17 March 2014

iOS 7.1 full of problems?

iOS 7.1 May Be Draining Your iPhone's Battery, Among Other Horrible Things: "...That's one of the complaints being raised against Apple's latest update to iOS 7, released on [last] Monday. iPhone owners have taken to Twitter and the Apple Community Forum message boards to voice their frustration at iOS 7.1, the first major update to Apple's newest operating system for iPhones and iPads. The software seems to be causing several issues, including loss of battery life, poor Bluetooth connectivity and spontaneous restarts...."

Why Google Is Not Scared Of Samsung Forking Android - Business Insider: "...Samsung may be very talented at quickly manufacturing hardware products, but it is no good at making software and applications (Walt Mossberg called the S4 "weak" and "gimmicky"). Therefore, it would be taking a huge risk by ditching the well-liked, and highly successful, Android platform for a platform of its own...."

Apple Co-Founder: Snowden Is A ‘Hero’ « CBS DC: " Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is full of praise for NSA leaker Edward Snowden. He tells the Times of India that Snowden is a “hero” for divulging information about the top secret government surveillance program. “I believe that Snowden believed, like I do, that the U.S. has a right to freedom. He had the guts to and courage to sacrifice his life for a principle,” he said. Wozniak was at the CeBit conference in Germany...."

Wireless electricity? It's here - CNN.com: "For Hall, the applications are endless: "I always say kids will say: 'Why is it called wireless?'" "The kids that are growing up in a couple of years will never have to plug anything in again to charge it.""

U.S. to Cede Its Oversight of Addresses on Internet - NYTimes.com: "The United States will give up its role overseeing the system of Web addresses and domain names that form the basic plumbing of the Internet, turning it over in 2015 to an international group whose structure and administration will be determined over the next year, government officials said on Friday...."

Google Fiber vs. Comcast, Time Warner Cable: serious competitor | BGR: "ISPs will ignore Google Fiber at their own peril. MarketWatch’s Nat Worden writes that many cable executives he talked with four years ago were openly dismissive of Google’s chances of succeeding as an ISP because the company didn’t have the experience managing a network and dealing with customer service to make it work. Now, however, Google Fiber is up and running in three markets and is considering an expansion to nine other major metropolitan areas encompassing 34 cities and towns, meaning the time for Comcast and Time Warner Cable to scoff at Google’s broadband adventure may be at an end...."

Microsoft takes on the 'free' OS
Microsoft fell behind Android and Apple when it missed the move to mobile, not offering the Windows Phone OS until 2010, long after Google and Apple jumped in the market. Former CEO Steve Ballmer said as much earlier this month. "We would have a ...

Google Play Store offers more control over in-game purchases
An earlier Federal Trade Commission complaint -- against Apple and the 15-minute purchase window it had in effect on its App Store -- revealed that one woman's daughter had spent $2,600 while playing Tap Pet Hotel and that other kids had shelled out ...

Apple, HP, Intel may be hit by slowdown in growth of smartphone salesSan Jose Mercury News
The smartphone business has generated staggering wealth for companies such as Appleand triggered a recent scramble by Hewlett-Packard and Intel to try for a piece of the action. But it now looks like its best days may be behind it, a troubling trend ...

Why Veronica Mars embraced UltraViolet and angered fans | TechHive: "....The implementation of UltraViolet as an answer to iTunes, however, has shown itself to be a colossal failure over the last two years. It has been in need of a page-one rewrite for as long as the service has existed, and this is its highest-profile flop yet."

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