09 December 2013

Why Microsoft is spooked by Chromebooks

The Verge asks the question: Why is Microsoft scared of Chromebooks? | The Verge: "... Something has Redmond spooked ..."

Short answer: Chromebooks are easy to use, update themselves without hassle, are more secure and cost less than Windows PCs,  and with plenty of Google storage and Google Apps which can be used offline -- who needs Microsoft Windows or Office?

Google Puts Money on Robots, Using the Man Behind Android - NYTimes.com: "Google executives acknowledge that robotic vision is a “moonshot.” But it appears to be more realistic than Amazon’s proposed drone delivery service, which Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive, revealed in a television interview the evening before one of the biggest online shopping days of the year."

The Beginning of the End for Microsoft's claims against Android manufacturers -- expect further appeals and litigation, but Samsung and HTC and other Android manufacturers are surely paying attention --
German Patent Ruling Threatens Microsoft's Windows Phone Earnings From Android - Forbes".... we don’t really have a German or UK or whatever patent system any more, we have a European Union one. So this German case doesn’t apply just to Germany, it applies right across the EU. Even if the US decision doesn’t go the same way, if Microsoft does lose the FAT patent in this one case then it will lose it right across 500 million rich world people. And while Microsoft is certainly large enough to survive such a loss it would still hurt."

Google Online Security Blog: Internet-wide efforts to fight email phishing are working: " 91.4% of the authenticated non-spam emails sent to Gmail users come from senders that have adopted one or more of the following email authentication standards: DKIM (DomainKey Identified Email) or SPF (Sender Policy Framework)."

Apple Can Only Increase Its Buyback Program By $5 To $10 Billion ...
Moody's issued an announcement on Thursday essentially warning Apple Apple and ... I have developed a Google Google Doc (available via this link) with how ...

Why US apple farmers actually want Chinese apple imports
Christian Science Monitor
China has its sights set on exporting its fruit to the United States. And that's OK with growers in Washington, who harvest the bulk of America'sapple crop.

Christian Science Monitor

Microsoft CEO Watch: Mulally Staying at Ford
Top Tech News
The current CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, is stepping down later next year, and one of the top replacement candidates had been Ford CEO Alan Mulally ...

Microsoft warning on security updates
MANAMA : With 22 per cent of personal computers in the country still running the Windows XP operating system, many Bahrain enterprises are vulnerable to ...

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite features, price tag, and specs review
Kindle Paperwhite is reportedly proving hit with customers and Amazondoesn't look like if it going to lose it e-readers anytime soon since it is busy building a ...


Microsoft's Xbox One May Be Losing The Console War Due To ...
Working in this industry, I tend to make predictions quite a bit. Usually they pan out, like the bad feeling I had that the Wii U was going to bomb for Nintendo ...

Microsoft leads disruption of largest infected global PC network in its ...
Daily Mail
Microsoft Corp said on Thursday it had disrupted the largest network of ...Microsoft said the botnet had been costing advertisers on Bing, Google Inc and Yahoo ...

Jagran Post

Google: We're Winning Against Phishing and Spam Emails
Google can't say "mission accomplished" just yet, but the search giant made it clear that the Internet is winning its decade-old war against phishing and spam ...

Zee News

PC Magazine
Fwoomph. That's the sound of your T-Mobile connection going into turbo mode, similar to the same effect that happens when Doc Brown gets the car to 1.21 gigawatts (at least, we only hope it's that cool). According to AllThingsD, T-Mobile has flipped the ...

Will Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) be able to bring over Ford CEO Alan Mulally? All hope may not ... What kind of CEO does Microsoft's board want? The team at ...


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