25 March 2014

New Photowall iOS App, Chromecast interactive photo viewer

One more reason to buy Chromecast -- expect more of these kinds of fun and creative apps for Chromecast in the coming months --

Google’s Photowall for iOS turns the Chromecast into an interactive photo viewer — Tech News and Analysis: "Got an iPhone and a Chromecast? You can hold a photo viewing party with the new Photowall app from Google. The software lets multiple people share and doodle on big screen photos, creating a YouTube video of the entire session...."

Google's Bold Plan to Overthrow Amazon as King of the Cloud | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com: "Urs Hölzle oversaw the creation of the world’s largest computer. It’s a machine that spans the globe — from The Dalles, Oregon to Hamina, Finland to Quilicura, Chile — and you use it every day. It’s called Google....this past January, Hölzle sent a thunderclap of a corporate memo across the company, laying out a new direction for both his team and the entire Google empire....a major expansion of the company’s cloud computing services — services that let outside businesses or software developers run their own software atop Google’s global infrastructure. “We will spend the majority of our development efforts on this New World,” wrote Hölzle. “Every developer will want to live in this world…and it’s our job to build it.”...."
more info:

Apple in Talks With Comcast About Streaming-TV Service
Wall Street Journal
While devices have made some inroads in the TV industry, none offer the kind of fully formed TV service, with the guarantee of network quality, that ...

Microsoft's Nokia buy suffers delay
Set to go ahead for $5 billion, with roughly $2.17 billion spent on licensing Nokia patents,Microsoft will not only acquire Nokia's handset-making ...

Microsoft case shows privacy's a myth
Boston Herald
While U.S. technology giants such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft have taken pains to distance themselves from government spy efforts brought ...

Amazon set to put AWS in the spotlight
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — The average consumer knows many things aboutAmazon.com Inc., including its almost endless list of products ...

Apple Could Spur Growth By Opening Up iTunes, Mobile Payments
Billboard reports that Apple is considering a multi-pronged strategy that may include an iTunes app for Google's Android. Google has always had apps ...

Microsoft to rebrand 'Windows Azure' as 'Microsoft Azure'
Microsoft will announce its rebranding of its "Windows Azure" cloud operating system to "Microsoft Azure," this week, according to a couple of tipsters ...

Google, DuckDuckGo And The Regulation Of Privacy
This piece about DuckDuckGo rather interested me, for it speaks to the argument that is being had over the regulation of privacy in both the US and the ...

Behind Apple's Siri Lies Nuance's Speech Recognition
Very quickly after his company was founded, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates .... Apple,Google, and Nuance are also working on language understanding.

Microsoft's Build powwow: Our wish list
In fact, Microsoft's enterprise business carries the team and gives the company the cash to spend to alleviate its Apple (the Nokia acquisition?!? Really ...

5 Things We Know and 5 Things We Don't About The New Moto 360
Android Headlines - Android News
The smart watch is growing fast, and Motorola has made some splashes recently. The Moto 360 is taking the world by storm as everyone wants to know more. Though we may not know everything just yet, so let's pull together what we do know, and ask the ...

Evidence Of Frost On Martian Sand Dunes
The Almagest
Mars was never though of as a resourceful planet of sorts, but all of that could change. Due to the HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) technology being implemented within the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (more so known as the MRO), ...

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