27 March 2014

Google Cloud Computing Pricing Drops

Google, Amazon, Microsoft -- let the cloud wars begin! --

Google Reinvents How Cloud Computing Is Priced | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com: " . . . Today, at an event in San Francisco, the tech giant significantly reduced the prices attached to several of its cloud computing services, seeking an edge over Amazon, the world’s dominant cloud company. “This brings you industry leading pricing without the complexity you’re used to,” said Urs H√∂lzle, who oversees Google’s cloud services and its entire online infrastructure...." more info: https://cloud.google.com/

Google Drops Cloud Pricing
Taking aim at Amazon Web Services, Google on Tuesday slashed the ... Both Amazon and Microsoft are expected to respond with price reductions for ...

Facebook Buys Oculus VR: What's Next?
Not to be left out of the wearable computing market, Facebook on Tuesday said it ...Google is imagining just that, but with Glass rather than goggles.

Google to De-Dorkify Glass in Partnership With Ray-Ban Maker Luxottica
About a week ago, Google (GOOG) seemed to face a tense moment in the development of its high-profile Google Glass wearable computer.

Apple engineer shares details on the iPhone's long birth — Tech News and Analysis - Gigaom
By Kevin C. Tofel
You'd might be surprised by what the Apple team used to simulate the ... Can NRG be as effective as Google, Amazon, Apple or Facebook in the ...

Minecraft Cancels Oculus Rift Version After Facebook Acquisition - The Next Web
By Josh Ong
Minecraft creator Markus Persson just revealed that he has canceled any possible deal with Oculus Rift now that Facebook has announced plans to ...
The Next Web

A Reddit User 'Broke' The Facebook-Oculus Deal - Business Insider
By Megan Rose Dickey
A Reddit user spotted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Oculus office about a ... Login With Facebook Login With Twitter Login With Google .... Microsoft makes source code for MS-DOS and Word for Windows available to ... How They're Used For Payments And Retail, And Why Apple's Ahead ...

Facebook Invades Virtual Reality, Plans to Buy Oculus for $2 Billion - Gawker
By Jay Hathaway
Soon, we won't even have a virtual reality without Facebook. The ubiquitous social networking/advertising firm just announced it's buying Oculus VR, ...

Bob Peck on Facebook-Oculus | The Reformed Broker
By Joshua M Brown
Bob Peck (SunTrust) frames the discussion around Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of development-stage virtual reality company Oculus as a ...
The Reformed Broker

Notch Says He's Canceled Oculus Rift Minecraft Because Of Facebook | Kotaku Australia
By Kirk Hamilton
The people at Oculus VR are doubtless pretty psyched that Facebook just bought their company for $US2 billion . Some game developers, not so ...
Kotaku Australia

Google Takes Action Against Greek Link Networks - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)
By Jennifer Slegg
Google is continuing their fight against link networks internationally. Google's Matt Cutts recently confirmed via Twitter that Greece was the latest ...
Search Engine Watch - Latest

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