21 June 2013

Instagram goes Video

Video on Instagram--

Facebook Unveils Video on Instagram
PC Magazine
Video on Instagram will allow for 15-second video clips and includes 13 custom filters just for video. A feature known as Cinema will also provide for image stabilization so no more dizzying shots of friends at the bar or the kids at the playground. Instagram has ...

Mozilla again postpones Firefox third-party cookie-blocking, this time for months
Computerworld - Mozilla has effectively postponed Firefox's controversial third-party cookie-blocking policy for several months. Yesterday, the open-source developer announced it was collaborating with a new initiative, dubbed "Cookie Clearinghouse," or ...

LA Cable Customers Want to Dodge Time Warner's Sports Spending
The push for a la carte cable TV spilled over into courts this week when four Los Angeles residents filed a class-action complaint (PDF) against Time Warner Cable (TWC) for “invidious” bundling of expensive sports games. The aggrieved customers say Time ...

Google: GPAs are worthless
Google's senior vice president of "people operations" reveals that grade point averages mean nothing in hiring. Oh, and Google's going to stop its silly brain teaser tests too. Chris Matyszczyk.....

3-D Map of Human Brain Gives Unprecedented Detail
New York Times
Researchers in Germany and Canada have produced a new map of the human brain — not the sort that shows every brain cell and its every connection or the kind that shows broad patterns of activity in brain regions, but a work of classic anatomy, done with ...

Apple trial defense: A guilty verdict would send chills across Internet industry
Washington Post
NEW YORK--Apple lawyers on Thursday closed their arguments in a federal antitrust trial with fierce warnings that a guilty verdict would sends chills across the Internet industry. After three weeks defending Apple against Justice Department charges that it led ...

Every search engine hates the Xbox One ... except Microsoft's Bing
Microsoft may have reassured fans this week that the Xbox One won't be as restrictive a device as many feared, but the company still has something of a Google problem. Microsoft's Xbox One console has already had something of a social media problem.

US House bill would force Obama to declassify Fisa court decisions
The Guardian
Two US congressmen introduced a bill on Thursday compelling the Obama administration to declassify the secret legal justifications for the wide-ranging surveillance programs run by the National Security Agency. The disclosure bill, a complement to one ...

How did the chest-hair-farming Hoff crab evolve? Scientists solve mystery (+ video)
Christian Science Monitor
Footage from first ROV dives to vent fields at depth ~2400 m on the East Scotia Ridge, near Antarctica, from RRS James Cook Voyage 42 in January-February 2010. This crab has come a long way to farm its own chest hair. Skip to next paragraph. In Pictures ...

Nokia M&A talk stirs share valuation rethink
Thu Jun 20, 2013 12:39pm EDT. * Investors, analysts say default fears have receded. * Spreads on outstanding bonds shrink. By Ritsuko Ando. HELSINKI, June 20 (Reuters) - Investors alert to M&A speculation around Nokia are taking a fresh look at whether ...

Pirate Bay founder Warg jailed for two years for hacking and fraud
Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg has been found guilty of hacking in Sweden and sentenced to two years' imprisonment. Warg, 28, was found guilty of breaking into the Swedish arm of IT services firm Logica before publishing the personal data of ...

Xbox One reversal: did Microsoft make the right decision?
The Guardian
The internet won – that's the message flooding Twitter. Microsoft's attempt to restrict the sales of pre-owned games and to tie consoles in to a rigorous online authentication regime has been quashed. Xbox One games will now work like Xbox 360 games – you ...

Mars had materials rich in oxygen about 4 billion years ago
A new study suggests that Mars had an oxygen-rich environment long ago -- even before Earth. Oxford University researchers, led by Professor Bernard Wood of Oxford University's Department of Earth Sciences, compared meteorites and surface rocks before ...

'By the way, does anyone know how to stop an asteroid?' NASA issues 'Grand ...
Digital Trends
Although the idea of an enormous asteroid smashing into our plant and ruining our day in a big way still seems fantastical to many, events like the one over central Russia earlier this year mean more and more earthlings are waking up to the idea that, actually, ...

US Court of Appeals upholds Wii balance board patent
The Federal Circuit of the US Court of Appeals has upheld a 2012 decision ruling that Nintendo's Wii balance board does not infringe on a patent held by IA Labs. The patent in question (U.S. Patent No. 7,121,982) describes an "isometric exercise system" ...

Chrysler Just Dared Its Competitors To Steal Its Customers
With yesterday's last minute agreement with NHSTA, Chrysler will work on just over half of the Jeeps it had been asked to fix. It also doesn't have to call it a recall, but rather a customer service action, which'll give it cover in lawsuits arising from crashes.

Best Buy recalls thousands of MacBook Pro batteries due to fire, burn hazards
Digital Trends
Best Buy has put out a recall notice for 5,100 MacBook Pro batteries after reports of fires, with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warning that consumers should “immediately stop using the recalled battery”. The recalled batteries, which ...

Here we go again! Facebook Phone rumors reignite
Computerworld - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in South Korea this week to meet with Samsung executives, and sparking speculation -- yet again -- that the social network will build its own smartphone. Zuckerberg reportedly met with the head of ...

Parents' Challenge: Many, Many Kids Apps to Choose From
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Swedish app maker Toca Boca on Thursday launched a new kids' game called Toca Builders, its 20th title in a stable of apps aimed at children hungry for interactive experiences. It's like a box of Legos for an iPad. Toca Boca: A screenshot of Toca Builders.

Snail genes reveal human migration
BBC News
A genetic similarity between snail fossils found in Ireland and the Eastern Pyrenees suggests humans migrated from southern Europe to Ireland 8,000 years ago. The slimy creatures in Ireland today are almost identical to snails in Southern France and ...

AP Buys Stake in Live Video Service Bambuser
ABC News
The Associated Press said Thursday that it has bought a minority stake in the live video service Bambuser, boosting its ability to acquire and distribute video collected by people who have witnessed news events. Financial terms were not disclosed. As part of ...

IDC gives Apple 9% of Chinese smartphone market, double the prevailing ...
Apple Insider
IDC has ranked Apple the fifth largest smartphone vendor in China, assigning it a 9 percent share of the 78 million smartphones sold in Q1. While the market grew by 117 percent, Apple's sales of the entry level iPhone 4 grew by 211 percent, the firm noted.

LinkedIn outage prompts security concerns
LinkedIn's domain name was temporarily redirected to a third-party server Thursday, which resulted in a service outage and potentially put user accounts at risk of compromise. Uptime monitoring service Pingdom recorded that LinkedIn was unavailable ...

Photoshop CC pirated already? You're missing the point
Summary: Adobe's decision to move to the cloud isn't about curbing all piracy. Just some. Remember ...

Lecture from space inspires children's dreams
BEIJING, June 20 (Xinhua) -- While watching a live broadcast of a science lecture delivered by an astronaut aboard the space module Tiangong-1 Thursday morning, Wang Lutian was drawing a colorful rocket with crayons in his classroom. "Moon...stars...a ...

Massive bee die-off in Oregon city prompts investigation from wildlife experts
CBS News
WILSONVILLE, Ore. Experts are investigating why 25,000 bees were found dead or dying in a parking lot at a Target store in an Oregon city southwest of Portland, CBS Portland affiliate KOIN-TV reports. The strange sight first caught shoppers' eyes a few days ...

Nvidia Cuts Shield Price to $299 Before June 27 Launch
PC Magazine
Nvidia today announced that it will drop the price of its upcoming Shield portable gaming system from $349 to $299. "We've heard from thousands of gamers that if the price was $299, we'd have a home run. So we're changing the price of Shield to $299," ...

Here You Go, Taxpayers: A Billion-Pixel Image of Mars
The Atlantic
This, to be clear, is not the full billion-pixel image. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS). The main purpose of the Mars Science Laboratory's mission to the red planet is exactly what its name suggests: science. There's a secondary mission, too, though, something that ...

Android Dolphin Browser Gets Boost After 80M Installs
PC Magazine
Dolphin today celebrated 80 million installs with the launch of a new version of its Android mobile browser. Version 10 boasts features like a customizable home screen, an intuitive user interface design, and rare functions like vertical search and Flash support ...

'XCOM' brings console-quality gaming to iPad, iPhone
Last October, 2K Games and studio Firaxis launched XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a stellar turn-based strategy game for PCs and video game consoles that delivered incredible depth, smooth controls and intense combat. Now, it's available on your iPhone and ...

Life after Google Reader: why Feedly is the best alternative
The Province
NEW YORK — On July 1, we say goodbye to Google Reader, a handy tool for bringing headlines and articles from your favourite websites into a single place. With Reader, I've been able to see at a glance all the updates from various news services, blogs and ...

LG's next flagship smartphone will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU
KOREAN PHONE MAKER LG has announced that it will partner with Qualcomm for its next generation flagship smartphone that it plans to release in the third quarter. LG and Qualcomm have enjoyed a close relationship for a while, and that looks set to ...

Durable batteries are large, but cheap -- perfect for grid storage
You won't find this battery in your laptop or smartphone anytime soon, but it may help deliver steady power to those devices. I. Wood Battery -- Inspired by Nature As the world races forward towards intermittent alternative energy sources such as wind and ...

Holograms Enabled by $10 Optical Chip
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 20, 2013 — An optical chip built by an MIT graduate student at a cost of $10 could be a “game changer” for holography, enhancing the resolution of conventional 2-D displays and enabling color holographic videos suitable for 3-D ...

Quantum Network Experiment Marks Major Milestone
Nature World News
Georgia Tech graduate student Lin Li adjusts the optics on equipment being used to measure the entanglement between light and an optical atomic excitation in the laboratory of Alex Kuzmich. (Photo : Nature; FA9550-12-1-0025; PHY-1105994).

Secrets and lies: Details of Yuri Gagarin's fatal plane crash are finally revealed
Science Recorder
The cause of the 1968 jet crash that ended the life of the first human being in space has been the subject of considerable speculation and rumors over the decades. Now, cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, who performed the first-ever spacewalk, has revealed the ...

How the 2012 drought could lead to one of the largest Gulf of Mexico "Dead ...
Natural Resources Defense Council (blog)
It looks like this year's “Dead Zone” in the Gulf of Mexico will be one for the record books. Scientific experts predict that the annual, low-oxygen area that suffocates fish, shellfish, and other marine life will be one of the largest ever, reaching the size of the State ...

Microsoft backtracks on Xbox One sharing policies
(CNN) -- Reacting to "feedback from the Xbox community," Microsoft is appearing to reverse course and change two key components to policies for its new Xbox One video game console. All disc-based games can be played without ever connecting online, ...

ANALYSIS: Why Microsoft is willing to pay bug bounties
Microsoft has long benefited from the bug bounty programs of other vendors, especially Google and Mozilla. But it is now offering three new programs to encourage and compensate so-called gray hat and white hat researchers who spend their days hunting ...

Google and privacy: European data regulators round on search giant
The Guardian
European data regulators are rounding on Google in a co-ordinated campaign to force the company to improve protection for consumers, with the UK, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands also planning to take action. France on Thursday launched enforcement ...

Apple e-book antitrust trial to wrap up Thursday
Washington Post
After three weeks of testimony from executives of Apple, Amazon and Google and personal insights of late Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, attorneys will deliver five hours of closing statements and field questions from U.S. District Court Judge Denise ...

Microsoft Explored Deal for Nokia
Wall Street Journal
Nokia jumped at an alliance with Microsoft, which at the time was looking for an ally for its new smartphone software. Nokia picked Microsoft's Windows Phone smartphone system over GoogleInc.'s Android software in the battle against Apple. Microsoft ...

Google 'not in cahoots with NSA' - chief legal officer answers your questions
The Guardian
Questions have been raised over collaboration with the US government by Google and other tech companies – including Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo – in giving access to user data via the Prism program. Google has called for greater transparency ...

Apple Technicals No Longer So Bearish
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Apple Inc. has been trading below its 50-day moving average, which many traders see as a bearish signal, but some technicians think there's still a bullish case to be made. The stock was down 0.9% at $428.01 in midday trading Wednesday, while the 50 ...

Google brings Android Nation store to India to spice up its retail market
Economic Times
... technology blog 9to5Google said while breaking the story on Google's possible foray into retailing. "Google competitors Apple and Microsoft both have retail outlets where customers can try before they buy, so it won't be an entirely new area," it ...

Microsoft Adds Office for iPhone. Yawn.
New York Times (blog)
For example, Apple's own Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps ($10 each) can edit Office documents, as can the free Google Drive app (text and spreadsheet documents only). More serious apps, like Documents to Go Premium ($16), Polaris Office ($13) and ...

Apple's Siri May Now Prevent Suicides
ABC News
Apple declined to comment on the new update when reached by ABC News, but the company started working hand in hand with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline a few months ago. PHOTO: Siri now provides access to suicide prevention sources.

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