07 March 2014

Google's Schmidt: Apple Does Not Back Down (video)

Apple Doesn't Back Down: Google's Schmidt: Video - Bloomberg: "March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt discusses his company's culture in relation to tech giant Apple at "The Montgomery Summit in Santa Monica, California. He speaks with Bloomberg West anchor Emily Chang and Google Idea's Jared Cohen. (Source: Bloomberg)"

Google's Schmidt Sees Robots Omnipresent 'in a Good Way'
When asked about the state of innovation at Apple Inc. (AAPL) and the lack of new products, Schmidt said Google's rival is a “well-run company and I'm sure whatever issues they're facing, they'll solve.” Google is optimistic about its prospects even as ...

Though PC sales have declined in recent years, mouse unit sales slipped only 3% in the past 12 months, according to industry research firm NPD. In other words, a good chunk of laptop buyers are adding mice to their productivity ensembles.(source infra)
The Computer Mouse Still Roars - WSJ.com: "What I discovered: Thirty years after the Macintosh took the mouse mainstream, I couldn't find anything more precise or comfortable for operating a computer. More important, I found the mouse has managed to reinvent itself over the years—it's like the Madonna of PC peripherals....like many professionals, when I need to get work done, I'm still sitting in a chair facing a big computer screen. And there, the mouse remains king."

Over the next couple of weeks, Google will be rolling out a universal update that'll enable constant on-device monitoring for potentially problematic apps. It's an upgrade to the platform's Verify Apps function-- How Google's Android security is about to get even smarter | Computerworld Blogs: "Now more than ever, malware on Android is far less significant of a real-world issue than some reports would lead you to believe. In the real world, the killer viruses that are so good for headlines actually affect next to no one. And now, even if you don't exercise basic common sense -- even if you carelessly download shady-looking stuff from unofficial sources out in the wild -- your phone will automatically protect you even more than it already did."

Google Expands Support For Tech Partners
In parallel, Google launched App Engine in 2008 and the cloud-based application hosting service has since evolved into the Google Cloud Platform, which competes for corporate computing business with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, among ...

Apple again denied permanent US sales ban against Samsung products
Apple has again been denied a permanent U.S. sales ban on 23 Samsung Electronics products that infringe on Apple patents. In December 2012, Apple appealed a decision of Judge Lucy Koh of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ...

Google Barge Cruising From San Francisco to Delta
ABC News
Google says the barge will serve as an interactive technology center when it's done. However, various theories have been floated about its purpose. Among the most popular have been that Google is building a party boat, roaming data center or aquatic store.

Google Exec on WhatsApp Deal: $500 Million Per Employee?!
Wall Street Journal (blog)
At the Morgan Stanley technology conference in San Francisco, analyst Scott Devitt askedGoogle Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora how Google might generate revenue from its Android mobile operating system other than through advertising and sharing ...

Apple scrambling to tweak App Store to meet FTC's March 31 deadline
The FTC's 2013 complaint alleged that Apple failed to tell parents that entering a password for an in-app purchase also allowed 15 minutes of unlimited purchases by anyone on the account (including children) without requiring a password. As someone who ...

Microsoft plans to patch critical under-attack IE bug next week
Computerworld - Microsoft today announced it will deliver five security updates to customers next week, two tagged as "critical," including one that will quash the open vulnerability in Internet Explorer (IE) that hackers have been exploiting since ...

Apple's CarPlay Doesn't Think Different
PC Magazine
With its Open Automotive Alliance, Google is also going its own way and, like Apple, making a play for the potentially lucrative connected car market. Meanwhile, the Car Connectivity Consortium with its MirrorLink standard and others like Livio Connect ...

Microsoft Lets Agencies Test Government-Only Cloud
Microsoft has begun giving a select group of federal customers the chance to put Microsoft's new government-only cloud service through a series of private tests. "The processes, people, technology, and infrastructure are all in place. We want real ...

No Google Fiber service available in Saratoga, at least for now
San Jose Mercury News
Kansas City has it. As does Austin and Provo. Just last month, Google announced that it's looking to expand its new ultrafast Internet service to nine more major U.S. metropolitan areas, including the Silicon Valley cities of San Jose, Sunnyvale, Palo ...

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