02 March 2014

Fair Use Doctrine, Copyright Infringement Misrepresentation

Copyright abuse by copyright holders, rampant, now Lawrence Lessig and EFF win Fair Use Doctrine victory:

Lawrence Lessig Wins Damages For Bogus YouTube Takedown | TorrentFreak: " . . . .in August 2013 and with support from the EFF he sued Liberation Music, asserting his right to use the music clip under the fair use doctrine. Liberation acted in bad faith when it sent the takedown notice, Lessig’s lawsuit said, and “knowingly and materially” misrepresented Lessig’s video as infringing copyright. Now, according to the EFF, Lessig has settled his dispute with Liberation after the label agreed to pay him damages and “fix” its copyright policies.. . . ."

Microsoft Said To Be Considering A Free Version Of Windows 8.1 | TechCrunch: "The nomenclature makes it sound like Windows 8.1 with Bing might be pretty heavily focused on the browser and its role as a potential platform play, so what we could end up with might look a lot like Chromebooks, in fact. This is all said to still be experimental, however, so it’s not guaranteed that it’ll ever hit the market."

Windows 7 change is good for businesses but may be more bad news for Windows 8 - TechRepublic: "....when asked "Was Microsoft right to extend the availability of Windows 7 for business customers?," TechRepublic's panel of international business decisions makers responded yes unanimously  – but their enthusiasm for Windows 7 seems to be linked to their lack of love for Windows 8....Some took a stronger line; Ingo Dean, IT director of EastWest Institute, said "Windows 8 is not ready. Allowing us to continue to get Windows 7 alleviates our need to seek alternatives such as MacBooks or Chromebooks...."

Spam phone calls cost US small businesses half a billion dollars in lost productivity | ZDNet: "....Although the federal government's national Do Not Call Registry may offer consumers some relief from spam, it leaves businesses exempt and unprotected. The volume of detected and blocked calls jumped 162 percent from January 2013 to January 2014 and is on track to keep rising with the mass adoption of mobile phones....Unlike spam emails, which can be ignored, spam calls are highly disruptive and costly for businesses that rely on phone calls for sales" said Jason Flaks, Director of Product and Engineering at Marchex...."

Mobile World Congress 2014: Winners And Losers
Check out the most (and least) impressive gadgets and developments from the year's biggest mobile confab. Mobile World Congress: 5 Hot Gadgets. (Click image for larger view and slideshow.) The Mobile World Congress, the wireless industry's most ...

Apple CEO Tim Cook teases, reassures shareholders
Washington Post
Apple CEO Tim Cook is still trying to convince shareholders that the iPhone maker remains a step ahead in the race to innovate, even though recent performance of the company's stock lags behind other technology trendsetters. In making his case Friday ...

Microsoft's Windows Strategy: A New Hope
It's worth noting that even though IDC projects Windows growth, it expects Apple to maintain its lead in the most lucrative segments. ... By creating a larger footprint in emerging markets, Microsoft impedes Android from becoming the reference point ...

Google loses bid to keep anti-Islamic video online during appeal
Chicago Tribune
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc on Friday lost its bid to keep an anti-Islamic film on its YouTube video sharing website while it appealed a federal appeals court order that the company said would have "devastating effects" if allowed to stand.

Google Chrome Beta Gets Hands-Free Voice Search
Google has spent considerable effort developing effective voice recognition, going back to the introduction of its Goog-411 service in April 2007, since discontinued. In 2011, it brought spoken-word queries to desktop computers through Chrome. Last ...

Google Updates Hangouts For iOS
"The app has a brand new look and feel, is super easy to navigate, and includes a bunch of performance improvements," said Google's Frank Petterson in a Google+ post that announced the changes. "You can still make free voice and video calls, of course.

Google Donates $6.8M to SF Youth Transit Program
PC Magazine
In recent months, Google has come under fire, alongside companies like Apple and Facebook, for shuttling workers in luxury, Wi-Fi enabled buses from San Francisco to Silicon Valley campuses. The buses sparked a heated debate, with activists arguing ...

How Amazon Could Ease the Pain of a Pricier Prime
For a business that makes most of its money selling physical stuff, getting streaming music right could be surprisingly important to Amazon's future. Rivals Apple and Googleare in many ways already well ahead in the music game, which eats into Amazon ...

Microsoft hints at new apps for Office suite
PCWorld (blog)
Microsoft executives signaled that Microsoft is working to add new apps to its Office suite, as well as versions tailored for new platforms. In an interview with GeekWire published Friday morning, Microsoft corporate vice president of marketing for ...

Apple CEO promises new products, says Apple TV no longer a 'hobby'
Chicago Tribune
Apple's ability to again transform the fast-moving technology arena is the central question in investors' and Silicon Valley executives' minds as the company's growth slows, and rivals like Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Google Inc take chunks out of ...

What investors need to know about Apple: Pro
Still, Apple's slow pace of growth concerns some investors. Colin Gillis, a senior tech analyst at BGC Financial, asked why the company, with its massive cash reserves of close to $160 billion, hasn't been aggressive making blockbuster acquisitions ...

Signs of past water, life found in Martian meteorite
The Space Reporter
Although two rovers are currently active on Mars, a mission to return samples of the Red Planet to Earth is still years away. The only Martian samples available to us are those that have been blasted off of Mars by impacts and have survived to reach Earth's ...

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