03 March 2014

Mapjacker Reveals Google Maps Flaw

Of course he (and Google) have some explaining to do (to the Secret Service and FBI -- see below):

Google Map jacker called a hero by feds he wiretapped: "When you Google a business, do you trust the Google Map listing enough to call the phone number or use it for navigation purposes? You totally shouldn't, according to Bryan Seely. He describes himself as a senior Microsoft Lync engineer, network engineer and security consultant who broke Google Maps and then used that "flaw" to wiretap the Secret Service and FBI...." 

Apple Book Excerpt: The Job After Jobs
Wall Street Journal (blog)
After an astonishing turnaround from the brink of bankruptcy, Apple is facing more skeptics today than at any point in the past decade. The competitive threat of an industry full of Android-powered devices is raising the stakes for Apple at a time when ...

Microsoft misjudges customer loyalty with kill-XP plea
Computerworld - Microsoft grossly overestimated the loyalty of those it thought were its most steadfast customers when it asked for their help in getting friends and family members to dump Windows XP, a corporate communications expert said Friday ...

Microsoft's latest stab at Apple: Macs are no good for weddings
Would a touch screen divorce Apple from its true principles? This fine future bride plumped for a Windows all-in-one because, just like the perfect marriage, you'll never need anything else. You see, here's what's important in wedding planning: "A ...

Microsoft's XBox One Gets Independent Developer Support
Microsoft, whose success is owed in large part to strong developer support, took a backseat to Sony at last year's E3 in the eyes of independent game developers. During the PlayStation 4 unveiling, Sony won over video game enthusiasts and industry ...

Google fights back against possible bans on Glass
San Francisco Chronicle
Gary Howell has a vision, and it's a grim one, involving a cat. A motorist is driving down the road, wearing his Google Glass. He decides to watch a feline video and breaks into laughter. "When you're rolling down the road in a ton-and-a-half of metal ...

Nokia X hacked, Google apps installed
Times of India
While Nokia has replaced key APIs and services including Google's Maps and application marketplace with its own apps and Microsoft's services, an XDA forum member, Kashamalaga, has posted a way to root the Nokia X so that it could run the Google ...

Microsoft execs Bates and Reller to depart, report says
Bates has been serving as Microsoft's chief of business development and evangelism, while Reller has been the software maker's head of marketing. The Recode report said that Bates' duties will be handled for the time being by Eric Rudder, who oversees ...

Apple-Samsung silicon union still strong, chip expert says
Apple-Samsung silicon union still strong, chip expert says. For all the bad blood over smartphones, a coziness remains when it comes to Samsung-made chips, says the chief of VLSI Research. "Apple has been ... learned how to work that relationship.".

On climate change: Forces of nature are causing it, not humans; Even Christian ...
Dallas Morning News (blog)
In this photograph taken February 16, 2014, smoke rises from a peatland fire in Pekanbaru district in Riau province on Indonesia's Sumatra island. Indonesia, an archipelago of 17,000 islands, is one of the world's biggest carbon emitters because of rampant ...

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