13 March 2014

Edward Snowden, Christopher Soghoian and Ben Wizner at SXSW (video)

Snowden, Soghoian and Wizner at SXSW, 10 March 2014 - Edward Snowden speaks about privacy and technology with the ACLU's Ben Wizner and Christopher Soghoian at SXSW Interactive.
Take Action: https://www.aclu.org/immunity4snowden
More information: https://www.aclu.org/nsa-surveillance
also amazing - the 7 proxy trick

How the NSA Plans to Infect 'Millions' of Computers with Malware - The Intercept: ".... new details about groundbreaking surveillance technology the agency has developed to infect potentially millions of computers worldwide with malware “implants.” The clandestine initiative enables the NSA to break into targeted computers and to siphon out data from foreign Internet and phone networks. The covert infrastructure that supports the hacking efforts operates from the agency’s headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland, and from eavesdropping bases in the United Kingdom and Japan....."

BBC News - Sir Tim Berners-Lee: World wide web needs bill of rights: " . . . He called for vigilance against surveillance by its users, adding: "The people of the world have to be constantly aware, constantly looking out for it - constantly making sure through action, protest, that it doesn't happen." Sir Tim has previously warned that surveillance could threaten the democratic nature of the web. He has also spoken out in support of Mr Snowden, saying his actions were "in the public interest". . ."

25 Years Old, the World Wide Web’s Potential Still Untapped"This week marks the 25th anniversary of the invention of the World Wide Web. What started as a way for scientists to share research has changed life worldwide forever. In March 1989, British scientist Tim Berners-Lee was working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, in Switzerland. Scientists would come to CERN from all over the world, but others could not view their research because their computers were not compatible. Berners-Lee thought it would be easier if all the computers could talk to one another and swap information directly. So he proposed linking the machines. The response from his bosses to his proposal, titled Information Management: A Proposal? “Vague, but exciting.” Little did they know..."

CLUELESS: MH370: No idea where to look | Astro Awani: “ . . .The biggest problem is just knowing where to look . . ."

Attackers trick 162,000 WordPress sites into launching DDoS attack | Ars Technica: "Security researchers have uncovered a recent distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that used at least 162,000 WordPress-powered websites to knock another site offline...."

Everything You Need To Know About pCell - Business Insider: "...Founded in 2011, Artemis is a startup working on pCell, a new wireless standard that it thinks could leapfrog 4G altogether..."

Google’s gigabit gambit isn’t going away - Outside the Box - MarketWatch: "Google Fiber, the tech giant’s experiment as a high-speed Internet service provider, seems poised to make its critics look bad. . . Google Fiber’s gigabit service appears to be gaining momentum. The company said last month it has “invited” 34 cities across nine major metropolitan areas to explore ways to bring the service to their citizens, signaling it’s ready to make a substantial investment in the venture."

Google pushes Chrome app store with more money-making options for devs
The new monetization methods give developers more of the pricing choices they have available to them when they place their work in the powerhouse app marts, Google Play for Android and App Store for Apple's iPhone and iPad. At the same time, Google has ...

Google launches referral program for Apps suite
Google Apps is locked in a tough battle with Microsoft's Office 365 in the cloud email and collaboration suite market and reseller partners are key for both companies. Last week,Google held its annual partner conference where it beefed up its ...

Apple Wants to Stop New Music From Hitting Spotify
Apple is the biggest music retailer in the world, so this trend is bad for the company's bottom line. The tech giant will likely try to convince record labels that the decline is also bad for them. If listeners stick to the free, ad-supported versions ...

The Flight of the Birdman: Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen Speaks Out | Culture News | Rolling Stone: "How did a chain-smoking geek from Hanoi design the viral hit Flappy Bird - and why did he walk away?"

New Jersey blocks Tesla sales in state
New York Business Journal
The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission passed a ruling today that will block the sale of Tesla Motors Inc. vehicles in the state, according to Bloomberg, which could ding the company's growth plans. The rule would require an auto dealers franchise ...

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