10 March 2014

Google Has Destroyed the Microsoft Business Model

Why would Microsoft waste millions of dollars on its lame Scroogled campaign? Because Google destroyed the Microsoft business model --

Google Has Destroyed Microsoft's Business Model (GOOG, MSFT): "....In the 1990s, Microsoft was able to destroy the once-dominant Netscape Navigator and conquer the browser market by giving Internet Explorer away for free. Since every Windows PC came with a free copy of Internet Explorer, there was no reason to shell out $49 for a Navigator license. Slowly but surely, Google seems to be doing the same to Microsoft. With Gartner analysts expecting Google's Android to subsume the market for Microsoft's Windows by 2017, Microsoft will have to transition to a business model that doesn't depend on selling software." (read more at link above)

Perspective: Microsoft risks security reputation ruin by retiring XP
Computerworld - A decade ago, Microsoft kicked off SDL, or Security Development Lifecycle, a now-widely-adopted process designed to bake security into software, and began building what has become an unmatched reputation in how a vendor writes more ...

Google X: Secret lab for 'moonshot' research
San Jose Mercury News
MOUNTAIN VIEW -- In a rare public speech, Google CEO Larry Page once suggested the tech industry needs "safe places where we can try out new things" without rules or interference. Some people thought he was describing a futuristic fantasy, perhaps a ...

Google faces up to $5 bn CCI fine; says cooperating in probe
New Delhi: Google, which is facing antitrust investigation in India by fair trade watchdog CCI, can face a penalty of up to about USD five billion if it is found to have violated competition norms of the country. Google said it is "extending full ...

ComScore: Apple Wins US Smartphone Sales, Android Wins Platform Share
PC Magazine
Apple's iOS has grown a single percent in this time period, up to 41.6 percent from 40.6 percent. BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Symbian platforms combined barely put a dent in either Android or Apple's market share. Individually, they sit at 3.1 percent ...

Microsoft wants targeted political ads on Xbox Live dashboard, courting ...
Microsoft officials were handing out promotional materials for political ads on Xbox Live at the Conservative Political Action Conference, will use players' data to target ads at different demographics.

Microsoft: Lots of Drama But A Steady Stock
It does get Microsoft a big global mobile company, but the question is whether Nokia has the expertise — and can retain them and keep them motivated — to mount a real challenge to Samsung and others using Google's Android technology and, of course, ...

Apple Dials Up Effort To Meld iPhone with Cars
Top Tech News
The partnerships give Apple an early lead over Google's loosely knit family of Android phones in a duel to make mobile applications more accessible while drivers are behind the wheel. Apple's iOS mobile software and Google's Android operating system ...

Why Google shouldn't be the copyright court of last resort
Washington Post
When I was in law school in the early '80s, our Law Review editorial board made the decision to stop sending in copies of the Law Review to schools and universities in South Africa, as a way of protesting against apartheid. It struck me, at the time ...

Facebook is holding its first conference since its IPO. Mark your calendars
The point is, Facebook is holding f8, its non-annual, whenever-it-feels-the-need developer conference, this year. Fun fact: Facebook hasn't held an f8 since 2011, when CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the all-new profile redesign and media integrations.

Week in Geek: 100000 beautiful asteroids
Asteroids are all over the news this week. Not one, not two, but three of them whizzed by Earth within 48 hours of each other. And if that wasn't enough, the Hubble Space Telescope had a front-row seat for the break-up of a 240,000 ton asteroid. This edition of ...

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