-type virtual reality headset. (It did just poach Microsoft's top augmented reality engineer, Blaise Ag├╝era y Arcas.) Releasing such a headset, at low Oculus Rift-like prices, would make a nice compliment to Google Glass. Despite the disruptive effects of being billionaires, of having to deal with national politics and NSA intrusion, Page and Brin have successfully retained the spirits of those 27-year-old geeks with audacious ambition and a strong desire to show us the next shiny thing. However good a year the company has in 2014, there seems little doubt it will surpass itself in 2015."

Google Vs Apple, Media Mentions: Google Tops Apple in 2013 | BGR: "Google had a pretty good year in 2013. The company’s share price exploded to all-time highs, Android now eclipses all other mobile platforms in global market share at more than 80%, and Google’s share of search traffic is still nearly 70% despite increased competition from Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing. Now, there’s a new feather Google can put in its cap: According to Dow Jones, Google dethroned Apple in 2013 and because the most talked-about company in terms of global media attention..."

2014 is the year smartphones hit $20 - Quartz: "This is how technology works: In 2007, the iPhone debuted at a carrier-subsidized price of $500. Seven years later, mobile rewards company Jana predicts that in 2014, Chinese-made, Android-powered smartphones of comparable functionality will be available for consumers to buy for $20 unsubsidized in China."

CTIA website shows mobile app data usage | PCWorld: "The website also includes information about how mobile device owners can conserve data. KnowMyApp.org currently includes test results for the top 50 paid and free apps from the Apple and Google stores, and CTIA plans to add more apps each month. The trade group invites developers to submit apps to be tested."

Amazon Prime tops 20 million members as company touts its best holiday season ever - GeekWire: "Overall, Amazon says the 2013 holiday season was its “best ever,” with more than 36.8 million items ordered on Cyber Monday alone. It isn’t a surprise that the holiday season set a new record, given the steady growth in e-commerce sales worldwide."

Apple CEO's compensation rises slightly to $4.3M
CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) — Apple CEO Timothy Cook received a compensation package valued at nearly $4.3 million this year, up slightly from 2012.

Indian Express
Los Angeles Times
Every quarter Google has a larger mobile market share than Apple, but when it comes to ... Amazon says it sold 426 items a second on Cyber Monday.

University Herald

Apple leads record return of cash to shareholders
When it comes to Wall Street and shareholders, cash is still king. With corporate profits at record highs and interest rates near historic lows, companies ...

Microsoft's 2014 makeover: It's all up ...
The world waits for Microsoft to reveal the successor to CEO Steve Ballmer. That's when the hard decisions start....

Venture Capital Post

Is Apple's 13-in. iPad a desktop for kids?
(Apple's current biggest iPad models have 9.7-in. screens.) ... The major operating system companies -- Google, Microsoft and Apple -- know that we're ...


Google Loses Bid for Wiretap Suit Appeals Court Rehearing
Google Inc. (GOOG) lost a bid for a rehearing before a federal appeals court that said the operator of the world's most-used search engine must face ...


Apple Urges Vote Against Icahn Proposal
Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Wedge Partners Principal Brian Blair discusses Apple's statement to its shareholders urging them to vote against billionaire ...

Google Gives Away 'Best' Albums Of 2013 As Free Downloads: Play ...
International Business Times
Google is giving away "The Ghost of What You Believe" from Chvrches and "Yeezus" from Kanye West as part of its staff-chosen "Play Picks 2013.

The Verge
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