30 March 2014

How Google responds to US search warrants (video)

"How Google responds to U.S. search warrants, while working hard to protect our users' privacy and security. Learn more about how we handle requests: http://google.com/transparencyreport/... Mar 27, 2014"

Take Action – Google: "Join over 3,000,000 people around the world in standing up for a free and open web." "In the course of a criminal investigation, sometimes the government requests information on Google users. We’ve put together this video (above) to illustrate how we protect users’ information from excessive requests, while also following the law. We release the number of requests we receive for user data twice a year in our Transparency Report."

China's Freedom of Search
Wall Street Journal
Free speech and the Chinese Internet aren't exactly cozy bedfellows. Yet lawyers for Baidu, China's largest search engine, proclaimed a recent court victory upholding the company's right to censor search results as a “ringing endorsement of the core values ...

Facebook May Rebrand Oculus Rift, Import Interface - Update
The Escapist
An unnamed person involved in the Facebook and Oculus deal states the social media giant is planning to re-brand the VR hardware with the Facebook interface and logo. Update: A Facebook rep has told TechCrunch the rumor is "not true and not in the ...

Microsoft Office for iPad: Five takeaways
Microsoft's new Office for iPad makes a favorable first impression and it has much in common with the version of Office you are familiar with on a PC or ...

Did Microsoft diss Windows 8 when it released Office for the iPad? | Computerworld Blogs
By Preston Gralla
The release of Office for the iPad is an even bigger deal that it might seem. It means for the first time, Microsoft has released a version of its software for ...
Computerworld Blogs

Everything you need to know about Facebook's drones, lasers and satellites
Washington Post (blog)
Facebook's sci-fi take on connecting the rest of the world to broadband may sound magical. But it's all dependent on real-world, physical constraints. And now, Mark Zuckerberg has revealed more — a lot more — about how this system is going to work.

Google Wins In Amazon Cloud Price Battle
Let's put this week's cloud price cuts in context. Cash-rich Google has made it harder forAmazon to profit on AWS. Whether or not Google steals a ton ...

Microsoft reverses, vows not to snoop on emails
LOS ANGELES (AP) — A week after saying it was justified in snooping through a blogger's Hotmail account to track down a leaker of company ...

UPDATE 2-Apple, Google lose bid to avoid trial on tech worker lawsuit
Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe asked for a judgment in their favor without a trial, ... to broker a "cease fire" between Google and Facebook, Koh wrote.

Apple E-Book Consumer Lawsuit Can Proceed as Group Case
Apple Inc. (AAPL) lost its bid to block consumers in 23 states and territories from suing as a ... The intent was to force Amazon.com (AMZN), the No.

Facebook Drones Part of Zuckerberg's Spending Spree
March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Buzzfeed's Charlie Warzel, Citizen.VC's Max Wolff and Bloomberg's Cory Johnson discuss Facebook's spending spree with ...

Amazon.com says not planning free TV service
Chicago Tribune
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Amazon.com Inc has no plan to offer a free streaming TV service, a spokeswoman said on Friday following a report that ...

Google's Page, Brin stay at $1 a year
Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin maintained their $1 annual salaries in 2013. Pity neither - they're each worth about $26 billion, based ...

Has Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Lost His Mind?
Last week, Facebook announced it would use its formidable currency—at $60.01, the shares trade at 48 times this year's expected profits—to buy a ...

Daily Roundup: virtual Facebook concept, ThinkPad X1 Carbon review and more! - Engadget
By Andy Bowen
This is what Facebook could look like on Oculus Rift (video) ... The iBeacon is a smallApple device that boosts iPhone location services through ... Microsoft changes privacy policy to ban accessing users' email · Tesla toughens up the Model S' underbody to prevent battery fires · Google mandates ...
Engadget RSS Feed

Why it's time for Google to fix Google Now — Tech News and Analysis - Gigaom
By Janko Roettgers
Google Now is supposed to anticipate our needs before we search for them, but one of its core features is terribly broken....

Microsoft Won't Scan Email Accounts over Stolen Property Anymore - The Next Web
By Emil Protalinski
Microsoft today announced a change to its email privacy policies that states the company will no longer scan email accounts over stolen property.
The Next Web

Microsoft will stop snooping through Hotmail to investigate security leaks | The Raw Story
By Agence France-Presse
google plus icon ... Microsoft has scrapped a policy which allowed it to peek at Hotmail messages to plug leaks or .... Facebook Twitter RSS Digg ...
The Raw Story

6 Apple Products Just Itching For An Update -- AppAdvice
By Bryan M. Wolfe
These six Apple products could receive an update later this year -- or not. ... We knowApple will launch new iPhones and iPads later this year. ... Amazon Expected To UnveilApple TV Competitor Next Week · Millennials Are Ditching ...
App Advice

Microsoft changes email privacy policy after backlash - LiveSide.net
By Kip Kniskern
Microsoft then issued a pair of statements clarifying their stance, and making ... WhileMicrosoft, under its current terms of service, did have the authority to inspect the ... http://www.facebook.com/liveside; http://www.twitter.com/liveside ...

Facebook and Internet.org announce flying internet - Gizmag
By Stu Robarts
A team at Facebook has been working on new technologies to improve and increase Internet access across the globe. Solutions include ...
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

Kinect For Windows v2 Detailed By Microsoft - News - www.GameInformer.com
By Dan Ryckert
Windows PCs are going to receive their own version of the Xbox One's Kinect, and a few details were recently revealed by Microsoft. One of the most ...

Fake Google Apps Hit The Windows Phone Store | Ubergizmo
By Tyler Lee
In fact with the whole YouTube and Windows Phone fuss in the past, we have seen how difficult it can be for Google and Microsoft to work together, ...

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